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It seems that my stamina is running out after 3 days of consecutive updates…… I hope you can wait a little longer for the next chapter (although I’d like to keep the gap as short as possible……)

She’s watching.

I could feel her gaze——— Asagi, I mean.

Kashima, filled with courage……

[S- Sogou-san……!]

She said with a raised voice.

[……Ayaka Sogou-dono, was it? Ahh, I have heard about you from his Majesty…… about how you wanted to persuade her.]

[Back during the huge battle…… You met Sogou-san at the Anti-Demon White Castle, didn’t you!?]


Kashima bit her trembling lip.

[I want to ask…… about Sogou-san…… How she’s like now, if she’s healthy…… I know you’ve met her a while ago, but that’s okay. I haven’t seen her for a long time…… That’s why, no matter what it is, please tell me something……!]

Hearing her words……

“What, it’s just about her huh.”

The expression on Asagi’s face turned to complete disinterest, returning to the circle of her own group.

It seems that Kashima has created a “reason to talk to Fly King” without any difficulty.

The reason she was quite vocal was so that Asagi would be able to hear her huh.

Did Kashima realize that I was “Mimori Touka” and dared to call out to me?

I don’t know.

At this point, I don’t know.

Glancing at the door of the hall……

[It’s a little too crowded here, don’t you think?]

[Eh? Ah, yes…… That might be the case…… but……]

[You don’t like crowds either…… Right? I remember it well. Back in the negotiations with the Faraway Country……]

[……I- I’m sorry about that time.]

In fact, even now, Kashima doesn’t look well.

[Please wait for a moment.]

I went to the Mad Emperor, exchanged a few words with him and returned.

[I have also received permission from his Majesty. Let’s take a break and talk in a different place.]

[Ah———– Y- Yes……]

I left the hall with Kashima in tow.

Asagi’s gaze darted our way for a moment.

However, it didn’t seem like she was particularly feeling distrustful.

Perhaps, because what she heard earlier wasn’t a lie.

“No matter what it is, she wants me to tell her something in regards to Sogou Ayaka”

Those words were probably Kashima’s true feelings.

That’s why Asagi believed that “that was the case” huh?

She doesn’t have someone like Seras who can just when someone’s telling the truth.

However, leaving the hall may change the “impression” Asagi had.

……To be honest, even now, I’m still not sure.

Does Kashima Kobato really “just” want to hear about Sogou?


Or perhaps……

[Well then, let’s talk in this room.]

I entered a different room with Kashima.

A room near the hall where the evening party is held.

I had asked the Mad Emperor to reserve this room for me ahead of time.

Normally, this room is used by those who want to take a quiet rest between night meetings.

It’s not a simple room, as this room is used by nobles as well.

The interior is lavishly decorated.

However, it’s not to the point that everything here glitters with light.

Perhaps, it’s because this room is designed for people to rest in.

The color scheme is unified with calm tones.

When I encouraged her to sit, Kashima sat down with a tense look on her face.

Meanwhile, I sat on the couch diagonally in front of hers.

……The distance between us was about 1 meter.

Kashima looked fidgety and restless.

However, there shouldn’t be anyone who tailed us here.

I also don’t feel the presence of anyone outside.

[We’re talking about Ayaka Sogou, right?]

“Ahh”, with a snap, Kashima raises her gaze.

[Y- Yes…… I heard that the battle at the Anti-Demon White Castle was a big one. That everyone had been cornered…… and felt like they would lose. But thanks to your arrival and assistance…… They managed to win.]

Kashima straightened her posture with her knees together and bowed.

[Thank you very much! For saving Sogou-san…… For saving everyone!]

[The reason we went over there was to save Princess Cattleya, in accordance with Seras Ashrain’s wish. However, I’m glad that doing such a thing resulted in saving the Heroes from Another World as well.]



[Sogou-san…… How was she?]

[Yes. After that battle, she faithfully came to me and thanked me in person———–]

To sum it up, I told her how Sogou was like back then.

From the viewpoint of the Fly King Belzegia, that is.

[————Is that so…… Sogou-san…… For her to say that……]

[“I will do everything in my power to protect all of my classmates”…… And she said “I will be stronger than anyone else”———— I felt a very strong will from her at that time when she said that. And now, she has grown into the Hero who has driven away even the Great Demon Emperor.]

[……Yes, I heard about that. About the Great Demon Emperor’s surprise attack on Alion…… and Kirihara-kun’s betrayal. There’s also Hijiri-san and Itsuki-san’s betrayal and how they’re now missing……]

The Mad Emperor mentioned how that information is something he didn’t mind them knowing.

Even now, Asagi’s group seemed to be aware of this already.

Seemingly wallowing in anguish, Kashima covered her face with hands.

[Hijiri-san…… Itsuki-san…… I wonder if they’re alright……]

I can see that she’s sincerely concerned for the sisters’ well-being.

Kashima Kobato and the Takao sisters.

In our former world, I don’t feel like they had a connection with each other.

……Speaking of which……

Wasn’t Kashima with the Takao sisters when they encountered Eve in the Golden Demon Zone?

“It seems those sisters were looking for Kashima”

That should be what Eve said back then.

Kashima may have become friends with the sisters at that time.

A change in the relationship they had back in the former world———– In a way though, just about everything has changed.

[The betrayal of the upper-rank Heroes…… Perhaps, it may have been the Goddess who betrayed Takao Hijiri and the others first. It’s hard to believe that multiple Heroes would just defy the Goddess.]


Letting out a sigh, Kashima spoke.

[Asagi-san once told me that the Goddess does not intend to return us to our former world……]

I heard that from Asagi herself when we talked in the dining hall.

[That being the case, Asagi-san’s conjectures…… really may have been right. Perhaps, Kirihara-kun himself realized this and joined the Great Demon Emperor’s side…… Hijiri-san and Itsuki-san also noticed this and……]

[And the Mad Emperor knows how to repatriate your people to your former world without relying on the Goddess. In other words, you wanted to contact Ayaka Sogou and let her know———]

Following her words, I spoke.

[If you can convince her to believe you, persuading her would be a success. That’s why you’re the one who’s doing the convincing.]

[I hope she will believe me.]

As far as it goes, it isn’t like Yasu couldn’t play this role.

He was almost killed at the Goddess’ behest.

If he could make contact with her, it would greatly shake Sogou’s beliefs.

However…… The lack of “proof” in Yasu’s case is a bit of an unsettling factor.

Even if she were to listen to him, there had never been any trust built up between him and Sogou.

It would be better if the person persuading Sogou would be someone she trusts completely……

Otherwise, confront her with conclusive evidence.

Those would be the necessary things to persuade her huh.

[Kobato-dono likes her quite a lot huh. Ayaka-dono, I mean.]


[I can tell by the way you talk about her, by the look on your face and the sound of your voice.]

[Eh, ahh—— ummm…… I do like her…… After all, Sogou-san…… She has everything…… Yearned by everyone…… and most of all, she’s so kind……]

“Yes……”, Kashima laid her hands on her chest.

[She’s kind…… Sogou-san is very kind. For someone to be so warm and trustworthy…… She’s the first one that I……]

The first one that pops in her mind.

She pops out in her mind so much that you could say she’s charmed by her.

[Even if we can defeat the Goddess on our own, we will need her help to defeat the Great Demon Emperor…… It’s no exaggeration to say that one of the keys to this battle is the success of your persuasion. That is what me and his Majesty thinks.]

[Yes…… That’s why I will definitely succeed…… I will make sure of it……]

[If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.]

[Ah…… J- Just hearing about Sogou-san from you…… is already a big enough help for me…… Ummm?]


[You’re…… Mimori-kun, right?]

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