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Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Legion’s First Quest

“Legion Peace Maker as you asked, here is a quest . ”

More than half a year has passed since we came back to the Dragon continent . In the meantime, we spent time resting . It is because there are still plenty of savings for living expenses .

Snow and Chris taught Liz how to do housework . I was developing armors, weapons, etc . with Meiya . Occasionally, I found time to work and improve the wash toilet – and I had quite a fulfilling time .

It seems that the quest’s letter reached us by name . [TN This one was difficult . As I understood the request had been addressed directly to Peace Maker . ]

In the morning, an errand boy knocked on the door and told us to come to the Adventurer’s Guild . I went to the Adventurer’s Guild with my brides Snow, Chris, and Liz . As soon as I showed my face, we were sent to a private room .

As usual, the receptionist was the demon race girl who was the most acquainted with us . She handed us a piece of paper with the contents of the quest .

“The client is a person named Mr . Gharma, a special advisor of the Chrysanthemum Knights”

Gharma! What? He is the enemy who recommended Eru sensei to marry! Just remembering my guts boils up . But now it’s time for work . I received the letter without showing anger .

“Let me see . ”

In the letter, the contents of the request and a simple status were written .

Currently, the Chrysanthemum Knights serve as security guards, magicians have been frequently targeted in the city .

It is probably a work of a skilled ‘Magician Killer’ . However, the current Chrysanthemum Knights do not have the ability to deal with such a ‘Magician killer’ . Therefore, they wish for ‘Peace Maker’ help .

Compensation is negotiable .

“Magician killer” – It’s a classification of the adventurers’ guild . Depending on the adventurer who registers, there are many fields of specialty .

If you specialize in monster extermination – Monster Hunter

Specialization in ruins and labyrinths – Treasure hunter

If you specialize in escort missions- Guardian

If you specialize in interpersonal warfare – Mercenary, bounty hunter

If you are in the field of anti-Magic- it is called ‘magician killer’ .

Aiming at only magicians, and because Gharma is a former adventurer, he is probably using the name ‘magician killer’ .

I read the letter and questioned the part I was concerned about .
“They asked a quest for the Legion but… … Can they ask for help? ”

“Yes, it’s not a particularly unusual story . There are many stories that some legions fought together and defeated dragons more than once . ”

The receptionist assures it in a casual way . From the attitude, it seems not to be really unusual . In addition, the receptionist points out .
“And before you made the Legion, you guys defeated the twin magicians without killing them . The ‘Magician Killer’ that captured the twin Magicians alive became quite famous among adventurers . So, I guess that’s why there is a Quest by name this time . ”

I’ve never heard that story before .

Certainly, we received a quest to raise our adventurer level in the past . At that time, we encountered the twin magicians while escorting . Thanks to Chris’ sniper rifle, we were able to catch them alive . I did not know that it was famous among adventurers as a “magician killer” .

” It is an urgent case, but there is time to think about 1 or 2 days . Will you accept it?”

The receptionist asked with a business smile .

To that question I –

“Yes! Of course, I refuse!”

I refused with a big smile .

Snow, Chris, and Liz who were sitting on the same sofa were shocked .

Snow asked on their behalf .

“Why don’t you take the quest? It’s an emergency from Eru sensei’s friend . And wasn’t the Peacemaker’s philosophy ‘helping people who are in trouble or seeking salvation’?”

“Certainly it is Peacemaker’s philosophy . But Gharma is an enemy who introduces marriage partners to Eru sensei . Besides, is a nasty man who tried to swindle cleverly to introduce a man with good conditions . How can you give empathy to such an enemy? ”

“Introducing a man with good conditions … …!?”

The receptionist sitting on the sofa in front of us, for some reason reacts to my words, her eyes change and she stands up .

No, there is no way I’ll introduce him to you, so please calm down .

She remembers her duties thanks to the cold stare from us, she coughs and sits down as nothing happened .

Snow begins again persuading .

“But are you okay? You refused the request of Eru sensei’s friend . I think is good that Peacemaker first quest is from Eru sensei’s Friend ”

“Eru sensei may get angry at you for refusing to do this . ”

“Or worst, she may hate you . ”

I’m scared to be scolded by Eru sensei…… . But to be hated?

“… …!”

Just imagining, a sour thing rises up the esophagus . I shut my mouth in a hurry . It’s dangerous! Just imagining it seems to dig a hole in my stomach!

Even though I have tears in my eyes, I turn to the receptionist with a strong stare .

“I will do it . No, please let me do that quest by all means!”

“I understand, Legion ‘PEACEMAKER’ will accept it . ”

I answer together with my wives “Please!” .

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

This is a question asked by my wife on the way back from the adventurer guild after receiving the quest .

What kind of man can you acknowledge as Eru sensei’s husband?

“Someone that is serious, kind, hard worker, that cherish his wife rather than himself . Someone who has a single-person nature that does not turn to another woman, someone whose income is stable, and has the strength to protect Eru-sensei, someone who has a firm sense of duty, has a glance from the surroundings and do not scratch for position and honor . Even to forgive Eru sensei if he is not up to her, and she wants to leave him . ”

I am sure that such a man does not exist in this world .

Right now, I feel that my wife is cold…



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