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Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Hostage stand up 1

“First of all, we will block the surrounding area to surround the hostage-taking criminals . Groups of two people, block the streets so that no one can come . ”

Garma, the Chrysanthemum knight advisor, agreed to this instruction, and he selected and dispatched qualified personnel .

Another reason for completely blocking the surrounding roads is not only to prevent the criminal from running away . By isolating the criminal from the curious and other people, it is to recognize that there is no other party to negotiate other than us, and the current situation cannot be improved without contacting us .

This is the basis of psychological warfare .

It also has the significance of diverting attention from the hostage by directing the criminal’s attention to us .

“Next, Chris . Surround the building from all four sides of the building with groups of two and ask for surveillance . Chris, you take a position in front of the criminal with the SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle) . ”

“I understand!”

There are two types of fire in the sniper rifle: bolt action and semi-automatic . Bolt action is better when accuracy is a priority . However, it is useful to prepare a semi-automatic spare . In most operations, it is rare for a single shot to become fragmented . For this reason, it is often used with semi-automatic guns equipped with 5 or 20 magazines .

Chris secured personnel with the help of Garma .

Surround and monitor the building from four locations . The reason why we made a pair of two people is that this world has no communication equipment . If there is any change, we have assigned human resources to come immediately .
In manga, anime, drama and other entertainment, snipers often shoot – but there are few opportunities in the real world .

For example, in the case of special police, it is the priority to rescue the hostages safely, but “criminal arrest” is also an important purpose .

For this reason, snipers often shoot criminals in the production of movies, comics, and anime, but in reality, there are few such opportunities . This is because snipers are mainly surveillance and do not necessarily have to kill the criminal .

The sniper tells allies details about the number and movement of the criminal, the characteristics and types of weapons, the presence or absence of bombs and traps, and the characteristics that distinguish the criminal from the hostage .

In this way, the mission of “surveillance”, that is the task to gather and convey information as the eyes of the hostage team to negotiate with the criminal and the tactical team to rush into the building .

Even if you can shoot and kill the criminal, if you miss that there is a trigger bomb inside the building after the death of the criminal, it will explode, and all the hostages will die .

For that reason, it seems that people who think that simply shooting the culprit is good-first of all, it is not suitable for such a rescue unit .

According to the testimony of a person involved in the selection of members of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), the selection of candidates seems to be careful .

This is because a person who is bloody or enjoys shooting is not needed as a rescue team member . The predisposition required for the members is that they can make a good judgment and can withstand heavy pressure .

Even more surprising, if the sniper is ready, the sniper will not fire unless other rushing units are ready to take control of the enemy . Emphasis is always placed on cooperation with other units .

Also, when monitoring a common single-family house in my previous world, the four sides of the building are monitored by a pair of snipers and observers . In some cases, they act in pairs to monitor their opponents for a long time, maintaining their concentration and attention, and changing roles at a certain time .

The instructions I gave were put into practice accurately . Then the criminal was locked in, and the encirclement that could not escape had been completed .

Then I took the next step:

“”Adviser Garma, please negotiate with the criminal . Think only about prolonging the time, so as not to irritate in any way . And, please let the remaining members find the people who know the inside of the building where the criminal is and bring them here . I need a diagram of the interior of the building . ”

“Oh! All right, let’s do it . ”

Garma gave instructions to the remaining members and removes the equipment . In other words, he looked without weapons nor armor . This was to insist on no resistance and not to irritate the criminal .

While Garma was negotiating with the criminal and earning time, we moved on to the next preparation .

We had a tactical team meeting to coordinate a strategy to charge into the room .

With the help of the members of the group, they brought people who know the inside of the building where the criminal was holed up . We made a sketch of the interior from their mouths .

The location in the building was represented by color and number to prevent misidentification . For example, the front was white, the back was black, the left side was green, and the right side was red . -This cut it down a little .

For example, “Criminal tango “Green One”, it means “The criminal appeared on the first floor on the left side” (if the left is specified as green, the right as blue, the back as yellow, etc . ) .

In this way, it prevents misidentification, accumulates information – it understands the behavior patterns of the criminal, and determines the appropriate time and place to rush .

Thanks to the communication of Chris and the sniper team, we were able to grasp the current situation . There are 3 hostages . Chris and her observer, Layara, confirmed through the gap in the window where the criminal stands .

There is one criminal, armed only with a sword, not a magician . It seems to be more violent, apparently due to drinking and taking a lot of drugs .

Garma was desperately trying to communicate, but he said, “Bring me that armored bastard!” The negotiation didn’t advance .

We talk to an acquaintance of the criminal and get more information about the opponent .

――The criminal was a human named Jörm . Adventurer level III . There was no magic talent, but he had a female magician lover who often teamed up .

I thought I saw his face somewhere, the day after I was attacked by the Red Armor when I was called to the Adventurer guild a drunken man was screaming in front of the building . His beloved lover was killed by the armored bastard . Even the body was taken away .

Jörm was unable to reach the armored bastard, though he did move independently to avenge the loss . Therefore, to escape reality, he began to drink alcohol and began to scatter around .

The symptoms worsened, and his spirit was driven into a corner until he decided to take hostages .

…… I understand his feelings .

If anyone of Snow, Chris, or Liz is killed by an enemy, I will never forgive the one who killed her .

At the end of the earth, even at the end of the other world, I will continue to throw bullets until it becomes minced meat .

But what he’s doing now is nothing more than a vicious attack that breaks the mind and is blind before and after . There is no crime in women who are taken as hostages .

So, he can’t be forgiven . Even if it results in killing Jörm, the women who are definitely hostages, need to be rescued .

“Snow, Shia, and Meiya, we are going soon . Get ready . ”

“Copy that!”

Snow and Shia load the magazines into the MP5SD that they have and release the safety device . They pull the cocking handle and move one bullet to the chamber .

Mayer took out a special Sonic flashgun stun grenade and lined it up on the table . I explained how to enter while showing the map of the building to the three of them .

“Originally, it is basic to rush from two places at the same time, but now we are the only ones who can do that… So, Snow and I who have the highest shooting skill will enter from the left window . Meiya and Shia will throw stun grenades from the small window on the other side . Throw two in total . ”

When a special unit enters, two Stun grenades must be thrown . This is because there is a possibility that one will not explode . To prevent you got to throw two at the same time .

Shia raised her hand and asked questions .

“Young Master, why bother to enter through the window where the criminal is facing? Certainly, it’s bigger than usual, so there is no problem with rushing . But I think it’s more reliable to break through the door……”

“I thought about that at first, but from the report of the sniper team, it seems that a barricade is made in front of the door with a desk, chair, chiffon, etc . So, it is difficult to enter from the door . ”

Shea was convinced by my reply .

In the case of the earth of the previous life, they would destroy the door with a shotgun or use the explosive sheet that destroys the wall to break into two places . But we don’t have either . There is no time to make . Therefore, I chose the method of rushing through the window .

It was lucky that the Stun grenade was made . Without this, it was quite difficult to enter the building, defeat the culprit, and save the hostage .

“Is there any other question?”

I looked around at Snow and the other’s faces, but I don’t see any more doubts .

“Okay, let’s go rescue the hostages!”

Snow, Shia, and Meiya began to act upon my call .


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