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Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Post-processing


We were able to prevent Lucca’s attack and kept her identity hidden . The next afternoon . The residents were cramming into the headquarters of the Chrysanthemum Order . Suddenly, the residents came to know that Lucca was the main culprit of Killing the Magicians .

I don’t know how it was known .

However, if you are using an anti-tank mine like a grenade in the middle of the night, it is inevitable that you notice the sound and wake up .

It’s not possible to clean in the dark, we cleaned as soon as the sun rises, but the fragments and clumps of the Armor Corps were seen by the residents and merchants heading to Kokori Street .

From there, the topic spreads, various eyewitness and testimonies gather and spread . People with good intuition will notice immediately . The information can’t be completely blocked from the ears of merchants .

As a result, the current turmoil has occurred . It was I-Lute who persuaded such raging people and set the place .

Pushing the members of the Chrysanthemum Knights would contribute to the uproar, it was like throwing a lamb at a flock of wolves . The city’s dissatisfaction will explode . If I leave it to my brides, they might be hurt . I don’t like that

And now, my position seems to be a young hero who saved Cocori Street in place of the Chrysanthemum Knights . Thanks to the fact that I came out directly, the place was settled down unexpectedly .

However, it is necessary to go to the Advisor’s office of the Order immediately . As soon as I enter the room, Garma greets me with a bitter face .

“I’m sorry, Lute . After I pressed the troublesome things on you and stay up all night, I got called you out immediately . ”

“Don’t worry, I don’t think I could sleep . ”

I shrug my shoulders and answer . I don’t think I may be able to sleep in such a situation .

Snow, Chris, Liz, Meiya, and Shea told me to rest first, but I stayed up until my business ends . Commendable brides, disciple, and maid .

“I’m really sorry about Commander Lucca, no, the former Commander . Let me apologize as an advisor to the Chrysanthemum Knights Order . ”

Garma bows deeply . That’s about the amount to get the forehead on the floor . I stop him in a hurry, but he does not raise his head stubbornly . I can understand his feelings .

He asked me to solve the “Magicians Killing Case”, but you couldn’t see that your relative-and the leader was one of the main culprits . And if we didn’t deal with it, all the members were going to be killed .

It’s hard not to worry .

After the head was bowed, Garma began to speak .

“In this case, I was acutely aware of my own blindness and lack of power as an advisor . If I had noticed Lucca’s change earlier, this would not have happened …”

Lucca is in a prison in the basement of the headquarters of the Order .

Her mind has not yet returned to normal, and she is traveling to another world . That’s why it’s easy to handle, she avoids making noise or rampaging just by muttering .

By the way, Jorum, who caused the Hostages case, was also put in prison . Soon, he will be transferred to a larger town where he can be judged and will be sentenced .

When Garma finishes the apology, he cuts out to the reason he called . His expression seems really painful .

“This case devastated the trust of the inhabitants . It is no longer possible for the Order of the Chrysanthemum to remain the guardian of the city . ”

Well, the ones who ought to protect the city are actually the ones who threaten the city, so even the inhabitants can’t trust them . Besides, Cocori Street is an important transport point for sending goods to the interior of the Beast Continent . The responsibility is very heavy .

To make matters worse, the Order was so distressed that it sought help from the other legions . Even children wouldn’t think they could stay as they are .

“But as the advisor of the Chrysanthemum Knights, I have to take responsibility for the future of their members . ”

Garma’s expression was the most serious I’ve ever seen . It’s like a father who takes out his daughter to marry .

“The dissolution of the Chrysanthemum Knights is certain . Not only we lost the inhabitant’s trust, but we will also be deprived of the Legion’s credentials from the Adventurer’s Guild . I’ll lose my job . If possible, I’d like to find them a new job . ”

Most of the members of the Chrysanthemum Knights come from poor peasants’, merchants’ and nobles’ families, and have no special skills . Those who have acquaintances and connections are good, but those who don’t seem to be going to be in trouble if they leave the knights .

At worst, you could use your knights’ skills to fight, pickpockets, robbery, some might get involved in crime . As expected, it is too pitiful .

“So, what do you want us to do? It’s impossible to hire all of them . ”

There is a sponsor called Meiya and there is a reserve, but there is no room to continue paying the wages of more than 30 members .

If you were to think of Japan in my previous life, it would be like to hire more than 30 people with a monthly income of 150,000 . Suddenly, it is impossible to pay more than 4 . 5 million every month . If we were to hire them, we would be able to manage it for about a month or two, but I would have to keep paying for six months or a year . We don’t have a regular source of income to keep paying .

Of course, Garma understands . So, he told me a good idea to solve the problem .

“If it is good, The Guardian of the Cocori town on behalf of the Chrysanthemum Knights, could be Peacemaker?”

“… I thought it could come to that . ”

I entrust myself to the sofa at the words I expected to some extent .

The Tax revenue obtained in exchange for protecting Kokori town is very attractive to a Legion, which costs a lot of work to earn regularly . Wolf sword and Lily-Rose entered the town, trying to get it, even if they couldn’t do it .

Besides, Garma folds up .

“This is not just my whim . It is also what the inhabitants want . The Chrysanthemum members should be happy to let go if they find they can go to Lute . They have gone through actual battles together . It is a partner who can be called a comrade . ”

Certainly, if they join Peace Maker and continue to work protecting the city, their anxieties will disappear at once .

At first, residents of the city will look at them with concern at the beginning because they are former members of the Chrysanthemum Knights, but if they do their jobs honestly, they will eventually dispel their concerns .

Garma also implicitly said, “Isn’t it abandoning your comrades?” That’s why I don’t want to deal with an old man . Because the escape routes were blocked before you notice .

“… I couldn’t really reply right away . Just because I stayed up all night after the battle . Could I reply with my brides later?”

“Oh, no problem . I’m really sorry, you’re busy . ”

Garma seems to have determined that any further conversation would be negative, and immediately bows .

With his approval, I greeted him and then left the room .

Immediately after leaving the room, I met Deputy Commander Layara Lalaila who stood with her gaze fixed on me . She greets me cutely .

“… What happened Deputy Commander Layara, have you taken a break?”

“Oh, um, uh, I have to talk with Lute san…”

Although she has the usual restless attitude, I understand what she needs to ask .

“Well, Fu, hi, it’s about the Chrysanthemum Knights . ”

That’s what I thought . I can barely endure sighing . She doesn’t notice this reaction and starts to talk .

“Maybe, but… At this rate, the Chrysanthemum Order will be dissolved, won’t it?”
I’m not sure if I can answer her question, but she’s actually the current deputy commander . There will be no problem to talk to .

“I was just talking to that adviser . The dismissal is certain…”

“Oh, uh … there’s a request about that, Fu, hi . ”


“Can you somehow leave the Chrysanthemum Knights?”

Like Garma, but a different wish . Layara keeps on complaining .

“I’m not Lucca, but … I also care about the Chrysanthemum Knights, Fu, hi . I want them to survive . ”

Layara, who is not good at talking with other people, spins her words hard and appeals . Are the Chrysanthemum Knights that important? I can’t do it bluntly indeed and scratch my head .

“… Okay, we’ll figure out how to keep the Chrysanthemum Knights here . Whether it works or not . Is that okay?”

“Oh, thank you very much!”

Layara happily bows down to the best possible answer I can give . Her expression is full of hope . Even if I don’t have too much hope, I must have to do it .

Absolutely … Defeating an enemy does not mean that the problem is solved . Post-processing is really annoying .


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