Full Metal Panic! - Volume SS - Cinderella Panic! - Chapter Pr

Translator’s Forward: 
This is one of the short stories found in the second Full Metal Panic! novel entitled “Houtte okenai ROON URUFU?” (A Lone Wolf That Can’t Be Left Alone?).  This novel includes other short stories such as “Koutetsu no SAMAA IRYUUJON” (A Steely Summer Illusion), which was an episode in the “Fumoffu” anime series.  I was flipping through this novel the other day when I ran across one of the illustrations (which you will see), and I immediately started translating it.  For those wondering, I have made no plans to completely translate this or any of the short story novels.  This story is written like someone telling a fairytale in Japanese, so I wanted to try to get that across as best I could in the syntax structure.  Anyway, I hope you have as much fun reading this story as I had translating it.

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