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Chapter 118

Chapter 118: The Secret Lair


The Cocori’s Adventurer’s Guild in the beast-man continent is located on the south side . Because it is a medium-sized city the Adventurer’s guild was a smaller building than in the dragon-man continent . It was a two-story building and an open space at the back that serves as a training center and a public plaza .


The main quest of the adventurer’s guild here seems to be caravan escort . The goods are carried to the inner part of the beast man’s continent and, conversely, it is carried from the inner part . The adventurers carry out quests that were at their level and defeating monsters around them .


We destroyed merchant houses and houses inhabited by personal of such an adventurer’s Guild last night . Therefore, the people involved in the destruction yesterday are gathered to ask for information .


Everyone is a member of Peacemaker . Meiya is waiting at the headquarters of the Chrysanthemum Knights, so she does not attend this interview .


I can say that it is fortunate because it is certain that it will be somewhat difficult to talk if she is present .


Currently, under my direction, she will be working on the development of a new weapon, “Antitank Mine”, at the workshop in the airship .


I must finish the business and join in quickly .


“I’ll kill him! I’ll kill the magician killer armor guy!”


“Hmm, I see …”


When we try to enter the adventurer’s Guild, one man appears from the inn across the street . Whether he is drinking in the daytime, his face is red, and his eyes are muddy like a dove bottom .


With the appearance of the drunken man, Shia quickly comes to the front with her travel bag . It’s a position to be our shield . Shia is excellent as an escort .


However, the drunkard is finally taken back to the inn while being gripped by the shoulder by a man with an expression of sympathy, and he said .


“I’m sorry I’m sorry to disturb you,” He politely bowed his head to those who were watching him . Thanks to this, it was not a commotion, and the men began to walk again .


Did the Armored bastard has killed someone important to the previous man?


We need to solve the problem as soon as possible so that there is any further damage . And we turn our feet to the Adventurer’s Guild again .


Because I go to the Adventurer’s Guild often, I enter the building without being scared,  even in cities on other continents .


The inside is almost the same as the adventurer’s guild at the dragon man continent . It seems that the scale has been reduced by half . We wait until our number tag is called .


When I went to the counter where our number was called, there was a


“Welcome . What can I do for you today?”


“!? ”


There was the receptionist who was always in charge of the dragon-man continent! All of us who are there make a look of surprise . The receptionist was surprised at the reaction .


“Oh, what’s wrong with you?”


“Hello! Why are you here? You were supposed to be at the adventurer’s Guild on the Dragon continent!”


“Dragon continent? Oh, I see… it’s my cousin”


“Your cousin?”


Is this pattern again!?


When I talk to the receptionist, she seems to be the cousin of the woman who always takes charge of the reception . Her sister is the third person in this together . The receptionist explains with a smile .


“Well, did you meet not only my cousin but also my younger sister? Then it is not unreasonable to be surprised . We’ve been mistaken a lot since we were kids, even though we’re not sisters . ”


“Well, you can make a mistake, if it’s just like that…”


They look exactly like a mirror . What’s going on with the genes of this other world?


While holding doubts, I will tell her the matter I visited this time .


“We’re a legion called Peace Maker, and we’ve come to report to the Adventurer’s Guild about last night’s incident…”


“Well, I’ll show you to a private room, so I’ll ask you about the details . I’d like to speak on behalf of the Adventurer’s Guild . ”


She stands up and guide us to a private room . It is wasteful to be afraid, so I respond with a smile .


And we dived through the door of the private room in the back . I’m nervous when I think about whether I’m going to be interviewed . I’m not resistant to this kind of questioning .

— There is no such thing as: “whoever passed through this door should give up any hope” written on the door, right?


In this way, the interview with the adventurer’s Guild begins .


We are guided to a private room .


Because there are many of us, it was decided that Peacemaker would occupy one of the sofas which were placed to face each other across the desk .


After the reception lady serves tea, she changes her expression to a serious work mode, sits down and asks us about the situation .


During the meeting with Wolf Sword and Lily-Rose, the “Sorceress Killer” Red Armor appeared . It is explained that as a result of trying to overthrow or capture it, the buildings have been destroyed .


I apologized as Peace Maker’s representative and said that I was prepared to take any penalty .


On the other hand, the Adventurer’s Guild……



“… Well, I understand the circumstances . Originally, you were charged with damage to the property, but it was the result of dealing with the “Magician Killer”, who was making noise in the city . This compensation will be taken by the Adventurer’s guild . ”


I breathe from relief at this answer . On the contrary, the receptionist sighed to exhale fatigue .


“From now on, please pay attention to the surroundings as much as possible . I’m glad it finished with the damage to buildings, but it’s too late after injured or dead appear . ”


“I’m sorry . ”

I apologize once more .


This solves the problem of the adventurer’s guild .

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


The scene changed, Forest at the suburbs of Cocori Street . There is a secret base to use when the Chrysanthemum Knights Headquarters is in danger . This place is known only for those who served as the Lord Commander . It is for use If you get into a crisis .


At first glance, it looks like just a cave, but inside is human-made, with preserved food, bedding, medicines, equipment, gold, clothes, candles, lamps and so on . Enough to live for a few months . It was deep and wide .


There are figures of girls who face space .


One is the Chrysanthemum Knights leader, a weasel beast girl, Lucca . At the other side of the meeting was a girl with red armor and a girl who wore a cloth filled with frills and lace .


“I’m late . ”


“Not at all . So, they’re still in town, aren’t they?”


“Yes, Peacemaker will continue to stay on Cocori Street . ”


“I’m glad . I was thinking about what I would do if they were to run away like the other cowardly Legions . ”


The girl in the red armor has a brutal smile on her face .


The figure made a distorted shadow by the light of the magic lamp hung from the ceiling .



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