Happy Little Mayor - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Old Wang Went Crazy

After a good night’s rest, Wang Bo woke up to his alarm. Washing up, he left for work, starting the everyday struggle once again.

At the entrance to the neighborhood, he once again ran into Liu Ge and his son. When it’s morning, Liu Ge doesn’t sell roasted sweet potatoes and instead, turned to selling vegetables. Catching sight of Wang Bo, he once again passionately greeted him: “You’re going to work Xiao Wang? Why not buy something? Come and take a look, Liu Ge’s stuff is very complete.”

TL Note: Complete = A lot of variety.

Wang Bo gave a wry smile: “Brother, I’m a programmer, not a cook. Why would I buy vegetables when I’m going to work?

TL Note: I decided to use Brother here instead of Ge since it seems fine… but would people prefer if I stick to one type? 

Liu Ge holds up a dark green cucumber: “I not only have vegetables here, I also have fruits. Look at this cucumber, such a lush green, very pleasing to people. Why not buy two? You face a computer all day long, eating some cucumbers to replenish your vitamins is also good for you.”

Wang thought a little and thought it was right. Winter fruits are expensive and he can’t bear to buy any. Let’s buy some cucumbers to eat then. Therefore, he picked out four small cucumbers and after he paid, Liu Ge’s son stared at him. “Uncle Wang, I learned a few more verses, do you want to hear them?”

Wang Bo lightly pinched his small face and moved closer to him, whispering softly: “First of all, Gege will correct something. The verse you recited last night was wrong, it’s a famous saying from the 《Collection of Yuefu Lyric Poems·Long Song Type》 and it should be: If you don’t work hard when you’re young, then you have to do bitter work when you grow older. Now then, Gege needs to go to work and don’t have time to listen to you recite old verses. But you can recite for your dad to hear. He will definitely praise you for learning another poem, even if you can’t say it exactly, he will still reward you.”

Finishing his words, he took his cucumbers and speedily left as if the soles of his feet grew wings.

TL: Originally said wind instead of wings, but it didn’t sound right in English.

Not long after, Liu Ge’s voice behind him cried out: “Oh, you little devil! Who are you learning these crooked poems from?! Even dare to mock your old man, watch and see if I don’t make your bottom bloom!”

“Ao ao ao!” The little devil used an even louder voice to answer him.

TL Note: He’s crying

Carrying the cucumbers as he crammed into the subway and arrived at work, Wang Bo was about to leave as he finished mixing a pile of cards until a woman’s voice drifted over from behind him: “Xiao Wang, are these cucumbers your breakfast? The Company states that you cannot eat during office hours, you don’t even remember this?”

Hearing this voice, Wang Bo subconsciously shivered a little. He was too familiar with this voice. It was his subordinate leader talking.

Looking back, it is indeed the yellow-faced old woman leader. His leader’s name was Huang Lian Xiang, a very graceful and charming name. But because of her menopause temperament of being irritable and love of cursing people, coupled with poor skin color, her subordinates all gave her the nick Yellow-Faced Old Woman.

TL Note: 黄莲香 – Yellow (Family name) Fragrant Lotus

Seeing that his leader discovered his cucumbers, Wang Bo picked the best one to hand over and politely said: “Leader, would you like to eat one? I’ll give you one.”

The yellow-faced old woman coldly shook her head: “Forget it, how could you eat during work time? Besides, I don’t like eating cucumbers.”

Wang Bo subconsciously said” “I understand lear, I will definitely eat it after work hours. But do you really not want one? Cucumbers are good things. Even if you don’t eat it, you can use it……”

The surrounding people that were waiting to get the clock started, immediately roared with laughter as they heard his words. The yellow-faced old woman’s face turned even more yellow. Her gaze was fixed on Wang Bo’s face very fiercely: “What do you mean, Xiao Wang?”

Wang Bo’s cold sweat flowed, grievously said: “Leader, you misunderstood me. I’m saying that slicing the cucumber up and spreading it on your face can help protect your face. I didn’t mean that……”

“Then what do you mean?” The yellow-faced old woman furious voice asked, her expression extremely malevolent.

Wang Bo didn’t dare to explain anymore, he dipped his head in ridicule and prepared to use his silence to greet the yellow-faced old woman’s volcanic explosion of moodiness. But suddenly, a cold feeling passed into his chest as he recalled the experimental smartphone that he took home last night. Because he was in a hurry to get to work today, he had forgot to bring it!

He was done for this time, Wang Bo was extremely anxious. He inwardly thought, the yellow-faced old woman’s already angry, if she found out that he forgot to bring the experimental smartphone back, then she will definitely be even more angry! And also, that Lord of Heart, he doesn’t know if that game is still on—— Just as he thought to there, a hard to believe event occurred.

A basket-sized green 3D heart-style sculpture bounced out from his body. Then this heart sculpture started to rapidly change. The color turned from green to white, and the entire surface started to change. Finally, it formed into a one by one square meter half translucent crystal sandbox.

This sandbox is rectangular with hills and rivers; flowers, plants and trees; birds, beasts, insects and fish and also a sesame-sized miniature castle. They are all sparkling and translucent in a semi-transparent state, very vivid and lifelike, as if it was real……

Seeing this amazing scene, Wang Bo’s eyes suddenly widened. He ignored the yellow-faced old woman who was still sternly reprimanding him and raised a finger to touch the translucent crystal, and he yelled in surprised: “Wa cao, wa cao, wa cao! Everyone look, what is this toy thing?!”

TL Note: Wa Cao, something similar to using Holy Shit (Setting wise), but that’s for another word… So I left it as it is.

The surrounding employees that were waiting to watch the entertaining scene followed the area where Wang Bo’s finger was pointing at, and their expression turned horrified. Because they’ve just discovered that, Old Wang that guy was pointing at the bucket-like waist of the yellow-faced old woman……

“Wa cao, did Old Wang go crazy?” “Numbing my grandson, he’s doomed! Is he mocking the yellow-faced old woman’s waist?” “He really is a man from another generation, but his death will be really wretched!”

TL Note: “Man from another generation” Like, a man within men.

The employees discussed in hushed voices. Although they deliberately talked in hushed voices, there were many people talking and the sound would still transmit to Wang Bo and the yellow-faced old woman’s ears.

The yellow-faced old woman was about to go crazy with fury, her warped face yelled at Wang Bo: “Xiao Wang, you don’t want to work anymore, isn’t it?”

Wang Bo did not heed the yellow-faced old woman’s words, he was still in shock. Pointing at the crystal sandbox, he shouted at his colleagues: “No, I mean, look at this thing! What is this toy thing? Can you guys not see it? This, this, this, this thing in front of me, you guys can’t see it?!”

Someone gathered their courage and quipped: “We see it, isn’t the thing in front of you the Director Huang? Director Huang is your leader, how can you point and draw at her? How can you call her “Toy” thing?”

Wang Bo looked at the surrounding people in alarm. From the faces of the surrounding people, he could only see pitying and mocking expressions. No surprised or shocked. Therefore he quickly rubbed his eyes; but after rubbing his eyes, that crystal sandbox was still there in front of him. And of course, his leader was also still in front of him.

But at this time, he really didn’t have the heart to care about the yellow-faced old woman. Wang Bo face and body was suddenly full of cold sweat as he asked his colleagues in an incredible and panicked voice: “You guys can’t see it? Impossible, it’s just floating here, you guys can’t see it?!”

The surrounding employees were no longer laughing at him, from Wang Bo’s expression, they knew he was not joking with them; nor was he pretending to be a fool and he was definitely not poking fun at the yellow-faced old woman. He is really seeing something horrifying because Wang Bo’s facial expression and eyes were very, very serious.

But there was obviously nothing there, so someone panicked and said: “Wa cao, Old Wang didn’t really go crazy did he?”

Another person worryingly added: “It may really be possible, didn’t someone recently died from overwork? Could Old Wang have gone crazy from overworking? His mind can’t take it anymore. Recently, he has always been working overtime and it seems like he was the last one to leave the company last night……”

The employees became rowdy and loud. Listening to what they said, the yellow-faced old woman was also a little panicked. Forgetting to check in at work, she grabbed her purse and quickly went into her office. Her door closed with a ‘bang’.

Wang Bo knows that his mind is fine. But then, what is going on with the extinguish, crystal clear sandbox in front of his eyes? Perhaps he’s hallucinating? How did this thing appear? And how do you make it disappear?

The sandbox started to fade just as the thought appeared in his head, the white crystal sandbox once again started to change. Then, the same changes that happened before, but in reverse this time, shrinking, color changes and finally, the sandbox changed back into a green, heart-shaped crystal and sank into his chest!


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