Full Metal Panic! - Volume 8 - Chapter Aft

Editor’s Afterword: 
 Oh, haven’t done one of these yet… 
 Since I couldn’t find a good place to stick it in before the book, I thought I’d include back here a few more links that were originally part of the release. These are for the livejournal and deviantart accounts of the original people working on this project. I’m not sure if they’re still active (I know Shutazen’s livejournal is not anymore) but here you go: 
Visit Shandy at: 
Visit Jeannie at: 
 Also, sorry there aren’t captions for the ending pictures. Most of them were never translated and there’s no way I can make out all the kanji, so I didn’t even bother. At least I “translated” the colored pictures. My Japanese is not that good to begin with so I did my best with them. The second one (with the M6 and the HEAT Hammer) was literally right next to exactly what it said in the text so I didn’t bother writing it twice.  
 Well, see you all in the next volume. 

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