Chapter 980: Entering The Godwar Mountain

Nobility is not preordained by the heavens! This phrase was truly not just for show at the Godwar Mountain.

On the mountain was a youth carrying a bloody saber. His body was engulfed in a blood energy as his long hair fluttered with the wind just like a waterfall of blood.

He came with a group of Blood-devil disciples and arrogantly laughed: “Will Godkings from the human race dare to come here?!”

“The Saber Emperor School’s Feng Zhicheng!” Many cultivators here were startled to see this young man.

He was the main descendant of the Saber Emperor School, one of the thirty-five great lineages of the Blood-devil Tribe. Its power was among the top five. What was even scarier was that he had also inherited the school’s terrifying weapon, the Blood-devil Saber. Thus, he was known to be quite vicious!

Humans and Bloods didn’t always get along in the Barren Earth. The Skybearing Monarch, as one of the leaders of the Blood-devil Tribe, was friendly compared to Feng Zhicheng. Since the Blood-devil Tribe was the most powerful branch of the Blood Race, Feng Zhicheng considered humans to be invaders. Normally, he would argue with human experts right away, and the result would be fights to the death.

“If a human Godking comes here, I will definitely kill them!” Feng Zhicheng laughed proudly while emitting a cold aura.

The Blood-devil Tribe viewed Jikong Wudi’s dispatch of their Godking as a great shame that they were unwilling to speak of. But today, Feng Zhicheng was quite aggressive to the point of provoking the humans!

Despite his deliberate showing of disdain, the human experts here didn’t want to say anything because nothing good would come out of debating with this brute.

Feng Zhicheng laughed proudly and went deeper into the Godwar Mountain with a large group of Blood-devil disciples.

At this time, wondrous lights emerged from the mountain alongside faint immortal hymns. Runes appeared on the hills with some intertwining universal laws as well…

Even though this mountain suppressed peoples’ cultivation, many cultivators still enjoyed coming here! This was because by successfully climbing these peaks, they would be able to obtain an extraordinary fortune.

Each peak hid a different opportunity. Some had an ancient sage that gave dao sermons. Others had natural immortal voices preaching the dao while others told different legends…

Just by being able to climb these peaks, people would have different adventures and harvests.

No one knew the reason for these fortunes at this place. Some said that there was an immortal buried in the deepest location of this place. Others stated that there was an immortal scripture underground. There were also those who claimed that this place was the dynasty of an immortal…

These hidden fortunes were the reason why many people came here. However, not just anyone could climb these peaks after entering.

The deeper one went, the taller the peaks became. And of course, the taller peaks were harder to climb! Thus, people used the height of the peaks as a standard.

From then on, the majority of the mountains were named Hundred Peak, Thousand Peak, Myriad Peak, Deca-myriad Peak, and Million Peak. 1

Million Peaks were the limit because for many generations now, no one had surpassed these mountains; they couldn’t climb them. If one could cross this type of mountain, then they would reach the Prime Peak of the Godwar Mountain!

Legend states that no one had ever climbed to the top of the Prime Peak before. No one knew what this feat entailed or what was located at the summit.

Li Qiye came before the Godwar Mountain and took a look. He saw many rolling peaks. Each of these peaks was very tall, giving quite an oppressive feeling to any visitor.

Directing his gaze even further, he saw the untouchable Prime Peak standing among the clouds like a divine mountain. It seemed to pierce the firmament as the celestials in space orbited it.

Li Qiye gently sighed while looking at this mountain. The mountain of imperial massacre! Even an Immortal Emperor had fallen in this place, showing its incomparable glory and might! 2

However, Li Qiye had never felt any glory worthy of praise after entering. Even after the end of that battle, he still didn’t want to talk about this matter, let alone spread the tale. The mountain, in both the past and present, was the same in Li Qiye’s mind because too many people, too many of his followers, had died here.

Those who were loyal and supportive of him, those who loved him… They died here, buried with his memories and emotions! Even if he was the Dark Crow that had experienced countless ages, he was still reluctant to turn his head back.

“Young Noble Li is going to the Godwar Mountain too?” The human cultivators greeted him as he gazed at the mountains.

He was very famous in the Holy City at the moment. Back at the Thunder Tower, he killed Chi Zixian’s group of experts. Even in front of the Thunder Tower Lord, he still spoke about the Crimson Night Kingdom with contempt.

His strength was a source of pride for the human race. His killing of the Crimson Night’s descendant was a reason for elation.

Of course, while some humans came to greet him, there were also those who avoided him because what he did was the same as starting a life and death feud with Crimson Night. They didn’t want any part in this trouble.

As for the Blood Race, they naturally wouldn’t give him any friendly gestures. Although they were not willing to provoke him right now, these Blood experts all had some level of animosity towards him!

It could be said that Crimson Night, to a certain extent, represented the prestige of the Blood Race. Thus, his murderous actions were a challenge to the Blood Race itself.

Back when Jikong Wudi wreaked havoc in the Barren Earth and murdered many Blood members, the entire race felt ashamed. And now, another human like Li Qiye was causing trouble, so how could the Blood Race act amicably towards him?

Li Qiye simply didn’t mind friendliness or hostility. He only smiled and entered the Godwar Mountain.

He didn’t go straight for the Prime Peak and instead started at the shortest Hundred Peak instead. After climbing to the summit of one, he would bury an item there.

This region was huge, spanning for millions of miles. There were up to many tens of thousands of Hundred Peaks!

He climbed them and continued the burying process. Of course, since there were so many, he didn’t go to every single one. His selection of particular mountains contained a profundity that no one else knew about.

As the new star of Holy City, each of his actions was being watched. What made people even more surprised was that when he climbed to the top of these peaks, there was no visual phenomenon at all. No fortunes, no immortal preaching, or immortal hymns…

Everyone should have some harvest after reaching the summit, but nothing happened after Li Qiye reached the top. The dao runes didn’t even move in the slightest.

“What is going on?” Those who were watching felt that his lack of harvest or fortune was unbelievable.

“Haha, he must be cursed, even the fortunes of the Godwar Mountain won’t recognize him!” A Blood expert sneered.

“That’s right. I heard the cursed ones aren’t tolerated by the high heavens. Not to mention this peak, even if he crawls to all the Hundred Peaks, he still won’t be able to obtain any fortune.” A young Blood laughed gloatingly.

Many people felt an indescribable joy in their hearts after seeing Li Qiye’s failure, especially those of the Blood Race.

Those with a little skill and determination wouldn’t bother climbing Hundred Peaks due to the lowest grade fortunes, so very few cultivators climbed this level.

Of course, there were also people willing to do so. After reaching the summit of some peaks, Li Qiye found that there were cultivators present already. They all obtained something for their trouble.

On a different one, there was a group sitting in front of a boulder and were observing the dao runes on it. Some were quietly listening to the faint dao noises underground…

When they saw Li Qiye burying an item in the mud, they became quite curious. A human asked: “Young Noble Li, what are you burying?”

Li Qiye only smiled and said: “Everyone says that plant a seed in spring and harvest the fruits in autumn. So, I am planting a seed containing the grand dao. Maybe when autumn comes, I will be able to pick up many immortal scriptures.”

Such words left the group looking at each other. Such a belief was too ridiculous and quite frankly impossible. Only a fool would believe such a thing.

Although they didn’t believe him, after he left, someone immediately dug up the location that he had just buried the item. However, there was nothing there at all.

“No way, I clearly saw him burying something down here, how could it have disappeared?” A cultivator dug a very deep pit, but he still couldn’t find the item Li Qiye put in there.

“Maybe that guy is just trying to trick us. He knew that we would dig it up so he cast an illusion.” A friend shook his head and smiled.

“This kid is sick! It’s one thing that he didn’t get any fortunes after going to so many Hundred Peaks, yet he still has the mood to tease other people! What a freak!” The digger said with frustration.