Full Metal Panic! - Volume 9 - Chapter Ep

Gavin Hunter, who had regained consciousness in the medical room inside the hospital, immediately noticed a girl sitting beside him. 
She had short hair and was wearing a baseball cap low on her eyes. She was wearing jeans and a trainer. Her age was around 16 or 17 years old. 
“Miller huh....” 
Her smile was unfriendly, at most her lips were not stiff. 
“Don’t push yourself” she gently said. “Just a while ago, there was a communication from Wraith. That kid was safely delivered into his hands. And displayed powers which were beyond expectations.” 
“Is that so....” 
Nothing but a coarse voice came out. Lightly getting up, he looked around the medical room. Immediately next to him was the electro-cardiogram monitor. It was making a systematic electronic sound. 
“....that’s good. I didn’t think that we would actually complete it. We made it. Thank you. It was because of you.” 
“No. It’s a debt to that person, Sagara-san, for helping me. If he didn’t arrive, I still might be somewhere in Siberia in a state of trance.” 
“Well, that’s true.” 
“But, I only helped. In the end it was because that kid, Al himself. He designed his own body, an ordinary AI would not be capable of that. That person called Bani sure was incredible.” 
“I see. The ‘strongest AS’ huh?” Hunter muttered, looking absent mindedly at the ceiling. 
The personality and creativity of that artificial intelligence wouldn’t fail in the construction of its own body. It could not give birth to its creativity or compatibility by simply being connected to a network. Standing on the ground, feeling the heat and wind, exposing itself to the utmost limits of combat, those things were important. That was why that AS was put into the most advanced artificial human body.  
From what he’d heard the experimental ARX-5 had not been an AS. The ARX series at that point had been manufactured in a research room and assembled with special materials. They had never heard of a supernatural phenomenon occurring while measuring with a high precision device.  
Dramatic variation was only seen starting from the ARX-6. It had had the first pseudo human body. It had been loaded into a remodeled M6, and that system had functioned squarely. 
Then towards 7. Next towards 8. With fierce vigor the completion advanced. 
That strange gravitational field generation ability, that itself was already important for the military. Thinking of the genealogy of the ARX series, was there a connecting element there? 
“That’s right. The late Whispered, Bani Morauta, did he notice anything?” 
“I don’t know about that.” 
Having asked this question of another Whispered, Miller’s dark face nodded. 
“Being able to help build the ARX-8, I gradually understood. Could it be that, what Bani was aiming for was....” 
She cut her words. Hunter waited patiently for a reply, but she did not say anything after that. 
Having arranged for the rehabilitation, he took notice of the burden on her mind, and he changed the topic. 
“It seems that you were attending on me” 
“Eeh. It’s because I was worried.” 
“I’m alright, Miller. Why don’t you go to a safer place?” 
“Yes. If just for a little while, I’ll do that.” 
 She lightly stroke Hunter’s worn out face, and made a small smile. 
The End 

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