Hello, Heir - Chapter 410

Chapter 410

$200,000?! Prize?!

After Zhuang Nainai heard this, her eyes lit up suddenly!

Although she had bought a house for Mother Zhuang in the past, if she were to divorce Si Zhengting, that house would belong to him . She would have to return it to him .

And she wanted to leave the country to find her mother . But she had no money for the plane ticket nor the transportation costs . However, wouldn’t things be different if she had this $200,000?

Furthermore, both her identity card and passport were missing . She needed time to request for another copy of her identification documents . If she could spend this time working for the Imperial Group and making a quick buck, that would be the best possible way to make use of her time!

Hence, she nodded . “Alright, I’ll take charge of this season’s leading styles . However, you have to credit the money to my wage slip!”

Si Zhengting agreed without any hesitation . “That’s not a problem . ”

After he expressed his agreement, Si Zhengting looked around the apartment . “I can’t guarantee that this house is safe, and Si Guangsong is definitely keeping tabs on you, so… come home with me . ”

So that was the reason why he wanted her to return home with him?

Zhuang Nainai suddenly felt that she had over-thought matters!

But his decision caused her to furrow her brows .

If Si Guangsong was really keeping tabs on her, she really wasn’t safe here . Even though it might be a little awkward to return to the Si residence, wasn’t safety more important than feeling at ease?

Thus, Zhuang Nainai hesitated before nodding her head . “Alright . ”

After she said this, she emphasized, “I’m sleeping in the guest room . ”

Si Zhengting glanced at her . “That’s fine . ”

When Zhuang Nainai returned to the Si’s villa with Si Zhengting, the butler and the other staff were there to welcome her home on the ground floor .

The butler enthusiastically exclaimed, “Madam, you’re back!”

Zhuang Nainai looked at him, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask him to stop referring to her as “Madam . ”

Whether she would divorce Si Zhengting and continue to stay with him was a matter she would settle after they were done with all the other paperwork .

Zhuang Nainai smiled courteously at the butler .

Then, she turned to look at Si Zhengting . “I’m going up to rest first . ”

Si Zhengting nodded, and the pair went upstairs together .

They had not said a single word to each other on the way to the Si residence, nor on their way to the second floor . They separated at the stairwell, one making her way to the guest room and the other, the master bedroom .

Zhuang Nainai took two steps toward the guest room . Before she could stop herself, she turned around and saw Si Zhengting entering the master bedroom .

He hadn’t invited her in . Zhuang Nainai felt a little… disappointed by that?


She sighed soundlessly, then hung her head and narrowed her eyes .

She couldn’t let herself think in terms of personal gains and losses .

Mother had told her that one had to take charge of one’s own life .

If she pinned all her emotions on a single person, how could she live her best possible life?

Zhuang Nainai took a deep breath . She reminded herself that no matter what, this time round, she would pursue a life that she personally wanted . She had to steel her resolve about this .

She entered the guest room in high spirits, then unhappily realized that she had no change of clothes here .

It was late, and if she knocked on the door to the master bedroom saying that she had no change of clothes, would Si Zhengting think that she was trying to entice him to go to bed with her?

Oh no!

But she was still wearing the gown from the event . If she had no change of clothes, was she really going to sleep in this?!

She paced around the guest room and didn’t see a single pair of pajamas nor undergarments . She only saw a bathrobe!

Zhuang Nainai tussled her hair in annoyance . What was she to do now?

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