Full Metal Panic! - Volume 2 - Chapter Aft

So sorry for the wait. Sousuke and Kaname are going about their usual peaceful(?) lives at Jindai High, when they’re attacked again by a powerful enemy. Almost all of this volume took place in the city, and over the course of one day. I hope you enjoy Rampaging One Night Stand, the second story of the long-form adventure-style Full Metal Panic! series. 
I think character is highlighted more in this story compared to the last one. The plot itself may be less complex because of that, but I still ended up with a tome that’s far more than 300 pages. That’s very thick. I was originally aiming for 260, but... strange how things happen. 
Authors are timid creatures. We worry that our books won’t sell if they’re too thick. But Fighting Boy Meets Girl certainly sold (thanks to all of you, of course), so I can rest easy knowing I don’t need to worry. Most booksellers ended up short on stock, and I kept hearing “I can’t find your book,” and getting scolded for that. Sorry to everyone who had to search around for Fighting. 
As for other things to write... hmm. I can’t think of anything. I have no other choice but to call in a guest. It’s our protagonist, Sagara Sousuke. Let’s give him a round of applause. 
S: “You need me for something?” 
—Yes. Say something interesting for me. 
S: “Very well. I will compare the proposals by Lockheed and Boeing in the development of America’s latest Joint Strike Fighter, currently undergoing trials.” 
—Please don’t. 
S: “In that case, I’ll explain why the AS’s head-mounted machine guns use depleted uranium rounds. Since they’re also used to intercept ATMs—” 
S: “...... Shall I tell you about the incredible Korean Marine torture techniques that I heard from an acquaintance returning from Vietnam?” 
—You know what, never mind. Forget it. You can go. 
S: “It’s true that I’ve received no training in the art of conversation. But I can listen. Tell me a story about yourself.” 
—Hmm. About myself... Actually, two days ago was Valentine’s Day. I got chocolate from fans, and from some people in the Fujimi Editorial Department. It made me happy. 
S: “I see.” 
—But it was all brought to me by my supervisor S-san when we met up for idea discussions. S-san is a woman, and there was no chocolate from her. 
S: “I see. (pop)” 
—All I needed was some obligation chocolate. It felt a little lonely. 
S: “...... I don’t understand why you want chocolate so much. But this editor of yours will probably be the first to read these lines. She’ll recognize that you’re calling her out.” 
—Yeah, but yesterday, when I told her, “I can’t think of an idea for an epilogue,” she said, “Why not write about what’s going on in your life? Like about Valentine’s.” And she was grinning. 
S: “She sounds like a splendid woman.” 
—You don’t understand the sensitivities of a man’s heart. Darn it. I’m feeling sad. 
S: “Not that it matters, but speaking to you reminds me of Kurz. (pop)” 
—Don’t compare me to that idiot. 
S: “I expect he’d say the same thing. (pop)” 
—By the way, what is that ‘pop’ thing you keep doing? 
S: “I’m eating chocolate.” 
—Chocolate? Who gave it to you?! Tell me! 
S: “I cannot. I was asked not to.” 
—Hmph. I think I can guess. And I’m sure she insisted it was obligation chocolate, too. 
S: “(sweating) How did you know?” 
Ah, we’re out of pages (I don’t know why I looked at my watch there). 
I’ll be asking for all of your support while I write my next manuscript. Thank you all again (bows). 
See you next time for another round of Sousuke in hell. 

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