Chapter 986: Breaking An Imperial Weapon Bare-handed

“You still haven’t escaped. I actually do admire your courage.” Li Qiye put the saber away and smiled towards Chi Tianyu.

Chi Tianyu took a deep breath and channeled his blood energy. With a series of crackles, his crushed arm was restored!

Even though his cultivation was suppressed by the Godwar Mountain, his dao foundation was still there so he could reconstruct his ruined arm.

“Our Blood Race only has heroes who die in battle, not fleeing cowards!” Chi Tianyu took a deep breath. After thinking about his ace, he proudly arched his chest and his aura soared once more!

“Yes! That is a man of our Blood Race!” A Blood expert quietly praised after seeing Chi Tianyu regaining his confidence.

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing Chi Tianyu’s revitalization and slowly said: “It doesn’t matter if you’re truly unafraid of death or have sufficient strength to back it up. No matter what, just this confidence alone is worthy of praise.”

“Very well, if your Blood Race only has heroes who die in battle and no fleeing cowards, then I’ll help you.” He continued: “Come, show off all of your moves. This is your final chance.”

Chi Tianyu prepared himself while staring intensely at Li Qiye. In the end, he bit his lip and spewed out some longevity blood while shouting: “Die!”

“Boom!” The moment he cried out, the wind and clouds suddenly changed. The mountain range shook and a gigantic ring flew out. When his longevity blood stained this ring red, it covered everything and suppressed the world.

This was a surging imperial aura that could deter even gods. The gigantic ring’s suppressive momentum came crashing down and destroyed all things.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” With loud explosions, the frightening ring sealed Li Qiye’s body. Moreover, it continued to emit loud blasts with its constant rotation to grind him into a bloody mist.

“An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!” Many were startled before this imperial aura. Some even screamed in horror!

Such a sudden development frightened the crowd. This was outside of their expectations since they didn’t think that Chi Tianyu’s hidden card was an imperial weapon!

A human expert shouted: “There’s no way. As far as I know, the Pureblood School doesn’t have an imperial weapon!”

The Pureblood School was indeed powerful, but it had never produced an Immortal Emperor before. Thus, it was common knowledge that it didn’t possess an imperial weapon. However, Chi Tianyu had just taken one out, so how could the crowd not become shocked?

“It is a weapon from the Blood-devil Tribe!” An expert from the previous generation recognized this gigantic ring and murmured: “From the Wang’s direct branch!”

He was referring to the Skybearing Monarch’s clan. The Skybearing Monarch’s real name was Wang Tiancheng, but everyone nowadays referred to him as the Skybearing Monarch.

“The Blood-devil Tribe is truly unbelievable when it comes to their solidarity. They even loaned out an imperial weapon!” Both humans and members of the other races became quite envious.

Everyone knew that imperial weapons were priceless treasures. They were the defining treasures of their respective sects, meant to be used for their own protection. Even a sect’s disciples wouldn’t normally get an opportunity to use them!

But now, the Wang Clan from the Blood-devil Tribe actually let Chi Tianyu borrow their imperial weapon. This was a great showing of camaraderie and solidarity!

Thus, it was understandable that the experts from the other races became quite envious of the whole thing. This was doubly true for the humans. They could be considered the top race in the Barren Earth, but they had always been fragmented with their own individual goals!

“It’s over, Li Qiye is dead for sure!” A Blood expert snorted after seeing the imperial weapon.

A young Blood was even more jubilant. He laughed with contempt: “What is this about being the ‘Fierce’ of the human race? Hmph, a junior with such a shallow foundation still dares to challenge our Blood Race? He doesn’t know his own strength. We have been standing strong in the nine words for millions of years with unfathomable power. How can an ignorant junior like him challenge us!?”

Although some human experts were annoyed by this claim, they remained silent as they had no other choice. It seemed like Li Qiye’s defeat was a foregone conclusion the moment the imperial weapon came out.

The cultivation of everyone in the area was suppressed to the Physique Accumulation realm. In this circumstance, if one could control an imperial weapon, then victory would certainly be within their grasp.

“Boom!” The imperial aura continued to spread like an ocean engulfing Li Qiye. He appeared incredibly small in contrast to this vast and mighty aura.

“Bang!” A deafening blast resounded. Li Qiye directly unleashed a fist without any special attributes. It was a direct contest of force.

This attack that resembled an immovable fist of a god struck the gigantic ring and actually managed to stop its offense. Beneath the ring, people could still see the shimmering golden brilliance of this fist. It radiated a holy aura as if it was of the Buddhist faith, as if the legendary Buddha had unleashed it. It was capable of subduing demons and devils!

“Meeting an imperial weapon barehanded? He’s insane!” A spectator in the distance became slack-jawed. This was the craziest thing they had ever seen!

“Ignorant brat, he is asking for death. He’s actually punching an imperial weapon with his bare fist!” A young Blood sneered as if he could foresee Li Qiye’s tragic end.

“Bang!” With another loud explosion, the unbelievable happened. Li Qiye’s golden fist actually stopped the gigantic ring. He was completely fine; even an imperial weapon couldn’t hurt him in the slightest.

“Break for me!” Chi Tianyu didn’t dare to believe it. He had never seen such a domineering display before — actually halting an imperial weapon with one’s bare hand! He wouldn’t even dream of such a thing, but it was unraveling right before him!

He didn’t hesitate any longer. He spewed out even more longevity blood onto the ring to unleash an even more devastating force.

But regardless of his urging, the imperial weapon still couldn’t kill Li Qiye. His heavenly fist was immovable even when facing the mighty weapon.

Indestructible Diamond Fist — one of the Myriad Dao Fists. This attack was even stronger than an imperial weapon’s might, allowing Li Qiye to be unharmed.

“That, that’s impossible…” The crowd was dumbfounded by this. Stopping an imperial weapon with bare hands — this was beyond the imagination of common men, yet it was actually happening.

The youths from the Blood Race were even more shocked. At this time, it seemed like they had just swallowed a fly. Earlier, they announced that Li Qiye’s death was assured, but now, he indirectly gave them a fierce slap to the face.

“Is this brat still a human?” An older Virtuous Paragon from the Blood Race quivered a bit. This was simply too frightening.

“You’re too weak. Being suppressed to the Physique Accumulation realm in this place means that you can’t even unleash one or two percent of the weapon’s strength, yet you wish to kill me?” Li Qiye blocked the weapon then looked at Chi Tianyu with a smile.

Chi Tianyu, on the other hand, was completely pale; it was as if he had just seen a ghost!

“Time to end this!” Li Qiye was still smiling when he suddenly put more strength into his fist on the imperial weapon. In the blink of an eye, the Soaring Immortal and Sky Destroyer Physiques erupted. Absolute power and absolute speed combined to form an unstoppable might to resist the ring from above.

“Boom!” The ring was blown away like a gigantic mountain by Li Qiye. It flew all the way out of the Godwar Mountain and disappeared into the horizon.

The crowd turned silly after seeing this. Blowing an imperial weapon away with one fist? This was even more miraculous than anything that could be seen in a dream, something that only belonged in legends. It was likely that until today, no one had ever seen something like this before in person!

Someone who didn’t believe his own eyes murmured: “Am I dreaming? Pinch me real quick…” Of course, he quickly screamed right afterward; his companion showed no mercy and pinched him hard. He woke up from the pain and understood that this wasn’t a dream.

“This kid is unreal…” Virtuous Paragons from the Blood Race were in awe. This feat was not something a normal person could do.

“Thump, thump, thump…” Chi Tianyu took several dozen steps backward. He wasn’t pushed back by Li Qiye, it was due to fear.

While watching Li Qiye coming closer towards him, he no longer had the courage to fight. Broken down from fear, he turned around to flee!

“Zzz!” Li Qiye casually flipped his palm and a universal law appeared within his grasp. He launched it forward and it pierced Chi Tianyu’s body, nailing him to the ground.

Chi Tianyu’s utter defeat left the majority of the Blood spectators completely dejected. At this moment, no one was willing to jump out to save Chi Tianyu.

Li Qiye could even knock an imperial weapon flying, what else couldn’t he do? Against someone who was devilish to this level, even the unified Blood-devil Tribe didn’t want to come out and fight Li Qiye to the very end!

Chi Tianyu continued to struggle in an attempt to escape, but the law had nailed him down to the ground. He couldn’t even move, let alone escape as Li Qiye inched closer and closer.

He looked at the struggling man on the ground and gently shook his head: “To tell the truth, I’m a bit disappointed. Earlier, you were quite heroic, saying something about your race only having heroes and no cowards. Unfortunately, look at you now…”