God Emperor - Chapter 2048

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Chapter 2048: Zhang Ruochen Vs. Mo Sheng

Zhuo Gu took the lead, striking out his Purple Gold Demonic Spear like lightning, piercing through the air with an ear-shattering sonic boom.

Luo Chen did not dodge. Instead, he lunged forward to greet the attack with his Hidden Moon Saber.


The tips of both the saber and the spear met, colliding with a dazzling light.

A strong impact force ensued, forcing Zhuo Gu and Luo Chen backward. The two did not stop there. Instead, they immediately lunged forward, wielding their saber and spear to launch a fierce fight against each other.

The movements of the two were so fast that many people could only see the afterimages of them and not the actual battle moves.

Apparently, Luo Chen and Zhuogu’s battle mode differed from the previous three betting battles. They tend to use weapons to fight freely.

Mosheng could not help frowning slightly when he saw Luo Chen was on par with Zhuo Gu.

The information about Luo Chen collected during the battle of Peacock Manor did not seem to be too accurate, judging from the current situation.

Luo Chen’s strength had improved tremendously in just one and a half months, and his mastery of the Hidden Moon Saber was far better than before.

At first, Zhuo Gu was expected to win this battle with ease. But now it would probably be a tough battle.

Zhang Ruochen had a smile on his face at this moment. “It seems that Fourth Senior Brother has completely refined the Hidden Moon Saber during the closed-door self-cultivation and comprehended the secret of the saber. This saber is a perfect match for Fourth Senior Brother.”

“That is a regal weapon. Anyone who gets it can increase his strength tremendously. I have to find one for myself,” said Jin Yu with envy.

“I have a set of regal weapon-class bows and arrows with me. But this set of bows and arrows is special because it is in a self-lockdown state. It is not as powerful as the one I gave to you before.” While speaking, Zhang Ruochen took out the Azuresky Bow and Whitesun Arrow.

Zhang Ruochen had not used this set of bow and arrow for a long time with the improvement of his strength.

Jin Yu took the Azuresky Bow and Whitesun Arrow in his hands, and could not help studying them.

After a while, he returned them to Zhang Ruochen and shook his head. “This set of bow and arrow is indeed odd. The seal on it is not trivial. It seems that this weapon is not the right one for me. Maybe you should keep it, Junior Brother.”

Zhang Ruochen had no choice but to put the Azuresky Bow and Whitesun Arrow away, and find a way to crack the secret of them next time.

On the battlefield, Luo Chen and Zhuogu were still fighting tooth and nail. They were going down for real as they faced off against each other, keeping exchanging blows.


Zhuo Gu swung his Purple Gold Demonic Spear, smacking hard on Luo Chen’s chest.

At the same time, Luo Chen took the opportunity to strike his Hidden Moon Saber down on Zhuo Gu’s neck.

He deliberately created an opening in exchange for an opportunity just so he could cut off Zhuo Gu’s head with a single strike.


Luo Chen was sent flying out backward with some blood spurting out of his mouth.

He still suffered some injuries, despite having the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light protecting him. The Purple Gold Demonic Spear was powerful.

Zhang Ruochen had killed many top powerful figures of the Heavenly Realm faction and gotten many pieces of Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light after the battle of Shengming City and Peacock Manor.

Zhang Ruochen already had the Vulcan Armor and a Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light given by the Fane of Merit. One more extra piece was of no use to him.

Besides, those people had been in the top 10,000 of the Saint King Merit List of Celestial Court for over 500 years. So even though they had died, the Fane of Merit would not take back the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light.

For that reason, Zhang Ruochen gave all the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light that he got to those around him, including Mu Lingxi, Kong Lanyou, Luo Chen, and others.


Luo Chen’s expression changed slightly.

He had clearly struck his saber down on Zhuo Gu’s neck just now, but Zhuo Gu’s head had not fallen off. Instead, there was only a shallow cut wound that quickly healed on his neck.

“That saber strike just now was not bad. If it weren’t for my ancient remnant-equivalent body engraved with divine inscriptions, you might have succeeded.” Zhuo Gu said in a grim voice.

Zhuo Gu was enraged, as he was nearly decapitated.

At the same time, he started to take an opponent like Luo Chen seriously, as Luo Chen was powerful enough to pose a threat to him.

Luo Chen frowned. If it were not for the regal weapon, he could not have breached Zhuo Gu’s defenses. Zhuo Gu was really powerful.

Not only that, Zhuo Gu’s attack moves were extremely overpowering, as if a humanoid tyrannosaurus, extremely nasty.

Not surprisingly, he had become the second most powerful being below Supreme Sainthood in Blackdemon Realm.

“Bring it on!”

Zhuo Gu shouted in fury as he struck out his Purple Gold Demonic Spear horizontally.

Luo Chen did not flinch. Instead, he lunged forward to greet his opponent.

He needed to maintain his momentum in the face of such a powerful opponent. If not, he could be crushed and beaten, and probably could never turn the tide again.

The fighting between the two was extremely brutal, but the damage was small. This showed that they had a top level of control over their powers, almost wasting not a single bit of strength while they attacked.

Of course, if someone broke into the fight, the ripple effects of the battle alone would be lethal enough to kill an average Nine-Step Saint King.

Their level of strength could blow up a star if they were fighting in the outer sky.


Zhuo Gu finally got the upper hand by striking the Hidden Moon Saber off Luo Chen’s hand after several rounds of intense battles.

There was a hideous look in Zhuo Gu’s eyes as he gathered his demonic qi into the Purple Gold Demonic Spear.

A horrifying vision emerged behind him at the same time. It was a towering phantom of a demon piercing open the sky with a spear.

The vision and Zhuo Gu overlapped in an instant, with Zhuo Gu seemingly transforming into that invincible demon.


Zhuo Gu shouted as he performed a powerful spear strike.

Over 200,000 King-level inscriptions emerged on the Purple Gold Demonic Spear, the insane sharpness of which could cut open dimensions.


The tip of the spear hit Luo Chen’s chest with a terrifying force, punching into Luo Chen’s body through the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light.

Luo Chen burped up a mouthful of blood that was mixed with his visceral debris.

But there was a strange smile on his face despite suffering such a heavy injury.

Zhuo Gu felt uneasy at seeing this smile.

At the moment Luo Chen flew out backward, a thunder vortex 100-feet in diameter releasing a powerful swallowing force appeared behind Zhuo Gu.

Before Zhuo Gu knew it, the thunder vortex swallowed the Demonstone Engraving beside him.


Zhuo Gu’s expression changed. He desperately wanted to break open the thunder vortex and got back to the Demonstone Engraving.

It was just that he was a bit too slow; the thunder vortex vanished the moment he struck his spear at it.

On the other hand, a dazzling thunder light along with a black stone stele burst out of Luo Chen’s eyes.

Zhuo Gu’s face looked grave, and he struck with his spear in a backhand move when he saw the Demonstone Engraving had fallen into Luo Chen’s hands.


A forceful spear light shot out. It transformed into a ferocious black dragon, which flew toward Luo Chen with a threatening roar. No way Luo Chen could avoid or ward off this attack of Zhuo Gu, as he was injured.

Just when the black dragon was about to pounce on Luo Chen, a dimensional crack of several hundreds of feet long appeared out of nowhere and swallowed the black dragon.

A figure appeared beside Luo Chen at the same time. it was Zhang Ruochen, his eyes looking icy.

“Don’t you know the rules of the bet?” Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhou Gu frowned and snorted when he saw Zhang Ruochen had come forward.

He clenched the Purple Gold Demonic Spear with anger burning inside him. He was too careless, not expecting that Luo Chen could catch him off-guard, pulling such a trick on him to snatch the Demonstone Engravings.

All this was possible because Luo Chen had pulled off a meticulously calculated move to create an opportunity to seize the Demonstone Engravings, even at the cost of injuring himself.

The rule of the betting was, whoever seizing the opponent’s Demonstone Engravings won, and there was no need to fight to the death.

Perhaps Luo Chen had already thought about using this method to snatch the Demonstone Engravings from the beginning.

While Zhuo Gu was burning with anger, Mosheng appeared all of a sudden and stared at him with icy eyes beside him.

Zhuo Gu’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly said, “Senior Brother Mosheng, I—”

“Just admit that you have lost. I don’t want to hear any excuses. You have no business here anymore,” Mosheng said with an indifferent voice.

Zhuo Gu shot a glare at Luo Chen before quickly retreating to the Blackdemon Realm’s side.

It had been a frustrating battle for him this time. Not that he lost to Luo Chen in terms of strength, but trickery.

He was thinking of inflicting great harm on or even killing Luo when he had the upper hand earlier. He did not expect that he would play into Luo Chen’s hands.

Everyone could tell that Zhuo Gu was in a terrible mood right now. So everyone in the Darkdemon Realm’s camp said not a word, lest they embarrass themselves.

“At least I didn’t disappoint you, Junior Brother.” Luo Chen clutched his chest as he handed the two Demonstone Engravings to Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen immediately took out a small bottle of Spring of Life and handed it to Luo Chen. “You did great, Fourth Senior brother. Go take a rest. Leave the rest to me.”

Luo Chen said nothing. He just took the jade bottle containing the Spring of Life and quickly returned to his camp.

Now there were only Zhang Ruochen and Mosheng facing off against each other in the ring.

“I didn’t expect to see many capable men around you, Zhang Ruochen. I am surprised,” said Mosheng faintly.

Zhang Ruochen chuckled. “You are surprised? That is because you underestimated Kunlun Realm. But I can’t blame you. After inheriting things from Kunlun Realm, Darkdemon Realm gets overconfident and thinks it can step on Kunlun Realm.”

“There is no point in talking about this now. Come and get the two Demonstone Engravings from me if you can,” said Mosheng.

While speaking, he took out two Demonstone Engravings, one was the Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait that he brought out earlier, and the other was the Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait, on which there was an engraving of a supreme demon, drawing a yin and yang figure as if two reversed universes with its hands.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen and Mo Sheng facing each other, the spectators watched with bated breath as the battle between Zhang Ruochen and Mosheng unfolded.

“What is going on? Zhang Ruochen was going to fight Mosheng.”

“Mosheng is a second-tier powerhouse below Supreme Sainthood. He is in a different league than people like Cang Long and Yan Ba. What exactly is Zhang Ruochen thinking?”

“A Precept Domain cultivator wants to challenge a Path’s Anterior powerhouse. Zhang Ruochen is out of his mind. How much strength has he improved since the battle of Peacock Manor one and a half months ago?”

“Zhang Ruochen is not a heady person. He must have something up his sleeve since he dares to challenge Mosheng. Just hold your breath as the answer should be revealed soon.”

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