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In addition to us, some of the other forces returned back within the door.

The Leopard Light Army that had remained in the front line had pulled back for the moment.

They could be considered as the main force of the Faraway Country.

It was decided that since the opportunity allows it, they should be rested now.

Meanwhile, the other forces were sent to hold onto their post for the time being.

Most of the units had been pulled back, but the defense line would be maintained.

Indeed, the enemy’s Divine Beast may have already been secured.

If the silver door were to be closed, there wouldn’t be any way for intruders to enter the Faraway Country.

However, Mira might send another messenger.

Therefore, it was decided that our side’s forces were stationed where they could retreat into the doorway immediately.

Left behind on the frontlines were……

The Serpentine Light Army.

The Royal Guards.

The Monster Corps.

All of them were forces that hadn’t gone to the front in this war.

In other words, our side still had a lot of forces left.

[Even so, it’s a good thing that Gratora agreed to this. I was expecting her to say something like “I can’t leave the King’s side”.]

Arriving before the door, I said to Armia.

Incidentally, Gratora and I exchanged a few words earlier.

I think her attitude regarding various matters had slightly changed.

How should I say this…… It’s like she had become softer than before.

Nodding her head, Armia crossed her arms in front of her.

[I guess Liese-dono’s persuasion may have worked? Well, Gratora-dono seems to be concerned about the fact that the battle to decide the country’s future was left to the other army corps. Then, there’s our Serpentine Light Army that has hardly participated at all. You have to at least leave a role like this to us, unnn.]

Walking through, we saw the Monster Corps passing by us.

Among them were the kobold soldiers we had seen when we first arrived in the Faraway Country.

[ ? ]

Upon seeing us, the Kobolds bowed and passed on by.

Seeing their actions, Armia smiled.

[They are grateful to Fly King-dono, unnn. Within the door’s premises, word is it that it was your meritorious deed that had gained us victory. Well, that’s true after all.]

[If you mean being the trigger for that victory, I guess that would be the case.]

[It’s thanks to you that we were able to defeat the 6th Cavalry, isn’t it? I think Gratora-dono also recognizes you for that. Yes, yes, even that Niko-dono is praising you with open arms. Well, even so…… For that Niko-dono to be like that, even this Armia Plum Lynx would be surprised…… ————What’s the matter, Fly King-dono?]

[……No, nothing much.]

Just like that, I had become their ally.

How should I say this…… I guess Kobolds can be kind of cute.

Seeing their small bodies toddling about somehow looks pleasing to the eyes.

[You’re heading to the council meeting now, right? Good grief, it seems like you also don’t have the leisure to rest.]

[Well, it’s just one more step to go. I feel at ease knowing that the end is already in sight.]

[It’s nice to be optimistic, unnn.]

[Anyhow, I’ll be counting on you to hold onto the situation outside.]

[Umu, you can count on me.]

The three army corps, except for the Serpentine Light Army, had already gone back inside the door.

Among those that would be returning within the door, we were the only ones left outside to give orders to Armia and the others.

After we finished doing that, we went inside the door too.



We saw Nyaki running up towards us.

[Seras-san too…… Pigimaru-san, Slei-san, everyone is safe nya! Unyaaa! You’re safe nya! Thank goodness nya! Nyaki was really glad nya!]

[The task of sneaking Gio and the others out…… You’ve done well.]

[For Master-san’s strategy to be successful, Nyaki will do her best nya! Ummm…… N- Nyaki…… is also a member of the Fly King Squadron after all, nyright……?]

As if to confirm it, Nyaki hesitantly asked.

[Of course.]

Hearing my response, Nyaki’s ears perked up and her face lit up.

[Nyanya! Yes nya!]

[Fufu…… It seems like Nyaki-dono has completely become a legitimate member of the group huh.]

[Thank you very much nya, Seras-san!]



[Pigimaru-san and Slei-san have become Nyaki’s senpai-sanya! One day, Nyaki wants to be the senpai just like you too!]



[Looking at Nyaki feels rather comforting, isn’t it?]

Hearing what I said, Seras giggled.

[I agree.]

[Errr——– Belzegia-san, I’m glad that you’re safe. Everyone from the Fly King Squadron too.]


Standing at the end of Seras’ gaze, Munin stood there, her hands interlocked near her stomach.

[Seras-san, right? I suppose…… this is the first time we’ve properly talked like this, isn’t it?]

[Yes. My apologies…… Things have been so hectic lately that I haven’t had the chance to properly greet you.]

Turning to Munin, Seras straightened her posture.

[Once again, I’m Seras Ashrain. A knight under the service of Milord…… and the Fly King Squadron’s Deputy. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Munin-dono.]

[Yes, thank you for your courtesy.]

With a smile on her lips, Munin bowed her head.

When she looked up, she brought her hand to her chest.

[I’m the Chief of the Kurosaga, Munin. I have heard rumors about Seras-san…… But even so……]

[ ? ]

[Have High Elves——– always been this beautiful?]

[Yes? Eh? Ummm……?]

[Hahhh…… You’re so beautiful that I feel like I’m falling in love with you…..]

Not looking like she was just trying to flatter her, Munin looked really enraptured.

Moreover, somehow, it strangely looked like she’d start molesting a certain someone.

Then, Munin lets out a fervent sigh.

[Ahh, this is already artwork……]

[Eh? N- No,ermmm…… M- Munin-dono is also a beautiful woman……]

[Oh my? From your point of view, I must already be an old lady, right? However, I’m flattered♪]

[I—— I’m not just trying to flatter you. I really think you’re beautiful…… E- Even though the Princess had told me that talking about others’ beauty might sound like sarcasm…… I- I’m currently being honest about what I think———-]

[Fufu. Thank you, Seras-san. It seems like you’re an honest person. You also seemed like an easy person to talk to, so I’m relieved.]

Thereupon, I interjected in their conversation.

[Munin-san is actually beautiful though. From my perspective, that’s what I think.]

[Ara, Belzegia-san…… You don’t have to be polite, and just keep the same tone you use with everyone else, you know? Rather……]

Putting her hand on her cheek, Munin lets out a lonely sigh.

[If you’re only like that around me, it feels like I’m the only one you treat like a stranger…… I feel like I’m being left out and a little lonely……]


With the air of loneliness drifting around her, someone who should be the Chief of Kurosagas said.

[I’m the only old lady here, so I’m getting special treatment———- Have I perhaps become an outcast……?]

Her face turning pale, the trembling Munin asked.

[……Well, if that’s what Munin-san says.]

[You can just call me Munin, you know? Let’s see…… If you’re still embarrassed about that, I also don’t mind if you just call me “you”, you know? L- Let’s see…… Being called without any honorifics by someone younger than me surprisingly doesn’t sound so bad though♪ So, like I said before———- Call me Munin……?]

[You huh…… Well, if that’s what you want.]

[J- Just now…… Haven’t you thought that it’s something hard to do……?]

[You’re half-right, I guess……]

[Geez♪ Fufu, in that case…… Let’s become closer to each other so that it would be something to do, okay?]

………………………Ahh, I see.

This is why it’s hard for me to do that.

I think I understand now.

She resembles her———- my aunt.

I once told Seras……

“I sense a resemblance between you and my aunt.”

—–or something like that.

However, at that time……

I told her that her personality is different from my aunt’s.

However, I think that Munin’s personality is similar to my aunt’s.


With great vigor, she suddenly comes in and throws my pace out of order.

She’s just like her.

They’re very similar.


Thereupon, the atmosphere around Munin changed.

With her posture the same as before, she shifted her sitting position.

The current Munin is smiling with the compassionate smile of a holy mother.

[You did great…… Thanks to you, we, the Kurosagas, have been saved. Not just from the Kurosagas———– From everyone in this country……]

With great posture, Munin bowed her head.

[Thank you very much.]

……This part of hers too.

It isn’t just her mischievous fluffiness.

At the times when she needs to be sincere———– She’s really sincere.

Next, she bowed politely to Seras and Slei.

[I would also like to thank everyone for their hard work. On behalf of the Kurosagas, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude. Once again, thank you very much.]

Seras sincerely smiled back in response.

[If my power has helped save you, then I feel that my fight was worthwhile. Thank you for your gratitude.]

Seras bowed.

She seemed to be impressed by Munin’s attitude.

In short, it seemed like she had taken a liking to Munin.

……Well, it seems like the two of them would get along well.

At that moment……


A Leopardkin soldier arrived.

Even within the door, it seems like the messengers were in a hurry.

[The preparations in the conference room are now in order. A message from Lieselotte-sama: “As soon as you’re ready, please attend with Seras Ashrain”.]


It’s still a little early to be resting.

[I’ll be right there.]

[Well then…… Moving on the premise that the Faraway Country would be negotiating with the Mira Empire first———– is that correct?]

Saying this, Qir looked at me.

Before I knew it, the council meeting was being facilitated by Qir.

Sitting around the table, we had been discussing our future plans.

There were seven of us in attendance: King Zect, Liese, Gio, Niko, Qir, myself and Seras.

Incidentally, the speaking Cerberus who was leading the right wing wasn’t present.

Roa is said to be a member of the Dragon Light Army.

She would apparently just wait for the decision to be told to her by her army corps’ Captain, Niko.

[Then…… Since no one seemed to be objecting, this decision is settled.]

The meeting went much more smoothly than I expected.

It was a stark contrast to the council meeting before the battle.

In particular, I could see changes in King Zect and Liese.

King Zect, in particular, looked completely dejected.

“This time was my mistake. Thinking back…… The reason why we went to the Faraway Country was because we didn’t want to fight against the humans. Once again, I must have subconsciously wanted to choose an option that avoided conflicts with humans. However, I had just been turning my gaze away from reality. No matter how long I lived, it seems like I’m still the same foolish coward that I am back then. Forgive the foolish me, Fly King……”

King Zect hardly said anything during the meeting.

Speaking of hardly saying anything, there was also another person———-

[Liese-kun, are you alright with this?]

Qir asked Liese.

Perhaps, the treatment went well.

The swelling on Liese’s face has already abated quite a bit.

[……I’m also one who made the wrong decision. I don’t think such a person has the right to speak———]

[Just because you made a single mistake, you’re not allowed to speak your opinion anymore, I’m not so sure about that.]

When I said that, Liese, who had been looking down, looked up.

The others also turned their attention towards me…

[Objectively speaking, your capabilities aren’t low. Even the reinforcements in this battle were made possible by you, right? You being too narrow-minded and stubborn before may have been a problem…… Wouldn’t the you right now be able to make a little more flexible decisions? ……Well, that was what I had been expecting from you though.]

[I’m glad you say that…… but……]

Crossing my hands behind my head, I laid the weight of my body on the backrest.

[For the time being, Qir should be in charge of battle-related matters. Lieselotte Ornick would then listen carefully to the opinions of the other Seven Light Army and incorporating them…… You will continue to focus on domestic and foreign affairs as the country’s Prime Minister. That should be enough, right? Anyone got any objections?]

I asked the other members of the Seven Lights.

Gio lightly snorted.

[Doesn’t seem like anyone’s objecting.]

The next one to show his agreement was King Zect.

[I also think that would be good. No…… At this point, I’d rather hand over the throne to Fly King……]

[No, it’s better for this country that you are the king. Putting aside this error in judgment, I haven’t heard anything bad about you as a King from your country. Even before this war, you were very considerate of the Kurosagas’ situation. You didn’t try to mercilessly eliminate those with opinions different from yours…… In fact, you even apologized. You’re a king who can do that. That’s why I think you’re fine being the king. Personally, that is.]

[……I’m moved by your warm heart, Fly King-dono.]

[I also agree with Fly King’s opinion here.]

The one who said that was Niko.

[In the first place, I was also one of those who voted for Prime Minister-dono. The blame for making the wrong decision must fall on me as well then. Thus, it’s not only Prime Minister-dono and his Majesty who are to blame. I am to blame too.]

[But Niko, it was only because you owed me a debt of gratitude……]

[Even if that’s so. Moreover…… As it turns out, I redeemed myself with the help of Fly King over there. It gave me a chance to make up for it———- That’s what I think. That’s why…… I think that both the Prime Minister and his Majesty should be able to recover from this. Umu…… Even so, Fly King is a reliable man. Even I couldn’t help but recognize that…… Unnn, Niko admits that…… I- I’m not feeling bashful!]

[No one’s said anything.]

Gio retorted back.

……Armia did mention it earlier……

Indeed, Niko’s attitude towards me has softened considerably.

As if to start over again, Niko cleared her throat.

[On the other hand, my loyalty to Prime Minister-dono and his Majesty hasn’t changed. It’s also a fact that us Dragonkin, including me, have been helped by Prime Minister-dono and his Majesty.]


Liese looked overcome with emotion.

It seems that she’s trying her best to suppress her emotions from showing on her face.

[—————Anyway, we’ve decided on our policy.]

As if to confirm with everyone, I said.

[We will proceed with the plan to negotiate with Mira for the time being. Going to the negotiations will be Liese, myself, Seras, the Leopard Light Army and the Dragon Light Army…… The current policy is to form an alliance with Mira for the moment. If an alliance is formed————– Making sure that they don’t take advantage of us———- We seek assistance to improve our food situation. And from our side, we will provide forces as reinforcements when necessary…… However, we will not leave the chain of command to them.]

Pausing for a moment, I continued.

[I propose that we leave the prisoners of war we have captured to Mira in the near future. I believe that Mira’s side would also mention temporarily looking after the prisoners of war. This is because, considering the food situation of the country, I think it would be difficult to take care of a large number of prisoners of war————Seras thinks that there’s a good chance that Mira will accept this offer, right?]

I spoke to Seras, who was standing diagonally behind me.

[Yes. Mira has the best food supply on the continent due to the large amount of fertile land in their territory.]

[Enough to export to other countries, is that correct?]


Sounding a little surprised, Gio growled.

[Mira’s a rich country huh.]

[They have mining areas in the mountains west of them, and the mineral resources mined from these areas are abundant. The country is also rich in marine resources, second only to Bakuos in the fishing industry. As for domestic politics——— Especially since the accession of the present Emperor Zine, the country has become even more powerful…… I’ve heard that the Emperor’s popularity with his citizens has been on the rise ever since he ascended to the throne. With his wealth and the support of his people behind his back, it seems that his army corps, including the Shining Army, have become quite powerful. This is why the Princess had high regard for Mira———– especially for their Emperor and his two brothers.]


That Princess said that huh.

[In any case, that’s the kind of country they are, so if negotiations go well, I think we can expect a continuous supply of food.]

[Geographically speaking, Mira and the Faraway Country are connected to each other, so we won’t be divided by rival countries in terms of transportation.]

At that moment, Gio posed a question.

[What happens if the negotiations break down?]

[If that happens, I think we should retreat inside the door and shut ourselves in for a moment. If we’re going to fight against them, we need some time to recover and give the troops some rest first. It would have been bad if Mira had acquired him, but fortunately, the Divine Beast named Radis was on our hands. Of course, Nyaki is here too. As long as we close the door, they wouldn’t have any means to touch us.]

Even that sh*tty goddess had to rely on the Divine Beast to get inside after all.

Without them or the keys, I don’t think it will be easy for them to open the door.

Thinking about that situation though, I muttered to myself in a voice that was barely audible to those present.

[……Well, I’m sure the negotiations would be a success though.]

That is, if the purpose of the Mad Emperor is indeed the Forbidden Race———- and their Forbidden Curses.

If he really intends to stand against that goddess.

Now that he had fired their bow towards Alion, there was no turning back for Mira.

Even though they have a powerful army……

How can they win against all the other countries within the Holy Alliance?

Looking at it from a strength standpoint, they would definitely want to form an alliance with the Faraway Country.

In other words———–

The cards to extract concessions from Mira are surprisingly in our hands.


Mira’s Mad Emperor huh.

A young emperor that wasn’t much older than me.

The man who pushed aside the first and second in line of succession to the throne and ascended the throne.

Moreover, the two brothers, who were the first and second in line, are now in the service of their younger brother, the Mad Emperor.

I am curious about him.

I wonder what kind of person is he?

I’d like to meet him once.

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