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Chapter 100

Chapter 100 - Lyss' First Housework - First Part (Side Story)





“Fuwa~ , morning-”



From Meiya residence, to our house .


Thanks to the management of the maids from Meiya residence, there’s not even a speck of dust in our house .


Even the bed smells like sunshine, it’s very easy to sleep .



In the living room on the first floor, the wives were already awake and are preparing breakfast .


I’m the last to rise, it seems .



“Morning, Lute-kun”


“Mor . . . ning . . . bro . . . ther . ”


“ . . . . . . Good morning, Lute-san . ”



One low tension wife, Lyss’ depressed .


The reason is clear just by looking at the broken cup on the floor .


It looks like she dropped it while carrying tea from the kitchen .



It’s a usual trait of a clumsy girl .


Snow & Chris were encouraging her, at the same time picking up the broken cup and wipe up the water with a cloth .



After they finished cleaning up, we had the breakfast that Snow and Chris made .


Settled in her seat, Lyss announced with resolution in her eyes .



“I also want to try my best and do housework like Snow-san and Chris-san, so please teach me how to do it!”



I don’t think you need to say it with a resolution like a soldier marching to his death… . . .


In the first place, she’s a princess .


All the things like housework and chores were all done by the servants .



Chris who came from a similar background, overcame her sense of loss and because it’s her first time doing housework, she learned how to after Snow did and mastered it .



But still, Lyss is quite a clumsy girl , so the whole housework thing is probably gonna be catastrophic .



“You’re still worried about the cup you broke this morning? It was just something cheap from the market, you don’t need to trouble yourself that much . ”


“Geez Lute-kun doesn’t understand girls’ feelings at all~”


[Onii-chan, no good no good . ]



Snow swallowed her food and shrugged her shoulders .


Chris, who has recently been using words in the house, used the mini blackboard to judge me .


Looks like the two of them sympathized with Lyss’ feelings .



Lyss noticed my bewilderment, blushed bashfully while voicing her thoughts .



“I, I am also Lute-san’s wife, just like Snow-san and Chris-san . That’s why, I want to do housework for the sake of Lute-san too . ”





I was overcome with emotion by her courageous speech .


I was truly blessed with a good wife .


We looked at each other for a while but Lyss broke it off first, changed her sight to Snow and Chris .



“That’s why, please teach me how to do the housework today!”


“Of course . As fellow wives of Lute-kun, I will do my best to teach you . ”


*Nod nod*



Snow smiled satisfactorily, while Chris nodded in agreement many times .



“Yes yes yes!”, I butted into the conversation of the wives who had a harmonious atmosphere .



“You’re going to teach Lyss housework right? Then we have to buy an apron!”


“If it’s apron then we have a spare though?”



Snow tilted her head .


Geez, nobody understand at all~ .


I gleefully unfolded my pet theory .



“The spare apron is just something plain without any decoration, isn’t it? That is not suitable, for a loli bigboobs like Lyss, one with plenty of lace, like a fluffy sweet will be good! Furthermore, naked apron! It will definitely suit her!”


“ . . . . . . . . . . . . ”



The air was stagnant .


A-are? Could it be that I stepped on a landmine?



“Lute-kun, let’s do this seriously . Because Lyss-chan is trying her best too . ”


“Ah, somehow, I’m sorry . ”



Looks like I got carried away too far .


I unconsciously apologized .


The one in question was . . .



“So-something like that, I will do it for you at night…… so please endure until then, okay?”



She said awkwardly, her cheeks are even redder than before .


Snow and Chris also agreed with her .



[I will do my best . ]


“I will wear the naked apron for you too . ”



Thank you, thank you! For real, it was really good that I got to marry everyone .




Don! ――I had a feeling I heard something like a kabedon from somewhere really far away, seemingly from the direction of the Adventurer’s Guild . It was probably just my imagination .

Editor note: Kobedon is basically the action of hitting a wall . This is generally done in protest or flirting - Creed


After breakfast, Lyss’ housework practice―training for homemaking, begins .




▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼





Start off with cleaning .



First is the bedroom .


Remove the dust collected on top with the duster made from Garugaru’s tail . Then collect the trash with a broom and dustpan, then throw them away .



“Then I will hold down the stand, Lyss please remove the dust, and take care not to fall . ”


“U-understood . ”



Wearing a simple apron, with duster in hand, Lyss stood on the chair and removed the dust from the bed’s canopy .


She’s only a bit taller than Chris, so it seems that she won’t able to reach the corner without tiptoeing .



“Do your best, Lyss-chan . ”


“C-calm down, slow, ly . ”



Snow and Chris supported her body and gave advice too .


Thanks to that she finished dusting without any accidents .



After Stepping down from the chair, she sighed .



“We usually move the furniture and clean the corners once a month, but it was simple today so there’s no problem . ”



Even if Snow is a magician that can use body enhancing magic, to move the furniture just for cleaning is a hassle .


When you move the furniture, you will need to temporarily store them somewhere else .


But then Lyss nonchalantly proposed .



“Is that so? But if it’s my spirit blessing [Infinite storage] then I can put away something like the canopy bed without breaking a sweat though . . . ”





I finally realized now that she said it, indeed, with Lyss’ [Infinite storage] then both the labor and space needed to move them are gone .



Without delay, I asked her to put them away .


She touched the canopy bed while focusing her mind .


The bed disappeared like it was never there in the first place .






We spontaneously applauded and voiced out of admiration .


In the high elf clan, once one reaches 100 years old, regardless of one’s talent in magic, they will receive a power called spirit’s blessing .


Lyss’ power let her store most of inorganic substances without limit, it’s called [Infinite storage] .



But between the high elves, it’s the opposite of rare―in other word, it’s an ability that only lets you take things out and put them away, is disregarded as boring .


Aside from Lyss, there was only 1 other person in all of history had this ability, but they were made fun of by the surroundings .



But depending on how you use it, this ability can be this convenient!



“That’s wonderful, Lyss . We don’t have to move the furniture at all and can still clean the hidden corners without breaking a sweat . ”


“I’m surprised myself too . To think that my ability is fit for housework like this . ”



Lyss doesn’t really think well of her own ability .


That’s why I’m happy that using it this way can show her that it’s useful .



She took a broom and continued cleaning .


She moved the trash onto the dustpan and got rid of the trash .



After they finished cleaning, she was able to put the furniture back to where they were without any effort .





Next is the laundry .



Hot water and clothes had been put inside the big washing basin in the bathroom .


Snow explained .



“For clothes with delicate fabric like underwear, you have to wash by hand, but for normal western clothes, you can wash them all once like this . Put the hot water in, then add the magic detergent, and then use your feet to step on them and the dirt will fall off . Easy right?”



Indeed this seems like something that even I can do .


Lyss received the magic detergent from Snow and poured in the appropriate amount as instructed .



Magic detergent is pretty expensive, but because of that, it’s exceptionally effective .


While stepping on the clothes, it removes the filth easier than with detergent from my old world .


Oil, dirt, grass juice, food, dust… . . . no matter what kind of filth is it, they all cleanly fell off .


What a convenient item .


What’s more wonderful is,



“Heave ho, heave ho…even just stepping on them, is pretty tough . ”


“But it’s good exercise, and it’s easier than washing them by hand, one by one . ”


[I know, right? And with everyone stepping on them, somehow it’s like we became kids playing, so it’s fun . ]



Snow and Chris rolled up the cuffs of their pants, and entered the big wash basin and stepped on the clothes .


Each time they stepped, Snow and Lyss’ big breasts jiggled, the water and bubbles got splashed onto Chris’ thighs and fell off .



It’s a sight of sore eyes, I don’t even mind paying 1 gold to watch this scene .


I unintentionally clapped .



“Excellent, viva, excellent……”


“What’s wrong, Lute-kun, suddenly?”


“Lute-san, if you’re staring at our chests and legs……”



Lyss voiced out loud .


Oh crap, did I get caught?



“Fufufu, if it’s outside then I’d be troubled, but this is inside our house . We won’t run so you don’t need to look at us with eyes like that of a starved beast . ”



Lyss smile while blushing .


Snow and Chris didn’t say anything, they also agree with Lyss, it seemed .



Oh man! I really got some wonderful wives! Yay me!



Bam! Bam! Bam! Once again, I have a feeling that I heard something like someone hitting a wall from the direction of the adventurer guild .


Yep, it must have been my imagination .



And like that, we safely did laundry .





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