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A red-haired man still in bandages.

Seeing this man, Sogou sluggishly walks forward.

Gradually, her gait regains strength.


A warrior from Urza, commonly known as the Dragonslayer.

He is also one of the teachers of the Heroes gathered by Vysis.

He had apparently saved Sogou and the others by transforming into a dragon in the battle at the Anti-Demon White Castle.

“He’s a person to whom Sogou Ayaka owes a great debt of gratitude.”

I knew this information.

Thus, I suggested to the Mad Emperor that we make contact with Banewolf.

Holding the same role as Takao Hijiri……

Yes———— As a backup plan against Sogou Ayaka, which we might eventually need.

As expected of the Mad Emperor, it seemed like he himself had already drawn up the idea of drawing him to his side before.

Banewolf returned to Monroy after being seriously wounded in the previous major invasion.

But, he immediately moved to the west of the Royal Capital, stating that he wanted to recuperate in a quiet place.

Before leaving the Royal Capital, he was called once by Vysis.

However, he turned down the invitation to go to Alion, saying that he would go there after he had recovered a little more.

He hasn’t been asked to go to Alion since then.

Vysis had a firm grip on his weakness, that being his father’s medicine for his illness.

This medicine is said to be very rare.

However, it’s not at a level where it’s not available at all.

The Mad Emperor ordered his subordinates to secure a number of these medicines.

Now then.

Where has Banewolf been after he left the Royal Capital?

Yes, after quietly leaving the Royal Capital, he had been recuperating at his father’s place.

[A- Are your wounds alright……?]

Seeing Sogou stopping in front of him and looking up to him, Banewolf answered with a smile.

[Not only is Dragonification rough, it also makes it difficult to wield my greatsword…… but well, I’ve recovered enough to walk like this.]

Seemingly feeling choked from the sense of relief surging within her……

[That’s…… good……]

[To be honest, I didn’t expect to recover this much in that period of time. I don’t know if that’s the power of dragon blood or what…… but you see, I’m Urza’s strongest Dragonslayer-sama. I’ve never experienced being beaten like that…… I didn’t have the chance to experience the recovery abilities of my dragon blood.]

As if to relax the atmosphere of the place, Banewolf spoke in a relaxed tone.

And then……

[And, aren’t you now stronger than this Dragonslayer-sama, Sogou-chan?]

[Ah———– That is…… I……]

Sogou lowered her face and awkwardly averted her gaze.

[Mu…… Much less defeating the Great Demon Emperor…… Unlike Bane-san…… I wouldn’t have been able to protect everyone…… Just rampaging as I pleased…… Only troubling others———–, ……?]

Banewolf gently placed his hand on Sogou’s head.

[You have been frantic, aren’t you———- To protect the other Heroes.]


[It’s just…… You know, it may have been too much of a burden on you? Look, I told you this back in the Anti-Demon White Castle, didn’t I? You should learn to rely on someone more…… instead of taking on everything yourself.]


[Haven’t I told you something else…… Like…… if you worked hard for something, no matter what the result may be, that is an admirable act.]

[That is…… I’ve only caused a lot of trouble for various people…… Not only that, I’ve even pointed my weapons against humans———–]

[And the person to blame is the Goddess who used that earnestness.]

[H- However! It was my own weakness that made me believe in the Goddess……]

[There certainly may be some truth to the idea that the one being deceived is at fault. However…… As a basic premise, it should be understood that deceiving others is wrong.]

Saying this, Banewolf put a doto stick in his mouth.

[Otherwise, you see…… One’s emotions would simply be disturbed.]

Hearing her words, Sogou was in tears.

[……You’re too optimistic……. Bane-san.]

Her voice……

Her original mindset seemed to be coming back.

[Have I said this before too? It’s good to be optimistic.]

[……You did say that…… sniff…… fufu……]

[Well, I was never a fan of that Goddess-sama either. If this bump above my eyes would just go away, it’d be a happy story for me too.]

Thereupon, Banewolf’s eyes softened.

[I also heard about the children in your Sogou-chan’s group. If that Nyantan Kikeepat works well…… They might get out of there in one piece.]

[……I was……]

Banewolf let go of the hand she had placed on her head and turned in Alion’s direction.

[Sometimes, you just have to wait and trust, you know? Not everything can be solved on your own. Besides, look, you have Sogou-chan’s trusted friend, Suou-chan there, right? I’m sure they’ll be fine. At least…… Believe in Nyantan and those children. I want you to trust them.]

Sogou seemed to have realized something.

[You’re worried about them———- That’s understandable. However, isn’t there a situation…… where it’s important to be able to trust others?]

After a little while……

[……I guess it was as Bane-san says.]

Although she tended to lower her head……

Sogou agreed with Banewolf’s words.

[The time when Sogou-chan should move will surely come———— From what I heard, you’ve already become so strong that even I, in my perfect condition, can’t even stand against you, you know?]

Banewolf strokes his beard.

[Well…… It’s nice to see the disciple surpass their teacher.]

It’s just my hunch……

The way Banewolf behaves and the atmosphere he has……

He looked like a father who was thinking of his child.

……Well, for me though, that role fits more to my uncle than to my father.

[Rather than that, Sogou-chan.]


[You promised to pour me a drink after the battle of the Anti-Demon White Castle, didn’t you?]

Sogou looked caught off guard.

Thereupon, Sogou gave him a slightly ill-tempered look.

[………………………..Wasn’t he supposed to lose your memory after dragonification?]

————–Then, a giggle resounded.

Hijiri, who was standing next to me and watching the situation, muttered so.

[Hmm, you see, there’s that…… I would remember promises that are convenient for me……]

[————Geez, Bane-san……!]

[Well, I guess I’ll have you pouring me that drink after this battle. I will cooperate as much as possible in this battle. I accepted the invitation of that remarkably beautiful Emperor-sama over there.]

Sogou and Banewolf’s gaze turned to the Mad Emperor.

[Personally, I definitely wanted the power to transform into a Dragonewt on our side. Even without being able to do that though, your presence can still put pressure on the Urza soldiers. Having the Dragonslayer on our side will have a positive effect on our overall morale.]

Banewolf turned his attention back to Sogou and shrugged.

[So he says.]

While keeping her eyes on Sogou and Banewolf as they had such a conversation, Hijiri asked.

[Are you the one who arranged this?]

[I did know about Sogou’s connection with Dragonslayer.]

[From what I’ve heard———– The reunion between the two seems to be a by-product of Mad Emperor’s speculations though.]

From the way she said it, it seemed like she noticed it.

She’s as perceptive as ever, the older Takao is.

[……If she knows that I’ve arranged this meeting here, Sogou may feel like she’s dancing in my hands again————– That this was the result of the untrustworthy Mimori Touka. If I want to minimize risks as much as possible, it would be better to go with Mad Emperor doing it voluntarily.]

[……You end up at a disadvantage.]

[No, it’s the other way around. I’m the one who’s benefiting here.]

Having one’s actions manipulated or be schemed against.

Depending on the situation, that isn’t something amusing even if it’s done by an ally.

Yes…… The truth isn’t everything.

Sometimes, doing sleight of hand…… some magic into things is necessary.

[It was the same case with Seras———— Having her send it out would really make the message reach the other party……]


[Better let the good people speak with their fellow good people.]

Thereupon————- Hijiri looked at me with an unusually complicated look on her face.

What’s with her?

[That somehow really stings me too.]

I sarcastically snorted at her.

Turning my back to her, I left the place.

[You’re a sweet fellow.]

[ ? ]

[From where I stand————- You’re still among the good people.]

T/N: Touka calls Hijiri “amai” here, which means either sweet or naive.

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