Chapter 98 : Accepting the Ancestor (2)

At this time, the only one that wasn’t affected was Li Qi Ye. Li Qi Ye watched this invincible shadow and didn’t say anything.

The invincible shadow stared at Su Yong Huang for a while, then looked at Li Qi Ye for an even longer period. Finally, everything turned into a soft sigh. The invincible shadow dissipated into Emperor’s Power and Immortal Intent and went back inside the portrait.

Feeling the ancestor’s presence, Su Yong Huang became excited and emotional. This was the first time she was so close to her ancestor!

A long time after the aura disappeared, the elders could finally stand up, still stricken with fear. This scene, to them, was truly too shattering; this was the patriarch’s spirit coming back, ah!

“The heavens will not destroy our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.”

Elder Zhou couldn’t help but exclaim:

“The descendant of the Patriarch is back and Li Qi Ye has his protection, our sect will definitely rise!”

At this moment, the elders were excited with manly tears in their eyes. The Patriarch’s spirit showing up shone a sliver of hope for the declining sect!

The Emperor’s Power and Immortal Intent that turned into an invincible shadow… This was a summon by the blood of Su Yong Huang. The shadow personally looked at Su Yong Huang. Without a doubt, Su Yong Huang was a descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

However, his spirit didn’t stop there. He personally looked at Su Yong Huang and this was proof of her identity. What was more important was that the Patriarch stared silently at Li Qi Ye for a long time. Without a doubt, this was because the Patriarch highly valued Li Qi Ye. He was the selected hero for the revitalization of the sect!

Of course, the elders didn’t know that the emperor shadow of Min Ren silently stared at Li Qi Ye for a different reason. Even though, in this life, Li Qi Ye was no longer the Dark Crow, his True Fate and soul were still the same. The Emperor’s Power and Immortal Intent naturally could recognize it.

Finally, the elders bowed to Su Yong Huang. Led by Gu Tie Shou, they said:

“We were foolish and didn’t know that the sect master was the descendant of the Patriarch. We have offended you before and we beg for forgiveness.”

Su Yong Huang slightly nodded and said:

“Elders are too kind. That year, I was only a thirteen year old little girl. To be able to take the sect master’s seat was due to the contributions of the elders, especially Elder Gu. That year, we were unfair towards you. Because the situation of the sect was not stable at that time, I couldn’t publicly reveal my identity.”

“The matters of that year is now all in the past. Everyone was just doing their best for the sect.”

Elder Gu reminiscenced and said:

“Today, with the return of the sect master and with Li Qi Ye, who is protected by the Patriarch, all of us are of one heart with the aim of revitalizing the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”

Su Yong Huang nodded her head. As a descendant of an Immortal Emperor, her elegant and royal aura was completely natural.

Li Qi Ye happily smiled:

“Today, we will discuss the second matter, which is the Evil Infested Ridge.”

The appearance of the Patriarch’s spirit made the elders excited. However, because Li Qi Ye brought up the Evil Infested Ridge, the atmosphere became more serious.

“I have decided that this time, we will bring the younger generation of disciples into the Evil Infested Ridge. There will be three groups. The first will be the disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak. Even though their time in the sect was short and their cultivations are shallow, this is the best time to sharpen them! Another group will be led by Qu Dao Li; this group can be considered the elite force of our sect in the future, so they need to be trained even more. The last group, I think, would be from the second generation, consisting of disciples of a relatively young age and some sectional leaders.”

Here, Li Qi Ye stared at all the seated elders and said:

“Entering the Evil Infested Ridge, this time, is not only for us to harvest treasures, but also to devilishly hone our disciples.”

“I’m afraid all of the big sects and nations of the Grand Middle Territory will come, how will we compete for the spots? Plus, the Evil Infested Ridge is extremely dangerous. With the power of our disciples, I’m afraid they will only go to accept their deaths.”

Elder Sun worriedly said.


Li Qi Ye smiled and nonchalantly said:

“Our spots are not decided by others. When I say we can go, we can definitely go! Whoever blocks my path, kill without mercy!”

Li Qi Ye’s calm tone painted a bloody scenery. This invincible and domineering aura moved the elders. Even though Li Qi Ye’s cultivation was shallow, the elders did not think that he was arrogant. Li Qi Ye was the chosen hero for the sect, who could block his peerless grand Dao?!

Of course, the group of Elder Gu was too superstitious with the protection of the Patriarch. From their perspectives, with the protection of an Immortal Emperor, who could block his path? Naturally, they didn’t know that Li Qi Ye simply didn’t need the protection of the Patriarch!

“Entering the Evil Infested Ridge… I, along with my disciples, will also come with you.”

At this moment, Su Yong Huang said. A moment later, she summoned a group of disciples.

These disciples were very young. The oldest was only around the age of a sectional leader. These disciples were the ones that Su Yong Huang took away that year. Plus, there were also a few sectional leaders.

“Good seeds…”

Seeing this group of disciples, Gu Tie Shou couldn’t help but loudly praise. These disciples were stronger than the elites of the sect and could even catch up to the protectors!

What shocked the elders was that with just ten years, Su Yong Huang turned these disciples into experts with the strength of protectors — truly amazing.

This group of disciples were cultivated using the Su Clan’s resources. She didn’t ask for any treasures nor medicines from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“War God Su’s Formation… Very good, this type of group is best suited for a large battlefield.”

Li Qi Ye’s eyes were much sharper than the elders. Observing these disciples, he immediately knew how they were groomed. When it came to training disciples, Li Qi Ye was a grand master that no one could compare with!

Su Yong Huang was surprised and stared at Li Qi Ye. This group was the ace card for her to revitalize the sect, but Li Qi Ye could see the truth within. With such a mysterious ability, Li Qi Ye truly did not seem like a fourteen year old boy.

“War God Su’s Formation?”

Gu Tie Shou was moved and said:

“I heard that under the Patriarch that year, there was such a troop; they couldn’t be stopped by anything! Could it be that this group was trained under the same method as that year?”


Su Yong Huang didn’t say anything. Li Qi Ye already nodded his head:

“This indeed has the characteristics of the War God Su’s Formation that year. Currently, the only flaw is that it is missing a Formation Array or a Formation Station. Otherwise, it would be even more powerful.”

“How do you know?!”

Su Yong Huang’s expression shifted. This group was personally taught by her. She naturally knew their flaws, but at this moment, Li Qi Ye was able to see them. How could she not be surprised?

Li Qi Ye smiled and calmly said:

“I calculated with my fingers, and then I knew it with clarity in my mind.”

That year when Su Ru was leading this troop, it came from his hand. How could he not know the strengths and weaknesses of the War God Su’s Formation?

Su Yong Huang angrily stared at Li Qi Ye. Her gaze seemingly wanted to penetrate Li Qi Ye, but no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t see through him!

Seeing the cold atmosphere between the master and disciple, Gu Tie Shou busily coughed and mediated:

“With this team coming along, nothing could be better. For safety reasons, I will also go and bring along the portrait of the Patriarch, just in case.”

Li Qi Ye smiled and said:

“This troop does not need to go. Even though it is lacking a Formation Array or a Formation Station, this troop is versed in both offense and defense. For now, order them to create a battle station in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. They only just returned so they should get used to the sect. In the future, when the storm comes, maybe they will need to uphold one direction by themselves.”


Seeing Li Qi Ye’s confidence, Su Yong Huang also agreed and nodded her head.

“Elder Gu definitely has to go, the disciples need your leadership.”

Then, Li Qi Ye stared at Tu Bu Yu and said:

“This time, I’m afraid the sect will be empty. It needs Sect Master to stay behind and protect it. However, Little Brother Tu cannot be lazy. You need to exert your strength this time, so you will go along with Elder Gu.”

Tu Bu Yu’s identity was very special. At the sect, as the honorary disciple of Liu San Jian, his status was even higher than the group of Elder Gu. However, he unknowingly became the disciple of Su Yong Huang. This identity was complex and became a mess. Normally, the group of Elder Gu could not command Tu Bu Yu, but only Li Qi Ye didn’t care and still called him “little brother.”

“As long as it is your command.”

Tu Bu Yu still graciously smiled.

This situation silenced the elders. Tu Bu Yu’s identity was too complex and caused them to be a bit embarrassed.

Tu Bu Yu was both the disciple of Su Yong Huang and Liu San Jian. In principle, this would make Su Yong Huang the same generation as Liu San Jian. However, since Liu San Jian was no long here, no one had the status to fix these messy relations.

Finally, Li Qi Ye stretched his body and smilingly said:

“Good, then it is decided. Everyone go prepare, the Evil Infested Ridge will be the first battlefield of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”

The phrase was uttered in such an ordinary manner, but when it came from Li Qi Ye, it carried a heroic air that encompassed the whole sky — ten parts domineering!

The time was near for the opening of the Evil Infested Ridge — this news quickly spread throughout the Grand Middle Territory. Even the Hundred Cities in the east, Chained Earth in the south, Desolate Wasteland in the west, and Limitless Land in the north all had big sects that received this news.

In fact, there were many big sects and powerful nations that had earlier calculated the date for the opening of the Evil Infested Ridge because it would open once every one hundred years. The time was near one hundred years so the date was drawing close.

Many sects and nations were adequately prepared, especially the powers within the Grand Middle Territory. They were very anxious for this event.

For everyone, the opening of the ridge meant that there would be a huge amount of spirit medicines and dan herbs, godly ores and treasure metals, and even the magical runes of the Heavenly Beasts’ Grand Dao, Longevity Wheels of Longevity Spirits, Longevity Bloods… It meant that the season of harvest has arrived.