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Chapter 010:  Confession

Lute, age 8.

An afternoon I spent rather relaxedly, after the summer’s climax has passed. I was carrying my luggage while going to visit the test firing range.

I dropped the luggage at the riverside.

The cask of magic liquid metal, the metal ammo case. The assault rifle, AK-47.

2 kinds of wooden boxes are contained in the metal case. One contains .38 Special for the revolver that I hang on my waist. The .38 special (9×29.5mmR) box is bigger than the exclusive AK47 7.62mm russian short-circuit(experimental bullets)

Thanks to spending most time on the AK 47, it is mostly completed and i’m on the final stage.

The appearance is black while the stock(the part applied to the shoulder at the very back of the gun) is no longer the downward-angled solid wooden stock typical for this weapon, but a skeletal metal in-line stock.

It is necessary to match the gun barrel with the height of the eyes to aim accurately while shooting with the AK 47. But if the stock is not in-line with the barrel (or even if it’s straight, it is at an extreme angle) it is hard to point the muzzle straight, so the muzzle jumps up from the recoil. During sustained full-auto fire, the cumilative effects of recoil can quickly force the muzzle off-target, something that is exacerbated with a non in-line stock.  In just a few shots in full-auto, the weapon becomes an anti-aircraft gun.

So to minimize the jumps because of recoil, with the AKM as a reference I lowered the barrel from eye-height to shoulder-height, used an in-line stock, and added further minor adjustments (basically, I arranged the barrel and stock in a straight line).

Also, I reproduced the internal structure precisely, and implemented the automatic system.

After firing, one part of the discharged gas enters through the gas port (an opening for gas to enter, as the bullet is fired and advances near the muzzle the inside of the barrel between the bullet and the cartridge becomes an airtight compartment, and because of the high pressure a part of the gas therein enters through the gas port) and pushes a gas piston inside the gas cylinder backwards, pushes back the turn bolt (the part that touches the bullet) and bolt carrier (the part that supports the bolt), and raises the hammer. The bolt carrier that was pushed back is restored by the recoil spring, and the next round is pushed from the banana magazine to the chamber (because the bolt is pushed no less than 1 cartridge length backwards, enough space is created and the next round is pushed up into it).

At the end of all the hard work, when the gas operated system ran smoothly, I yelled out in excitement. The other thing that I want to compliment myself on is the included switch that goes between “safety”, “full automatic”, and “semi automatic” modes.

When the safety selector is set to on, the selector lever blocks the trigger so it couldn’t be moved.

In semi-automatic mode, the selector lever doesn’t do anything. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer is released, but its movement is hindered by getting stuck on a certain disconnector hook (a part directly connected to the trigger). In that situation, the hook won’t come loose unless the trigger is temporarily released to its original position.

Lastly, in full-automatic mode, the selector lever holds down the disconnector. With the hook being held down, the hammer will not get caught. Because of that, the hammer will continue to move in a reciprocating motion until the trigger is released.

Furthermore, I also added a rate reducer for when using the full-automatic mode. Thanks to this rate reducer, there is a gap between shots when rapid firing, increasing the effectiveness by making it easier to aim even when the gunner is less experienced.

It had the appearance of a metal object, but it was made from just magic liquid metal, like the revolver, so it’s lighter than one would imagine.

Though my mental age is no less than 30, my body is that of an 8 year old. When holding the AK-47 (prototype) I look like some middle-eastern child soldier.

If I were to think of making an assault rifle other than an AK-47, it would have been an impossible task. In the world of my previous life it could be made even in countries with low technology, that is precisely why it could be made in this alternate world.

But it’s still not complete. The problem is of course the ammunition. Though I started making it by trial and error simultaneously while making the actual gun, it is still far from satisfactory.

For now, because of the gas operated system the empty cartridges are ejected. That too is because it’s an AK-47. The piston operates without causing misfires or jams (because the combination of parts had room to spare) even when shooting cheap non-brand-name cartridges or cartridges whose powder had deteriorated from moisture.

But there’s no way I can be satisfied with that. In order to perfectly display its power, I spent time looking for the optimal distribution.

The thickness of the cartridge, the burning impression in the amount of powder, the properties of the bullet core, et cetera—all of these are still incomplete.

Because I had completed the actual gun recently, I had mostly been conducting development on the cartridges.

I took out a wooden box with a label on the lid from the metal case. Each box was filled with experimental bullets improved using the results of the test firings. I took out 1 box, and filled the banana magazine with it.

I slid the fire selector off “Safe” and into “Semi-Auto” I rocked in the magazine, and pulled the charging handle, loading the first round into the chamber. I increased my physical abilities with body strengthening arts. I pointed the muzzle towards the humanoid targets on the cliffside.


It fired.


An empty cartridge danced in the air. Though I only shot 1 round, my shoulder endured  a strong thrusting recoil.

Its power, recoil, and gunpowder combustion noise…. could not be compared to the “S&W M10” revolver.

While checking the remaining sensation in my hands, I switched to full-automatic mode. Restoring my motivation, I rapid-fired.


The noise was loud, but I also had trouble keeping the muzzle on-target. I unintentionally increased the magic power for body strengthening arts.

I shot all bullets and my whole body feels numb.

Mmm after all this is no good. The combustion speed is still too fast.

The result of that is somehow—a bullet hole was unraveled at the target 30 meters away.

Among assault rifles, the AK-47 is not particularly accurate (even so, for a 100m distance it is concentrated in a circle 20cm in diameter.) But even considering that, this is not a very good result.

I jotted down my detailed thoughts on the experimental bullets, and put them in the wooden box. Of course, I also collected the fallen cartridges and put them back in their wooden box.

Next, I took the next box, and stuffed the cartridges into the magazine.

Exhausting all the boxes (except the spares) like this, I left behind my detailed impressions.

Once I finished shooting all the experimental bullets I prepared, I next started revolver practice.

I won’t make experimental bullets for the AK-47 here now. I’m going to be making them tomorrow. I’ll be making them while comparing with my notes in one hand.

The reason why I don’t make them right away—If I don’t take my time and concentrate, I can’t create the improved experimental bullets the way I noted down in my memo. That will take up an entire afternoon.

If I can finish the AK-47 soon, I wouldn’t be using the revolver so often anymore. But since I don’t know when that will happen, I kept on practicing. It is better to have lots of things I can do in order to live in this world.

I smoothly put 6 cartridges inside the cylinder, and shot standing. Next I practiced quick drawing with the gun holstered in my gun belt.

I used up all but two handgun bullet boxes like this.

I gathered up the fallen cartridges for making new bullets.

This is my daily life as an 8 year old. Morning, helping Elle-sensei with lessons. Afternoon, test firing experimental AK-47 bullets or making them. Then revolver practice—something like that.

Around the time I finished making .38 Special ammo, Snow came up to the test firing range.

“Lute-kun, sorry to make you wait!” “Didn’t I tell you already, it’s dangerous if you suddenly cling to me like that. Also stop sniffing me. I reek of sweat, right?” “Not at all! You smell really nice! *sniff sniff*” “Stop sniffing already, it tickles” “Ehehehe, sorry”

Before I knew it, it had become our usual conversation. I breathed a sigh of resignation, and patted Snow’s head. She closed her eyes in happiness, and wagged her white tail.

Snow is now 8 years old.

In order to save up money to enter a magic school soon, she had started doing part time work since the middle of last year. For example, making magic stones.

Magic stones are stones that can store magic power.

Infusing magic power into it while picturing fire regularly for about 30 days makes a magic stone with fire attribute.

Picturing water makes one with water attribute. Picturing lightning makes one with lightning attribute. Picturing wind makes one with wind attribute—that way you can make magic stones with various uses.

If a fire magic stone runs out of magic power, it can be recharged by once again picturing fire while infusing it with magic power regularly for 30 days. You can think of it as a magic power battery.

Attribute magic stones, and recharged magic stones (lower price than attribute magic stones) can be sold to merchants specializing in magic devices at a high price. Part of that money goes to the orphanage, the rest goes into her savings. The year after next, the savings are meant to be used for enrollment fees for the magic school she wants to enter.

In the afternoons was, as usual, magician’s practice. After practice, Snow comes over to the test firing range and practiced shooting the revolver with me.

The remaining 2 boxes of ammo was for Snow.

This is Snow’s daily life nowadays. Morning, part time work infusing magic in magic stones. Afternoon, magician’s practice, revolver practice—something like that.

Snow was already at the same level as me when it comes to revolver reloading, quick draw, and firing precision.

She also has talent as a magician. According to Elle-sensei, who teaches magician’s basic classes, Snow has very good memory. She unmistakably has aptitude to be a B+ rank magician to begin with.

Rather than jealousy, the feelings of wanting to congratulate her were overwhelmingly stronger when I heard that.

Because Snow is my closest childhood friend, I felt happy for her being praised as if it was intended for myself.

Also, her physical growth recently is amazing.

When she clung to me I felt C-cup breasts through her shirt. She is also still in the middle of growing, this time next year I am sure she will have gone over D cup.

To the point where I am worried about where my eyes are pointing.

Perhaps because she was one of the white wolf tribe of the northern continent, she was weak in summer. Because of that her clothes were rough. Pure white skin yet healthy buttocks, smooth sides without even 1 strand of hair growing from it, a small navel slightly moistened with sweat, and springy breasts peek out from underneath her shirt! I stole glances at her without her noticing many times over!

I realized that my body became hot from Snow clinging on to me.

The desire to not only pat her head, but also to touch every corner of her tender body became stronger in me.

But she was still 8 years old. My own body is the same age as her, but there is a 35 year old adult inside. I don’t intend to lose to my desires and hurt my precious childhood friend.

Yes lolita! No ecchi! I am a gentleman so I absolutely won’t do anything that would hurt Snow! …… I surely won’t! I probably won’t.

Strengthening my reason, I called out to her to get some distance.

“W, well then, let’s start practice. Hey, Snow let go.” “I want to hug harder, just a little more.” “Afuu~!”

She put more strength into her arms.

The feeling of Snow’s breasts became stronger. Her hips, inversely, drew back. I cursed this young 8 year old body.

I started becoming horny.

I want to push her down right now and do this and that—but I came to my senses and resisted the feelings that were about to explode.

We’re still 8 years old, it’s still too early no matter what anyone thinks, the stimulus was too strong.

I pulled myself apart from Snow while feeling regret for separating from the feeling of those breasts from the bottom of my heart.

“Th, that should be enough, no? If we cling like this any further we’ll have no time for practice” “Lute-kun is stingy.” “Yeah yeah, stingy is fine. Here, the gunbelt. Put the cylinder in yourself.”

I handed the gunbelt and revolver over to Snow.

She fastened the belt and held the revolver with experienced hands.

She pushed the cylinder out, and took 6 9×29.5mmR rounds from a wooden box.

Raising her body abilities with body strengthening, she fired at the human shapes on the cliffs.

We began practice.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


When it became evening I finished cleaning up

While Snow goes besides the river bank she asks.

Lute-kun what will you do when you become 10.

In this world there is no concept of birthday; if one becomes 15 they will generally be treated as an adult.

10-year’s old is an important time to decide one’s career. Children of the upper classes are different, but the common folk children become merchants’ apprentices, craftsmen’s students, etc. or enroll in school if the house has the leisure to do so.

Inside the orphanage including Snow and me there are 4 persons at the same age Snow is going to enter a magic school. The two girls who are Snow’s friends wish to be maid apprentices and took up a recruitment letter from the town’s bulletin board. They sent a letter and are waiting for a answer.

In this situation only I’m unable to chose a career.

Probably, she is worried as a childhood friend.

“As I thought, you’re going to Malton-san’s place and run a toy store?” “No, that’s not it.”

In reality, the discussion comes repeatedly whether or not to learn how to become a merchant from Malton, but I refuse it entirely.

If I don’t have a goal, I think using the knowledge of my previous life and selling toys wouldn’t be bad. But I had already decided on a lifestyle.

I didn’t intend to keep it a secret, but I haven’t told this to Snow or Elle-sensei.

This is a good chance so I’ll tell her. I wanted Snow to know.

“I was thinking of going on a journey when I turn 10. Then… If I can, I want to help people in trouble or in need of help.” “Why do you want to do that?”

Atonement for the acquaintance that was cornered to suicide in my previous life… of course I can’t say that. It hurts to lie, but this is what I said.

“Last year I helped Snow right? That time, I felt that helping others is something worth doing.” “If that’s so, then Snow will go on a journey with Lute-kun!”

I thought Snow would say something like that. I gave her the lines that I’ve prepared for this.

“Snow will go to school when you turn 10, right? Then you will become a splendid magician and go to the north continent to look for your parents, that was your dream, right?” “If I’m with Lute-kun, I can go to the north continent the way I am now.”

Certainly, if Snow holds an AK-47, her fighting power would be doubled. It wouldn’t be difficult to face ordinary monsters and enemies.

But Snow has talent to become a magician. Furthermore, Elle-sensei acknowledged that she’ll “certainly become B+ rank”. If by any chance before that….

I don’t intend to crush that talent of hers.

I let out my honest feelings to Snow.

“I would be happy to be together with Snow. But, Snow has talent to become a magician. I don’t want to be with Snow so much as to eat away Snow’s talent. I don’t want to become a burden for Snow.” “Lute-kun……”

Snow wiped her rising tears with her finger.

She stopped her legs and released her hands, then turned around to face me.

Miraculously, that place is exactly where I saved her from goblins.

Snow’s skin became red down to her neck, and not just because of the setting sun’s light. Her eyes are not filled with sadness, but with hot emotions. Snow clasped her hands together on her chest, mustering courage, she spoke out.

“There is something…… I’ve always wanted to tell Lute-kun.”

At the riverside where the sun sets.

A trembling, red-faced childhood friend, staring straight ahead.

I’m not a thick-headed protagonist of some manga or light novel, I’m already aware of Snow’s feelings. The reason I didn’t say anything is because she’s still an 8 year old child. But now, it seems like that Snow is going to let out her feelings.

8 years after I was born. If you add the memories of my previous life, 35 years.

This is the first time a girl confessed to me.

Of course, the answer had already been decided. It’s ‘Yes!’.

With the setting sun at her back, Snow mustered her courage with all her might. Putting in her whole feelings, she exclaimed loudly.


“Snow…… Please make Snow into Lute-kun’s ‘sex slave!’.” “——Huuuwwwwhhhaaaattttt!!!?”

Receiving the most unexpected of unexpected proposals, I unintentionally let out a yell that didn’t lose to Snow’s.

Snow’s idiot kid levels had sped up faster than I’d imagined.




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