God of Fishing - Chapter 929

Chapter 929: Bone Yard

Han Fei had no guilt for collecting the Sky Swimming Falcon. After all, he was almost killed by this bird.

If he hadn’t worn the Feather Suit of Wind, he would have been seriously injured.

Seeing the falcon suddenly disappear, Zhang Xuanyu and the others looked at Han Fei with weird expressions. “Dead again?”

They still remembered that the Wolf of Playfulness disappeared like this too. They were really surprised. How many secret skills did Han Fei have that they didn’t know about?

But Jiang Qin was only slightly surprised, and didn’t pay too much attention.

The green dragon and the golden hawk also wanted to come in. After all, Han Fei and the others were so close now, they wanted to have a try too.

However, as soon as these two beasts were ten kilometers away, a shocking knife light smashed through the void.

Everyone quickly raised their heads, only to see a dry corpse standing in the archway.

The corpse was burning with soul power, soul flames were beating in his eyes, and the weapon glinted with a cold light in his hands.

“Intruders, die.”

The knife slashed out and shattered the void, and the dragon and the hawk were seriously injured and shed blood in the sky.

They quickly fled, bleeding along the way, which stunned Han Fei and the others. They felt a chill down their spines.

How strong was this person?

Luo Xiaobai glanced at Han Fei. “It’s him.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. Wasn’t this corpse the strong master he met in the tunnel of corpses? All of his power came from his soul. It seemed that the souls of the entire tunnel were absorbed by him.

At this moment, the corpse looked at Han Fei. “Here, it is dangerous.”

Han Fei bowed to him and said, “Senior, have you recovered?”

The corpse shook his head stiffly. “Once you enter the city, no one can help you.”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Senior, may I ask where the Bone Yard is?”

This person’s eyes were burning with flames. “This is the Bone Yard.”

Han Fei immediately took a breath. Here? The Sky City is the Bone Yard?

Jiang Qin looked at Han Fei. “Do you know each other?”

Han Fei nodded. “I met this senior on the ancient battlefield.”

Jiang Qin said slowly, “It turns out that we don’t need a Sea Token to enter the Bone Yard!”

With that said, Jiang Qin suddenly took out a Sea Token and threw it to Han Fei. “Take it!”

Han Fei: “???”

Jiang Qin explained, “If we don’t need a Sea Token to enter the Bone Yard, then the Sea Token must be related to the Sea Quelling Painting. Take it, but then you’ll bear more danger. I believe in you.”

Han Fei was astonished. “Sister Qin, you’ve got a Sea Token too?”

Jiang Qin said, “Not only me, but many people have one, including Chu Linyuan and Wang Dashuai. Unfortunately, we are separated from them. But it doesn’t matter. You just need to remember that you must get the Sea Quelling Painting.”

Han Fei gasped in surprise. “Me?”

Jiang Qin nodded. “Yes, only you. In the entire Thug Academy, you alone have this opportunity.”

Han Fei was surprised. “Why?”

Jiang Qin shook her head. “Because of luck. Only those who are lucky can acquire this chance.”


Han Fei frowned. He remembered Old Han once said he had good luck. Was it because of this that he bet on him?

Han Fei said, “Doesn’t that mean that other people who have the Sea Token also have luck?”

Jiang Qin nodded. “Yes… For example, the Cao Family’s luck doesn’t lie in Cao Tian, nor Cao Jiaren, but Cao Qiu. Yue Shier from the Empyrean Waterfall has great luck. Many strong masters of the big clans in the Thousand Star City even forcibly change their children’s luck. But you are different. You are exceptionally lucky. This is what Grandpa said.”

Han Fei sighed. What the hell? It’s a matter of luck to get the painting? That’s a bit absurd!

Zhang Xuanyu patted Han Fei on the shoulder and said, “Feifei! Although I don’t quite understand it, you are indeed lucky.”

Le Renkuang nodded hard. “This can be seen from the Wind God Pearl.”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Jiang Qin. “Senior Sister, if a person who doesn’t have this luck forcibly takes a Sea Token, will they die?”

Jiang Qin nodded slightly. “Very likely…”

Luo Xiaobai nodded and said, “Then what can we do in the Bone Yard? Or, how can we help?”

Jiang Qin thought for a while. “There is no way we can help… But since you can enter the Sky City, at least there will be some opportunities. But, what is an opportunity? No one knows. It may be dangerous inside and we may die, but this is the path of the strong, paved with bones and blood…”

Le Renkuang sighed. “Well, then we’ll just look for our own opportunities instead of scrambling for the painting.”

Jiang Qin looked into the distance. “We must be the first to arrive…”

Before she finished speaking, the corpse suddenly said, “Are you sure? Someone else has entered…”

Jiang Qin’s face changed slightly. Is there anyone faster than us?

Han Fei immediately asked, “Senior, is it a young man dressed in white who runs very fast?”

The strong nodded slightly. “Yes!”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Ye Baiyu?”

Han Fei nodded. “Except for him, I can’t think of another person who could have gotten here so quickly.”

Jiang Qin frowned slightly. “OK, let’s enter the city.”

Han Fei took a breath. Yes, Ye Baiyu had already entered. They couldn’t delay any longer.

In any case, the Sea Quelling Painting could decide who would become the king. The Thug Academy wanted it, Old Han wanted it, and the entire Thousand Star City wanted it. He had no reason to give it up!

Since both Old Han and the Thug Academy bet on him, he couldn’t let them down!

Han Fei immediately took a breath. “Let’s go!”

Han Fei looked up at the strong master. He wondered why this person appeared here and guarded the city. Maybe there was some secret to it? But he had no time to think about it now.

The spiritual barrier rippled like water, and Han Fei took the lead to step into it.

The scene immediately changed.

From the outside, it was a normal city. But when they came in, what they saw was corpses littered on the ground and dilapidated houses.

There was only one road.

At the end of the road, there were ten thousand steps leading up to the sky. At the top, there seemed to be a temple.

Han Fei asked, “Sister Qin, there is only one road! And why so many steps…”

Suddenly, Han Fei looked back only to find that he was alone and there was no other person here.

Jiang Qin, Luo Xiaobai, Zhang Xuanyu, and Le Renkuang had all disappeared.

Han Fei’s pupils shrank. They came in together, so why was he alone here? Was this the so-called opportunity? He came here to contend for the painting, but they were here for their own opportunities!


He just had to walk up these steps! It wasn’t the first time for him.

Han Fei tried to use his perception and found that his perception disappeared.

He tried to summon Little Black and Little White. Fortunately, they both responded.

Han Fei suddenly remembered that he hadn’t seen what changes Little Black and Little White had after their breakthrough. So he hurriedly checked them out.

Then his eyes widened. In his eyes, information emerged.

Spiritual Beast.

<Name> Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

<Introduction> They’re the descendants of the mysterious primitive Yin-Yang Sky-Swallowing Fish. The black and white fish accompany each other. The white fish is docile, whereas the black one is cruel. They are symbiotic. As long as one lives, the other won’t die.

<Level> Level-50

<Quality> Mysterious

<Storage Reiki> 10 million points

<Food> Omnivorous. They can swallow anything.

<Combat Skills> Supreme Yin Yang Wheel, Spirit Swallowing Body, Combination

<Note> The black fish is not visible. Except for the owner, only people with naturally-born Yin-Yang Divine Eyes can see it.

<Contains Soul Power> 2,602 points

Han Fei was stunned. What does this “combination” mean?

“Huh! What’s the difference between fusion and combination? Is there a big difference between the two?”


Little White was like a fish elf with shining scales on her body, and she kissed Han Fei affectionately on the cheek.

Han Fei couldn’t help laughing. “My baby girl can finally speak. That’s great.. Hey! Little Black, say something.”

Little Black fell on Han Fei’s left shoulder, looking a little lazy, and said stiffly, “Dad… Dad…”

“Hahaha! Good boy, you did a good job just now.”

Han Fei was pleasantly surprised, but now was not the time to chat. He asked, “Girl, do you know what will happen after you use combination?”

Little White shook her head, and when Han Fei looked at Little Black, he shook his head too.

Han Fei didn’t mind it. Anyway, it had to be a powerful ability. Although he didn’t plan to try it here, he could guess what it was about.

Fusion meant that Little Black and Little White attached to him and gave him some of their abilities.

Combination, as the name suggested, had to be a deeper integration. Either he would gain more of their abilities, or… He would become something different.

Maybe a fish, or another species. In any case, it could do good for him.


Suddenly, there was a small noise. Han Fei frowned and looked around, only to find that the bones on the ground were shaking and some bones were gathering.

“Oh! What is this?”

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