Full Metal Panic! - Volume SS - Cinderella Panic! - Chapter Aft

Translator’s Notes:


**1 – I’ve written “three kitchens” here, but the term they use is 3K, which in  Japanese refers to a 2 bedroom, one kitchen apartment- just like Kaname's

**2 - Roly poly bug is also known as a pill bug.

**3 - A Harisen is the big fan that Kaname uses.

**4 – Here, in Japanese, Kyouko calls Cinderella “Kana-chan”, which is what she  calls her because they are best friends.

**5 – In Japanese, the word “musuko” (son) is written in kanji, while the word  “musume” (daughter) is written in hiragana beside it- guess that’s the  problem of having a girl for a son ;)

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