Genius Demon Empress - Chapter 916

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After sealing the **** sacrifice, one hundred years and ten years passed.

In these 110 years, Yue Jinghua's life has undergone great changes.

At the Fengshen Festival, she destroyed her goddess, summoned the ancient Witch Dragon King, and killed the evil Witch Dragon.

For several major planes, that seemed to be the end, but Yue Jinghua knew that, in fact, it was a new beginning.

After the revenge of her parents, Qingpu, and the Tianwu tribe was reported, she took a hundred years as a covenant, and an extra one hundred years from the ancient Wulong king.

For a hundred years, it was just a snap to her when she broke through the divine realm, but it was a vital one hundred years for her relatives and friends.

In this century-long covenant, Yue Jinghua has never spoken to others. Even if the emperor is worry-free, I don't know if he will become a sacrifice for the ancient Wulong king after a hundred years.

Although that night, when she first summoned the Star Eater, she witnessed her being swallowed.

However, Yue Jinghua is not the kind of person who blindly obeys her destiny. She firmly believes that my life is up to me.

She went to Emperor's Demon Palace, and became a close friend of Emperor's Demon, and spent a period of life with the emperor that the world admired.

For the first ten years after marriage, she accompanied Di Mo Wuyou to deal with the boundary affairs between the planes.

After she arrived at Chenwei, she learned about Jiuzhuan Chen Gong from Wuyou. She raised five children for Emperor Wuyou, hoping that after a hundred years, if she really left, Someone could accompany him.

Knowing that he might die soon, Yue Jinghua cherishes this limited one hundred years even more.

One hundred years, it is not long, but short but short.

Sun, Moon, Star, and Chen, Yue Jinghua finally realized the four great techniques left by the creation **** in the world.

The assembly of the four major exercises is Fang Jiuhua, a complete set of nine transformations. With the help of nine transformations, Yue Jinghua once again achieved a breakthrough, and she became a Chaos Summoner.

Only by breaking through the Chaos Summoner can she really fight the ancient Witch Dragon King.

After the breakthrough, Yue Jinghua combined various materials found from the Xingluo tribe, as well as researching with shallow care. Finally, fifty years after the sacrifice of the god, she successfully used the holy beast of the starry sky to draw the ancient legend of the chaotic nine-star soul-calling array that can bring back to life with the power of the starry sky.

The Chaos Nine-Star Soul Soul Formation is rumored to be able to recall the soul of the dead. As long as a piece of Xuan Dan fragments can be found, the Xuan Dan can be re-condensed for people and resurrected.

Hongling sent back the Xuandan shards from Guixi Island that year. In the care of Changsun Guishou, the two Xuandan shards were still full of vitality.

Jiuxing Soul Soul Array successfully rescued the strong and gentle months.

The Nine-Star Soul Soul Array will also be incorporated into their bodies with part of the power of the starry sky, allowing their cultivation to break through the seizure.

After Qinglong's death, the moon and the moon went back to him, and the elders of the Sun Dragon tribe were unanimously elected as the patriarch, but every year they shrugged off the goodwill of the people.

He is only willing to hang a stigmatizing name of the Rilong tribe, saying that he owes a lot to Lie Rou, and now that both of his children are adults and have their own destinations. For the rest of his limited life, he hopes to accompany Lie Rou to travel around the Quartet. .

Since then, Yue Nian and Lie Rou left the Dragon War Empire, and the couple moved to Vatican Harbor, where they have a good memory of their first meeting.

The couple built a hut on the white moon beach with the moon goddess on their backs, facing the sea, and spring blossoms.

They finally ushered in the happy life of their couple, which is what Yue Jinghua wants to see most.

The brothers and sisters Yue Yuehua take a group of sons and daughters every few years and go to Vatican to visit them.

After resurrecting the couple of years, Yue Jinghua did not forget that she had promised shallow conditions.

Part of the reason for Yue Jinghua's drawing of the plane map is that she carefully studied the increasingly perfect Xie Gong map, and finally found a waterway leading to the Babylon continent at the estuary adjacent to the mysterious ridge. After the Babylon continent, she rescued Asuna's sister.

After saving her sister, Asagiri did not stay in the Babylon continent. In order to pursue a more brilliant formation, she launched a plane tour of her own.

Although Jiu Xing Soul Summoning technique was used several times to rescue his parents and Auntie's sister, Yue Jinghua's heart still has a heart attack.

It was another year when the spring flowers bloomed. In Tianwu New Village, the children sang nursery rhymes, and the renovated Tianwu Temple stood there quietly.

The spring is bright, and there are lush vegetation in the Tianwu Temple.

Only a squeaking sound was heard, and the doorknob opened slightly.

"Come here," inside the Temple of Heaven, Liechang Palace is turning over the spring soil and planting some new spirit grass.

When he saw the face of the doorway, Sun's daughter's face was covered with wrinkles, and he could not help smiling.

After the battlefield of the plane had subsided, the lonely palace of the sacred palace saw that the beloved daughter and the grandchildren had already belonged, and the hatred of early years also subsided.

He lived in the Tianwu Temple, where he was responsible for guarding the Tianwu Temple. By the way, he planted some flowers and trees in the Tianwu Temple.

In April and May of each year, around the time of the Huang Mei rainy season, when each family sacrifices and sweeps, it is the season that is most likely to cause the thinking of the old. Her habits, even the few times she was pregnant with Rokko, were no exception.

However, this time, Yue Jinghua was not alone.

Emperor Mo, who had set aside her official duties, accompany her and stood outside the Tianwu Temple together.

Lielong Palace gave the emperor a worry-free glance. He really praised his granddaughter. This boy, not to mention his face, has a better temper than his own son-in-law. Things go wrong).

The emperor has no worries, is superior in strength, and treats his granddaughter, but he is truly heavenless and even more earthless. He knows that his maiden is here to sacrifice other men, he does not ask much.

"Grandfather, Wuyou brought a pot of good wine, why don't we go in for a few drinks," Emperor Wuyou smiled, and asked Lie Gong Palace to enter the house for a few drinks. He knew that his wife Yue Jinghua every When I came to the Temple of Heaven, I would stand in the courtyard for a while.

At this time, she didn't want anyone to disturb her.

The husband and wife, though intimate and intimate, are very affectionate, but Emperor Wumo has formed a small tacit understanding with Yue Jinghua.

That tacit understanding is the thirteenth Tianwu Qingpu.

Nine-star soul-calling revives the Yue couple and rescues Qian's sister, but cannot save Qingpu alone. This is the biggest heart disease in Yue Jinghua's heart. In these years, she has not been able to make up for her regret.

In order to save the moon, Jingpu saved a piece of Xuandan, but Xuandan himself was broken, leaving nothing behind.

Without the Xuandan Shard, even with the magical resurrection technique, Chaos Nine Star Soul Summoning is useless.

This may be a regret in Yue Jinghua's heart forever, and it is not a worry of Emperor Demon.

Di Mo Wuyou and Lie Long Palace walked into the Tianwu Temple. Before entering the house, he could not help but glance back at the moon.

She was staring at the verdant courtyard in the courtyard, and her eyes were full of sparse images. At that moment, she looked extremely lonely.

Emperor Wumo felt a little pain in his heart. He wanted to say something, but the words came to his mouth, but he couldn't say anything.

Sometimes sorrow requires a person to taste it carefully.

Lie Long Palace looked at the score and sighed a long time, pulling the Emperor into the house without worry.

There was soft soil beneath her feet. Yue Jinghua felt behind her, and the eyes of Emperor's worry-free eyes fixed on her disappeared. She smiled wryly and said softly, "No worry, I'm sorry."

She walked around a grass and stood at the corner of the Temple of Heaven.

Each year, only one day, she will allow herself to dig out the memories that have been buried deep in her heart, the memories about the green pu.

In her hands, there was a colorful dream bubble.

This dream bubble was the last dream that Qingpu had left from the nightmare she got when she was in Shang Dynasty.

Yue Jinghua has seen this dream bubble countless times.

Every year, when she arrives at the Tianwu Temple, she can't help but watch it again.

In a colorful dream bubble, a pair of boys and girls are playing in front of the door.

The boy looks handsome, with a distaste in his eyes, like a reduced version of the green pu, he is a little older than the girl and seems to be an elder brother.

The girl had a similar appearance to Yue Jinghua. The girl was crying. She cried and pulled the elder brother's sleeve to wipe her nose and tears.

In the setting sun, Qingpu and Yue Jinghua leaned against each other, striding forward: "We are back, are you naughty today, see what delicious food your father and mother brought back."

The dream bubble dissipated, and Yue Jinghua's eyes were already full of tears.

That is Qingpu's dream, the simplest dream, one that belongs to him and has a home and a warm dream.

"Sorry, I couldn't get you back," Yue Jinghua murmured.

There was a sudden itch on her neck, as if a feather was rubbing.

Yue Jinghua watched her back alertly, only to notice that there was a lush lobster growing three or four steps in front of her.

this is?

Yue Jinghua watched that the lush cypress was growing luxuriantly. For a moment, she felt a sense of dysfunction.

She has never seen such a lovely dragon.

The pattern, the veins, and the cracks on the leaves are like mouths, which are clearly cannibals.

The green pu is falling behind, and even the cannibal young green pudding who is his own body is unknown.

No matter how Yue Jinghua summoned, he couldn't find the cannibal green pudding again. Yue Jinghua thought that he must have fallen along with Qing Pu.

I thought that she could never see the cannibal in this life.

Today, this plant is much taller than Xiaoqing, and almost the same as the cannibals. The plant is very large, more than two meters tall, almost as tall as the trees in the Tianwu feed.

Earlier, Yue Jinghua was immersed in her memories, but she hasn't found it yet.

"Are you comforting me?" The tall Longpu dropped its leaves, and flattered Yueyue's face with a flattering look, exactly the same as when the young man-eating candid little green-pussy was coquettish.

This Longpu was transplanted from the Liechang Palace in the Jiehe Delta area. After several decades of cultivation, this year, it sprouted long leaves and suddenly broke into an old high.

It can be seen that Lie Nang Palace has taken good care of it over the years. Its leaves are more than twice as wide as before, and the large openings on the leaves are as long as a person's arm.

"Well, the soil is ugly, this big guy has the smell of Xiaoqing," a dry mysterious beast including the golden silkworm, also heard the movement, all rushing out, and looked around Xiaoqingpu constantly.

Yue Jinghua moved in her heart, and the green pupa and the cannibal green sage were one. If the dragonfly in front of her is the cannibal lilac, can she find something in her body, and maybe she can find it? Back to the green pudding.

When sending the consciousness into the body of the man-eating small green pupa, Yue Jinghua was disappointed to find that this dragon pudding has no human consciousness. It is Xiaoqing, but after losing the green pu, it has degenerated into An ordinary spirit tree.

Yue Jinghua stroked the leaves of Longpu, her eyes were astringent.

After seeing Yue Jinghua secretly hurt, Xiao Qingpu anxiously shook the leaves.

I saw a crack on its blade, wow, opened his mouth, and spit out something, and at the same time a piece of paper was also spit out.

Yue Jinghua grabbed the piece of paper.

The ink has dried on paper.

A word late for more than a hundred years:

Soul and body

One will always go first

You are the end of my soul

I wish you to watch the stars

It's impossible to jump between fingers

All the time

Shoulder with child

The paper fell to the ground like a dead leaf in autumn.

In the eyes, tears finally rolled away.

Tears fell to the ground and wet the ground.

A cyan light flickered.

Yue Jinghua looked down.

On the ground, a flickering light was a clay figure made of clay.

Yue Jinghua has almost forgotten this doll. This earthen figure is one of the two witches that Zaoyue Jinghua obtained from Dark Devil 67.

Due to Tao Wuzhu's relic, Yue Jinghua kept one and gave it to Qingpu.

Yue Jinghua still remembers that at that time, Qingpu said that as long as a prince was left in the witch chant, a substitute could be formed that was almost the same as the main body.

The doll of Yue Jinghua has not been used so far.

And how could she give the green prince's witch doll here?

After the green pu died, the owl was swallowed by the cannibal young green pupa.

Now, after seeing Yue Jinghua, he vomited that witch.

Yue Jinghua trembled her hand, trying to pick up the witch chant, her finger just touched the chant chant.

The witches turned into a plume of smoke, but the slap witches that were not the size of a palm gradually expanded, and a familiar figure stood in front of Yue Jinghua.

The warm spring breeze came, blue hair like silk, hanging down to the ankle, the tear mole beside Peach Blossom Dan Feng's eyes remained, still the pu-like witch robe, "Green Po" stood in front of Yue Jinghua's eyes, he With an unruly smile on his lips.

Yinrong was smiling and lifelike. At that moment, Yue Jinghua felt only a bang in her head.

Tears flowed on his face.

Witch doll "Green Po" raised her hand.

His fingers were like a living person, a little warm, and scratched Yue Jinghua's cheek gently, wiping away her tears.

"Qingpu, is this a gift you gave me?"

Xu Shi had long expected that there would be a day of difference. Qingpu left a witch force and sealed it in the witch.

Yue Jinghua cried with tears, and opened her eyes and laughed.

Can laugh and cry, as long as Yue Jinghua needs, he will appear, a unique green pu doll.

Even though he was just a witch, he couldn't speak or sneer at her, but he was a greenpu, he had a greenpu's smile, and a greenpu's breath.

But that was enough, at least, he was still there.

After that day, there was one more person in Yue Jinghua's contract beast.

It is just that when seeing the green pu doll, Emperor Wumo always has a black face.

He ate more than once, stating that he must strictly control the number of times the blue pudding appears.

"He's just a figurine. Don't be so stingy," when the demon concubine threw rogue in July, Emperor Wumo had to humiliate a handsome face.

In the end, Emperor Wumu had to be forbidden by order, and green puddings were not allowed wherever he was.

When the princess goes out in July, a third person must be present whenever there is Qingpu, and Yue Jinghua must not be allowed to get along with Qingpu doll alone.

Even so, everyone in the Emperor's Palace knew that Emperor's Worry was not secretive about the existence of the Qingpu doll.

Therefore, during the character interview, when Nianbi did not open which pot to mention, Emperor Mo was completely out of worries.

Above the precipitous steep cliff, the blade-like wind howls from the bottom of the cliff.

The moon shook like snow and white clothes, and black hair fluttered in the wind like a black silk.

"Sale of golden silkworms, are you sure that the **** lava under the cliff of ten thousand feet can completely destroy the ancient **** of the ancient Wulong king?" Yue Jinghua faced the wind blade, her eyes resolute.

Behind her, the green pudding stands side by side with her.

Our July demon princess didn't know. At this moment, Di Mo Wuyou was awkward in the Di Mo palace. When she went back, she would be greeted by a "don't let go" punishment.

But she kept the agreement between the husband and wife, but she was not alone with the green pudding doll.

"Yeah, yes, as long as you drop the ancient treasure book of the ancient Wulong King into the lava of hell, you can completely destroy the ancient Wulong King," pinned the golden silkworm.

One hundred years have passed. When the ancient Wyvern King tried to capture its sacrifice Moon Shock as promised, Yue Jinghua combined the green dolls and lured the ancient Wully King into Mexico with the power of two legendary summoners The rare star knows the sea, and uses the power of the starry sky to seal the ancient Witch Dragon King in the Mexican rare book.

But that was just the imprisonment of the Witch Dragon King. In order to never end the trouble, Yue Jinghua traveled around these years to find a way to destroy the rare book of Moxian.

Yue Jinghua has practised the Nine Turns of Fortune, and her precious book has lost value to her.

She took out the rare book of Moxie, and glanced again at the book which gave her a brand-new life, throwing it all over the cliff.

Below the cliff, in a tumbling **** of lava, a vortex is spinning fast.

The Book of Mexico was plunged into a lava vortex.

The vortex kept turning, forming a teleportation array.

At the other end of the teleportation array, the Book of Murray rolled down on a strange and desolate planet.

A few days later.

"Captain obituary, the gamma star is ahead. A few days ago, an ancient book was found there. Preliminary investigation found that it is a mysterious ancient book that records the strongest weapon in human history." The alien spacecraft was approaching the gamma star.

History has opened a new era.

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