Hello, Heir - Chapter 409

Chapter 409

Zhuang Nainai froze .

He had said, “Nainai, come home with me . ”

She felt bitter at these words .

Previously, when she had been maligned and when he had been suspicious of her, she had eagerly awaited the day when the truth was uncovered, so that he would have to admit that he was wrong . But at this moment, when he admitted his mistake, she realized that she didn’t feel as though her anger was quelled, nor did she feel good at having her name cleared .

In fact, she felt her heart start to throb a little with pain at these words…

To follow him home…

But that was his home .

He could come and go as he pleased in that home of his .

And what about her?

She had been forced to leave by him, and now she also had to obtain his consent before she could return to his home?

Zhuang Nainai felt that she was on the verge of tears . She lowered her head and directed her gaze at that glass of water on the coffee table . After a moment, she spoke, “I… don’t want to return just yet . ”

Even though he knew that she wouldn’t forgive him that easily, when Si Zhengting heard what she had to say, he was a little sad .

He knew that he shouldn’t force her to return .

However, thinking back to what happened that day, when he had walked to the area by the window without her even noticing, what if he were a thief back then?

This place was too dangerous!

If she lived here, he would have to keep watch outside her house every night in order to rest assured .

And… if she didn’t return home with him, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find her one day and would lose her as a result .

Si Zhengting lowered his eyes, then turned around . He sat on the couch, then raised his head and looked at her again .

After Zhuang Nainai had spoken her mind, she felt a little anxious .

All his life, Si Zhengting had only been in a position where he had rejected people . He hadn’t been in a position where people had said no to him, had he?

As she contemplated this, Zhuang Nainai lowered her head . She was starting to formulate her replies to potential questions that she was anticipating in her mind .

If he asked her why she didn’t want to return…

She would tell him that it was because she hadn’t managed to think things through yet .

She really had not been able to think things through yet . She didn’t know if she wanted to continue living with him .

However, the anticipated question was not asked . After a while, his indifferent voice was business-like as he said, “I’ve revealed the six design drafts today in front of the reporters, so we can’t continue using them . As the Vice Director of the fashion design department, you are in charge of this season’s leading styles . ”

Zhuang Nainai couldn’t understand why he had suddenly averted the topic and was discussing work matters . She lifted her head and looked at him before speaking, “I haven’t been able to think about…” Whether I should continue working at the Imperial Group .

But before she could finish speaking, Si Zhengting interjected, “Nainai…”

The timbre of his voice was low and clear, and his speaking voice was especially pleasant to the ear . In high school, Zhuang Nainai had loved hearing him say “Nainai,” because somehow, him saying her name aloud had a magnetic draw to it . It had a peculiar effect on her, causing her heart to flutter .

At this moment when he called her name, Zhuang Nainai looked up and her eyes met Si Zhengting’s .

Si Zhengting’s lips quivered . He did not say whatever he had meant to say aloud .

He knew that apologizing now would only put additional pressure on her .

But he didn’t want her to leave him .

Thus, he lowered his eyes, then slowly said, “About the design drafts, Si Guangsong has filed a suit against you in court . Your name has not been entirely cleared yet . Thus, you can’t leave the Imperial Group at the moment . ”

Can’t leave the Imperial Group?

Zhuang Nainai had wanted to give him a piece of her mind, but he continued, “The Imperial Group has an unspoken rule . Every year, the designer who designs the leading style will receive a prize of $200,000 . ”

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