Chapter 42 - A Person Living Two Lives

Translated by Luxican

Neither Tai Chang nor Ya Qing were able to obtain the ancient egg from Uncle Luo's Mansion.

An experienced fox like Luo Guo had been on guard the whole time, and hid the ancient egg in a box that he carried on his body.

The box was made by a skilled craftsman, and there were only two keys. He had made an agreement with Madame Yao, the box would not be handed over to her before the ceremony was over. He had handed one of the keys to the twins when he acquired them, and the other was still with Luo Guo.

One of them was in Xiao Ya's hands.

The Nightmare Field had suffered a humiliation today, Madame Yao lost two of her subordinates and was insulted in public. She was so angry that she left without even taking Xiao Chu's body with her.

Before she left, she stated once again that the Xiao Ya's life and death had nothing to do with the Nightmare Field anymore.


Before she died, Xiao Chu had blinded Uncle Luo's eyes with her stab. A life in exchange for an eye, there were a lot of sighs from the spectators.

One of the twin sisters had died and the other disappeared, Luo Guo was very angry and ordered a thorough search of the city to find Xiao Ya who had fled. When he caught Xiao Ya, he would punish her until he was satisfied and she had atoned for humiliating him.

In the following days, the city would be boiling with rumors about this matter. Almost every person thought that Xiao Ya was fated to die. And she would be better off with a swift death like Xiao Chu.

Poisoned and injured, it would be impossible for the weak Xiao Ya to escape the joint pursuit of the Nightmare Field and Uncle Luo for long.


After witnessing the chaos of the National Uncle (title of Uncle Luo) 's Mansion, Ya Qing walked back to his carriage.

The city was under tight security, but the extremely dazzling carriage, which was property of Ya Qing, passed unnoticed.

Until the curtain opened, and Ya Qing fell back out unsightly, as if he had been kicked in the butt, and "rolled" out of the carriage.

While Ya Qing fell so embarrassingly, he yelled at someone still inside the wagon, how he could even dare to kick his incomparable butt.

He rubbed his buttocks, throwing a begrudged glance at Yue Xiao Qi who had joined him halfway through the journey.

Yue Jing Hua laughed sullenly, her right hand flicking the small incense pot on the tea table, which's scent masked the bloody smell wafting from Xiao Ya's body.

In the chaos earlier, the guards and servants focused on calming down the guests, so Yue Jing Hua only took Xiao Ya and rushed to Ya Qing's carriage.

The carriage was truly Ya Qing's possession. It was comparable to a luxury Mercedes-Benz of the modern times, but with three people, it was certainly crowded, because of the furniture inside.

There was anything you could need: beds, small tables, incense burners, fruits, wines, even melon seeds and candied fruits, there were also all kinds of books. But the most notable thing was that the carriage was designed like a comfortable bed, there were even several colorful clothes to change into.

This thing was really vulgar, actually placing a bed in a carriage.

However, from the outside, it just looked like an extremely luxurious carriage. The frame of the wagon was made from a hundred-years iron tree core. The outermost layer was wrapped in a layer of Southern Sea stone heart cotton, protecting against knives and arrows, as well as fire and water, with the money needed to construct this carriage, one could already buy half of an inn with thousand rooms.

The carriage of Ya Qing was cleverly designed, the curtain also had a quite distinctive appearance, shaped like a modern louver. It was also not only a bamboo sheet, but carved from finger-sized pieces of cold jade, while also being covered with layers of ice silk, which blocked the sun and heat.

While looking out from the carriage you could clearly see what was going on, but from the outside, you couldn't see anything.

Xiao Ya's eyes were red and swollen, closed tightly, her breath was also getting shallower and shallower, she hadn't recovered from the events earlier, and Xiao Chu's tragic death was like a knife plunged deep into her heart, "Let me out, I want to kill him."

"No," the surroundings of the carriage had quieted down, only from time to time, could the yelling of soldiers of the National Uncle's Mansion be heard, but Yue Jing Hua did not relax her guard in the slightest.

"My life is my own, what right do you have to interfere with me," Xiao Ya opened her eyes, her eyes were filled with intense hatred, right now, anyone who blocked her from killing Uncle Luo was her enemy.

Earlier, the woman named Yue Xiao Qi has suddenly appeared, restrained several major meridians of her body, and hid her in the carriage.

After entering the wagon, she had first searched around for a few bottles of medicine, but after Xiao Ya refused to apply the medicine, she did not force her, not even comforted her.

Was this woman's heart made from iron?

"Your life? Do you really think that your life is still your own? Xiao Ya, if it wasn't for your impulsiveness, you two sisters would not have encountered this situation, look here," with a flip of her wrist, Yue Jing Hua threw over a pill.

"Madame Yao's Purifying Pill?" The pill needed to cure the poison in the sisters' bodies was exactly this Purifying Pill, but there was only one pill in the bottle.

"This fell out of your sister's clothes, when she stabbed Luo Guo," in the chaos, only Yue Jing Hua saw Xiao Chu's movements.

Xiao Chu and Xiao Ya, these two sisters, Xiao Chu was cautious while Xiao Ya was impulsive, but they had one thing in common, the were not willing to resign to their fate.

Xiao Chu had had plan, but Xiao Ya impulsively courted trouble for herself, she never expected it to end like that.

"Sister..., she...? She tried to cover for Mrs. Yao. And thought Madame Yao was only greedy for wealth and turned against her," Xiao Ya trembled.

"She stole the antidote long ago, and she surely wanted to use it to escape tonight while Luo Guo was occupied with the guests. Or, let you escape. It's a pity that your impulsiveness ruined everything," Yue Jing Hua sighed.

She lifted her hand and abruptly opened the jade louver of the carriage. "Open your eyes wide, she died in your place, and she suffered for your sake."

The louver was opened a slit, and the scene on the street was clear.

The weather of summer days was unpredictable, it had already begun top rain. The sky was overcast, the clouds painted into the vast openness, pouring down drops of water, it felt as if the sky would fall down, weighing heavily on Xiao Ya's heart.

Her eyes were wide open, tears gathering in the corner of her eyes, but they never fell.

Outside of Luo Guo's Mansion, the festive firecracker confetti hadn't been swept entirely yet, and now stuck wet to the ground, a net of red.

A red-clothed Xiao Chu was suspended on a decorated archway, that had not been taken down yet.

Rough ropes were wrapped around the delicate white neck, with purple strangling marks, extremely shocking to the eye. The formerly neatly groomed blond hair drooped in disarray, drops of water hitting Xiao Chu's face as if to wash away the red of her shame.

The lifeless female corpse, as white as snow and as slender as a goose feather, seemed even more fragile in the bloody red and the saddening storm.

"One person lives for two, you can't afford to die, you have to live at least for her." Yue Jing Hua glanced at Xiao Ya.

Chocking, she leaned her body against the carriage, Xiao Ya picked up the wound medicine, applied it fiercely, and, while in tears, swallowed the pill.

The hanged corpse of her sister, drew out the last of her suicidal thoughts.

"Have these two ladies forgotten that this carriage belongs to me. Also, rather than discussing the question of dying or not, shouldn't the two of you think more about how to silence me. You won't be able to escape as long as a shout," the neglected Ya Qing coughed, waving his glowing fan, interjecting very uncomfortably, "If I'm not mistaken, in my carriage there hides the fugitive concubine of Uncle Luo, and this fugitive concubine is now worth a thousand third-rank profound pellets."

"Shout, there's no use shouting even if you break your throat," Yue Jing Hua laughed, "Unless you can dodge the little guy on your shoulder."

The waving fan froze, Ya Qing realized that there was a furry beast sitting on his shoulder.

"Shit! Get this damn thing away from me, I'm allergic to fur," his high nose wrinkled up, and Ya Qing turned pale.

"Xiao Shan, come here, don't frighten our Evil Boss," Yue Jing Hua poured a cup of tea unhurriedly, swaying the cup inaudibly in her fingers.

With a swish, a shudder crawled from Ya Qing's ear over his whole body, as the red stud earing of good quality was brushed by the Lightning Sable Leopard. He gave a low scream, and several red rashes emerged on the crystal-like jade skin.

Ya Qing frantically took out a bottle of pills, poured out a few, and swallowed them quickly.

One hand patting his back, while the other kindly offered him a cup of tea, "Drink some tea, swallowing the pills will be easier."

Ya Qing nodded and emptied the cup in one gulp, the rashes on his body finally fading.

After a long while, he smacked his lips and wondered, "How come this tea tastes so strange, it has a strange smell, I can't tell if it's fragrant or stinky..., I remember clearly, I had someone go get water from a mountain spring, the taste should be sweet and refreshing..."

"The water is right, but I've added a special ingredient to it," in Yue Jing Hua's hands, there was an extra pill with uneven surface and unexplainable smell.

"Yue Xiao Qi, you were plotting against me!" Ya Qing's face changed and he was about to attack, but noticed the small beast perched Yue Jing Hua's shoulder crackling with electricity around its body.

Black fur, with agile body, it was a fourth-rank Lightning Sable Leopard.

In the carriage, Xiao Ya held her breath, her watery eyes wide, afraid that Yue Xiao Qi's actions would offend Ya Qing and expose them. Yet, in her heart, she somehow held a trace of trust in Yue Xiao Qi.

With her eyesight, which she had cultivated in the Nightmare Field, she saw that the mysterious beast was not a simple fourth-rank.

The roof and the bottom of the carriage both had ventilation holes, and it was still refreshing for the three of them. There was no feeling of suffocation, but the atmosphere in the carriage was somewhat stuffy at the moment.

"Let's go, Evil Boss," Yue Jing Hua pinched a cool fruit and put it into her mouth.

The fourth-rank Lightning Sable Leopard could, in such a narrow space, tear a person's throat in an instant.

Ya Qing grinned bitterly: "Go."

The carriage began to drive smoothly.

Silence filled the carriage.

"Unpleasant words forefront, I will only take you two away from here, as for Xiao Ya's safety from now on, forgive me, but I won't be responsible, that's for you to take care of." Ya Qing said, rubbing the fan in his hand. Suddenly, from his originally fair hand, a vigorous Profound Qi rushed forth.

In Ya Qing's eyes a dangerous light flashed, his shadow changed, and his long arm stretched out, aiming for the mask on Yue Jing Hua's face.


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