Goblin Kingdom - Volume 4 - Chapter 302.2

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Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 302: Epilogue: Alrodena (2/2)

11-14 minutes 16.03.2023

Pale Symphoria (~48 years)

Suddenly died after resigning from her position as prime minister. Some historians say that she is the true founder of Alrodena since it was her who laid the foundation needed for its millennial reign.

Lili Aureya (~49 years)

After serving as governor-general of the northern autonomous city of the Germion State, she fulfilled her responsibilities as a noble. Her territory flourished as a city of tourism and trade. It is said that the ‘Flower Shaped Opera’, where women played the roles of men, was a huge hit in her territory.

Yoshu Fagarmia (~68 Years)

The poster boy of ‘great men have great fondness for sensual pleasures’. There was no denying that his achievements in Alrodena’s government allowed them to make great progress, but as his fame grew far and wide, the number of lovers he had soon grew too numerous to be counted even with all of his toes and fingers, or at least that’s what one theory says.

He is also the only person who knows what happened in the end with his beloved older sister.

Shumea (~45 years)

She was a frontier general but was more well known for being Yoshu Fagarmia’s older sister. She took a leave for a while to give birth but returned to her official duties after giving birth to twins. She was so popular at the border that she could contest even the prime minister or the generals.

Elbert Noen (~30 Years)

Governor-General of Alrodena Kingdom’s State of Elrain. A distinguished official who restored the lands devastated during the Great War and the War of Succession.

Rishan Noen (~56 Years)

Happily married with her henpecked husband, Felbi.

Yuza (~63 Years)

When he was old in age, young people would line up in Garm Su to ask him about the Great War and the War of Succession.

Yustia (Unknown)

Left on a trip with Gi Go Amatsuki, then came back to her home town 3 years later to give birth. She is the head of the Amatsuki-style school, and her lineage was immortalized, as they remain strong in the history of swordsmanship.

Selena Fagarmia (~131 Years)

The third prime minister of Alrodena, and one of the empresses that laid a foundation for Alrodena’s thousand-year reign with her aspirations for peace and stability. One of Yoshu Fagarmia’s lovers.

Mellisia (~48 Years)

One of Yoshu Fagarmia’s lovers. Left her name in history as a guardian of brothels and a wealthy person.

Mill Dora (Unknown)

Known for being Reshia’s escort and managing numerous orphanages.

Shunaria Forni (~112 Years)

The second prime minister of Alrodena. One of the empresses that laid a foundation for Alrodena’s thousand-year reign. She was the prime minister when the nation was most passionate about constructing, and many of her statements were full of confidence and spirit. It is said that she might have had a lover but never officially married.

Felbi (~110 Years)

Lived a blessed life with many descendants all around him. He came up with the Sylph-Style Combat Arts in response to the Amatsuki-Style Sword, but the Amatsuki-Style was more popular.

Barrui (~58 Years)

The person in charge of Revea Su’s constructions. He died after seeing the completion of the Imperial Castle.

Feeney (~49 Years)

Found great success as an adventurer. Upon attaining wealth and fame, strove to bring prosperity to his family.

Yuan Elfarran (Unknown)

Survived the Battle of Heaven and Hell, but disappeared afterwards. One theory proposes that he might have promised to battle Gi Go Amatsuki again and went out on a journey.

Eleanor (Unknown)

Disappeared after the Battle of Heaven and Hell.

Mira Vi Burnen (~48 Years)

Upon ascertaining the stability of the government, 9 years into Alrodena’s calendar, she returned the position of Matriarch, then married Vilan Do Zul and had 3 boys and 2 girls. Thereafter, she contributed to the development of the country as a cardinalis. Her eldest son later became the king of Vladinia.

Vilan Do Zul (~48 Years)

A master strategist who successfully won the heart of his childhood friend and first love. One of their descendants later became king, but he was often dominated back at home by his wife.

Sophia (Unknown)

A philanthropist who managed many orphanages. She had deep ties to the generations of prime ministers and was the driving force behind Alrodena, as her orphanage produced a number of outstanding bureaucrats.

Leonis Verdio (~81 Years)

As the clan leader of the Leon Heart Clan, and as a boy who inherited a proud and noble blood, he established a base in an island just outside of Alrodena and expanded his power, allowing the Leon Heart Clan to welcome its golden age.

Zaurosh (~58 Years)

After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he vacated from his position as deputy head in Aransain, then became the second-in-command of the Leon Heart Clan and worked with Leonis to welcome the clan’s golden age.

Vine Ashley (Unknown)

After ten years of ruling over the underworld of Revea Su, she suddenly vanished. She had a tendency of suddenly popping out of nowhere, so she has become ghost story of sort.

Berk Alsen Royon (Unknown)

He disappeared around the time Vine did. One theory proposes that he might have gone on a journey to seek vengeance on the gnome sword dancer.

Rue (~69 Years)

After Vine’s disappearance, he brought together the confused Red Moon Clan and ruled over the underworld of Revea Su.

Shurei (~59 Years)

After Vine’s disappearance, he brought together the Red Moon Clan with Rue, and together ruled over the underworld of Revea Su.

Wyatt the Herculean (~27 Years)

10 years after the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he felt himself declining from age and so retreated to administrative work in the Swallow Clan. He spent his last years quietly and died peacefully while surrounded by his grandchildren.

Barad Agarmua (~10 Years)

After being taken in by Alrodena, he devoted himself to the preservation of his house.

Sharnei Kushunora (~32 Years)

Recognized for their contributions to the nation during the Battle of Heaven and Hell, the Kushunora House once again became an economic powerhouse.

Far Ramfad (~31 Years)

After Zaurosh’s departure, he took over as deputy head. He consistently supported Gi Ga Rax during the War of Succession and was a driving force behind their victory. He died from illness on the year 31 of Alordena.

Mehran Le Coude (~35 Years)

Witnessed the restoration of House Ririnoie, then ended his own life. As written in his will, his tomb was erected beside Blanche Ririnoie just like Far.


A god among gods who rules both the underworld and the present world. As a god, she leads both world to stability. But all who hold her divine protection have vanished.


She watches the world warmly while watching over her believers that grew less and less in number,

Pitch Black; God of War

She lost her power after the Battle of Heaven and Hell. Exists in the underworld only as a soul.

Twin-Headed Snake (Bedydia)

Exists in the underworld only as a soul.

Earth-Devouring Serpent.

He settled the score with the giants around the time of the Battle of Heaven and Hell. He destroyed all of the sleeping giants, but lost his power afterwards and became merely a soul in the underworld.

Wingless Sky Snake

He continues to fly as he desires though the sky no longer has any worthy enemies left.


She lost her power after the Battle of Heaven and Hell. Her soul was taken captive in the underworld, and her arms can no longer manipulate fate.


He possessed a hero and tried to create a world of only humans during the Battle of Heaven and Hell but failed. His soul was taken captive in the underworld and is currently under Altesia’s watch.

Hasu (Unknown)

Unaware of the outcome of the Battle of Heaven and Hell, she continued to wander the forest and successfully evolved into a giant werewolf. Bored with her spare time, she returned to the forest and fought a fierce battle with Cynthia that sent even demons fleeing.

Cynthia (Unknown)

After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, she became the queen of her tribe at the forest and expanded the power of the gray wolves to unprecedented heights until Hasu, who became a werewolf, stopped her. Their clash dried up the lakes and burned the forest. It was a calamity to all the denizens of the forests.

Gastora (Unknown)

He decided to live with Reshia and spread his seeds every opportunity he got during their travels.

Bui (~56 Years)

He successfully survived the War of Succession and laid the foundation for the prosperity of the orcs. The achievements he left were so great that it’s said that without him there would be no orcs. He left his name of Alrodena’s thousand-year history.


And then──

“Are you going?”

Pale, dressed in black mourning dress, asked, and the girl with blue hair fluttering in the wind responded.


“I see… Where will you go?”

“Let’s see… I think, I’ll start with the west.”

“I see, in that case, let’s send you as an envoy to Yoshu. He should be able to accommodate you. Oh, but please do be careful. Lately, he’s picked up a habit of collecting lovers.”

The girl, who was once called a saint, laughed.

“Don’t worry, if that happens, I’ll threaten him by saying that that person won’t keep quiet.”

“That’ll certainly be effective.”

Both women gently laughed, but before long, the young girl bid goodbye.

“Well then, I’m going.”

“Do you have to go?”

“Yes, that person went through so much just to give me this life and freedom. So I’ll walk forward too, just like he wanted.”

Grief would give a person reason.

To heal and to bid farewell.

It would give a person a reason to walk forward.

“You’re strong, Reshia-dono.”

“Not at all, because deep inside, I still can’t let go of the hope that I might be able to meet him somewhere… Even though there’s no way that that could be possible,” Reshia laughed sorrowfully, and Pale didn’t really know what to say.

“In that case, since you’re now a traveler──”

Pale fixed her expression and smiled. It was ominous to see someone off with tears.

“May fortune be with you in your travelsGernst, Rias.”

“BlessingsRadias, to your travels/rb>Baroslushata.


Reshia (~38)

She relinquished the name of Fel Zeal, which she held as the saint of the Goddess of Healing, then spent the rest of her life traveling. She spent her life reciting poetry, healing people’s wounds, and telling stories. Eventually she collapsed while traveling, and her funeral became the first state funeral of Alrodena, attended by emissaries from all over the continent.

She has saved countless people and came to be recorded in Alrodena’s history as an unsung saint. She never married and was the most beloved woman in all of the continent for her mystique and character.

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