Chapter 984: Killing The Enemies

This situation left the majority of the spectators from the other races outside shuddering. Some of them glanced at each other and finally realized that at this moment, everyone had the same starting line.

The human cultivators held Li Qiye in high regard for killing Chi Zixian. However, it was just like the Blood experts had claimed, everyone was at the same realm — Physique Accumulation. Li Qiye would win if it was a one on one, but against a dozen, all of his advantages were gone.

At the same level, fighting a pack of wolves alone would be a very grim situation regardless of one’s techniques and means.

“Ants can bite an elephant to death. This is looking very unfavorable for Li Qiye.” The human experts were worried for Li Qiye, but no one was willing to help him. Only a madman would help a stranger and offend the powerful Blood-devil Tribe in the process.

“Nobility is not preordained by the heavens! No matter how powerful you are, you are only a little cultivator here!” The young Blood spoke with a fierce look: “Li, accept your fate. You should have known that you will die by coming to this place!”

Li Qiye leisurely smiled in response: “Wow, it sounds like you are saying that I will really be torn to pieces here. Come, all at once so that I don’t have to waste time cleaning up.”

“Go, tear him to pieces!” The young Blood shouted. With that, he was the first to lunge towards Li Qiye. He wanted this merit. If he could kill Li Qiye, he would become renowned in the world while raising the prestige of the Blood Race!

“Tear this little human animal apart!” The other Blood experts were not willing to fall behind. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen experts all rushed towards Li Qiye!

“Watch out!” The human experts’ hearts were hanging on a thread. They were nervous for Li Qiye and quickly warned him.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye in the face of this assault. He stood still in place, giving the feeling that he was too scared to move.

“Not good…” The spectators outside wiped off their sweat and felt that it wasn’t looking good after Li Qiye’s lack of reaction.

As a blade was inches from slitting his neck, Li Qiye suddenly lifted his hand.

“Buzz!” An absolute domain seemed to have opened up. In this split second, time seemed to have stopped and space was frozen. All the murderous experts became motionless.

But it didn’t end there. While time was halted, one could hear sounds of metal being smashed and shattered. Both the experts and their weapons were decimated in the blink of an eye.

Silence quickly ensued as everyone became stunned. No one saw how Li Qiye did it. They only saw him raise his hand, then a dozen Blood experts were slaughtered.

“Too weak, I thought you all could have struggled a bit more.” Li Qiye slightly shook his head while looking at the bloody carnage with a regretful demeanor.

He was just testing his Stagnation Domain. Although there were Heavenly King level experts among the dozen, they couldn’t even handle one blow inside the domain. Moreover, they were suppressed to the Physique Accumulation realm, so they were instantly rendered into a bloody pulp!

The spectators nearby were astonished by this scene. This was truly too shocking since they couldn’t even see how Li Qiye slaughtered these experts.

Li Qiye didn’t seem to care, as if this was an ordinary occurrence to him. He looked at the spectators and smiled: “In this place, I am higher than even deities. I welcome anyone who wants to challenge me.” With that, he climbed up the Myriad Peak.

The crowd turned quiet and just watched Li Qiye’s departure. When he smiled and revealed his white teeth with that nonchalant expression, it made many of them quiver.

“That brat is too scary. It looks like the mountain isn’t even suppressing him!” An older cultivator calmed down and seemed to have noticed something.

The group began to compose themselves at this time. A cultivator became startled and exclaimed: “The Saber Emperor School’s Feng Zhicheng and other geniuses from the Blood-devil Tribe are all meditating at that peak, yet he is actually climbing up!”

“What about Feng Zhicheng?” A human expert spoke with contempt: “Li Qiye even dared to kill Chi Zixian, you think he cares about this Feng Zhicheng? Hmph, in my eyes, he is still nothing even with the Blood-devil Saber.”

“Yeah, Chi Zixian is one of the five saints while Feng Zhicheng isn’t qualified to join this group. Even if the Saber Emperor School is a big sect, it still can’t compare to the Crimson Night Kingdom.” Another human spoke: “Someone as fierce as Li Qiye simply doesn’t care for the Blood Race!”

Some human cultivators were supporting Li Qiye both openly and covertly. In their eyes, Li Qiye’s ability to strike the Blood Race allowed the humans to feel proud.

Li Qiye climbed to the summit and found that there were people meditating in this place. Strange images were showing themselves. Without a doubt, they had obtained a fortune at this place.

His presence immediately alarmed them. They turned around and sharply glared at him.

This group consisted of young geniuses from the Blood-devil Tribe. Although they were weaker than the five saints, they were quite famous in the Blood Race and even the Barren Earth.

“You’re that Li Qiye!” A young man with a pair of falcon-like eyes and a saber on his back stared at Li Qiye. He was Feng Zhicheng, the descendant of the Saber Emperor School.

Li Qiye lazily stared at them and said: “Yes, I’m that Li Qiye.”

“You killed A’Hong’s group!” A different man had a murderous glint in his fierce eyes. They immediately knew what had happened after seeing Li Qiye reaching this summit.

At the same time, experts from other summits watched from the distance. They wanted to see how this storm would end.

“Are you referring to the ones at the base?” Li Qiye smiled: “My bad, good dogs do not block the way; they did attempt to stop me, so I just offhandedly made mincemeat out of them.”

Li Qiye’s provocation made the group turn ugly. They were geniuses with high statuses, so Li Qiye killing their people in such a blatant manner was an affront to their authority and looking down on their sects.

“Ignorant fool!” Feng Zhicheng unsheathed the Blood-devil Saber and pointed the tip at Li Qiye: “Human ant, kneel and accept your death!”

The saber in his hand was crimson like flowing blood. It was especially demonic as if this was not a blade but a wave of devil blood.

It became even more diabolic once he poured his blood energy into the saber. The blade emitted an evil aura as if it was the hand of a devil, capable of extinguishing the life of any creature instantly.

Li Qiye slowly responded in a nonchalant manner: “Someone of your level can’t even block a single move of mine. Don’t waste time. All of you come together so that I can dispose of you all with one move. Of course, if you want to live, then scram right now and I might spare you.”

The group turned livid after hearing this. Such contemptuous words were beyond just putting them down. He was essentially challenging their entire race.

“So fierce, challenging the entire Blood Race by himself. How driven and determined is he? This is how a human man should be!” A human cultivator saw this scene and felt his blood boiling.

“Little animal, I’m going to hack you a thousand times!” Feng Zhicheng shouted. Li Qiye was looking down on him too much. Not capable of stopping one blow? Who did Li Qiye think he was? Even Lin Tiandi wouldn’t be able to beat him with one move. The moment his saber came out, it would destroy all existences.

He howled: “Die!”

“Clank!” The saber slashed through the air, creating gusts wherever the blade passed. A devil blood engulfed the sky. As the blade continued on its trajectory, this blood surged upward as if it wanted to break the firmament. Inside this devil blood was seemingly the hand of a devil reaching out. It was completely undetectable yet vicious in its life-devouring endeavor.

It went straight for Li Qiye’s throat. No one could escape this devil hand no matter where they tried to hide!

“Blood-devil Saber, it really is an evil blade.” Someone saw the evil affinity of the blade soaring to the sky and felt a chill run down their spine.