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[What is that?]

Nyaki and the others had settled down and were conversing amicably.

Suddenly, a huge ray of light pierced through the sky above.

The direction that beam of light went through…… should be Alion.

At that time, I was discussing with the Mad Emperor about our future movements.

The Mad Emperor was also looking in the direction from which the ray of light was emitted……

[The Sacred Eye has been triggered huh.]

The Sacred Eye.

The other end of that beam should be the Capital of Jonato Principality then.

From what I heard about the country’s origins and history from Seras———-

It’s apparently a huge, eye-shaped ancient magic tool located at the top of their royal castle.

Jonato Principality was once a land ruled by Grand Prince Jonato.

Said Grand Prince used to be a prince of Magnar.

One day, the prince made his principality independent from Magnar.

He then established the Jonato Principality west of Magnar.

A country that somehow managed to maintain its independence.


An event occurred that shook the position of power of Grand Prince Jonato.

That is, the ancestor of the current Queen activated the Sacred Eye.

At that time, flying Golden-eyed monsters were threats from the skies.

The Sacred Eye eradicated them.

The Sacred Eye attacked all Golden-eyes that existed above a certain altitude.

No matter where they are on this continent, the Sacred Eye will not miss its target.

“Because of the Sacred Eye, no more powerful flying Golden eyes have been created.”

“Therefore, the army of the Root of All Evil also doesn’t have powerful flying Golden eyes, and their invasion will mainly be made up of ground troops.”

Or so, it was hypothesized.

That being the case……

The importance of the country of Jonato increased rapidly due to the existence of the Sacred Eye.

At the same time, the family that had activated the Sacred Eye became highly respected within Jonato.

The Queen’s ancestors expanded their support and authority in the country.

Eventually, the people began turning their faith to the Sacred Eye.

Naturally, this faith extended to the family that had activated it.

“If they cease to exist, the Sacred Eye will lose its function.”

Such rumors even began to circulate in everyone’s ears.

In addition, the Queen’s ancestors were all cunning men.

They decided to remove the Grand Prince and ruled the country.

The support of the people was completely with the Queen’s ancestors.

Conversely, the authority of the Grand Prince, who originally did not have a good reputation, weakened.


The family of the Grand Prince retired from the political scene and was forced into a quiet and secluded life.

In the end, the Grand Prince only asked them one thing.

“We will give up the throne. However, I want only the proof of our existence———- the name of Jonato Principality———– to remain.”

The Queen’s ancestors accepted their wish.

And like that……

The family of the Grand Prince disappeared from the public.

As time went on, their capital city became designated as the Royal Capital.

Such is how their history occurred.

Even today, the descendants of the family that activated the Sacred Eye rule Jonato Principality.

And as the name of the country indicates———– the promise they had made to the Grand Prince is still kept.

[I believe the Sacred Eye attacked because Vysis deployed the gate.]

An unfamiliar voice resounded.

That voice…… came from the leather bag on Sogou’s belt.

The bag’s lid is pushed off by an arm, and a girl emerges from inside.

A little…… literally little girl————-

It was a girl much smaller than Pigimaru.

Nyantan, who had been hugging her little sisters, stood up.

[Loqierra, you’re awake?]

[Well~~ I actually woke up a little while ago. Nyantan was well, you see, in the middle of an emotional reunion…… so I thought it would be a bad idea to interrupt.]

[She’s the Deity sent from Heaven to punish Vysis———– Loqierra.]

Loqierra raised her hand.

[Yaaa, you already know the circumstances, right? My main body was destroyed by Vysis, but I created a clone and fled from the Royal Capital where Vysis was. No, well, you could say this one is now the main body———— Well, details aside.]

Loqierra gave us a wink.

[You can just call me Smolera.]

……She’s somehow being frank but……


Vysis was like that too, wasn’t she?

I wonder if it’s because they’re Deities that they seem majestic.

[I wish I could have informed you first with that magical war pigeon…… but from my near-death state, as expected, even I was limited to making contact with Nyantan by creating a clone. But thanks to the fact that I was in a dormant state, I was able to talk to you like this.]

Hearing her words, the Mad Emperor spoke.

[I have countless questions I’d like to ask…… but I would like you to tell us about the Sacred Eye’s attack and that gate. I am Mira’s Emperor, Falken Dotzine Mira Dias Ordzit. You may call me Zine. Many refer to me as the Mad Emperor.]

[Ahh, so you’re the one Vysis was talking about…… No, explanations first, right? Nyantan, I told you Vysis missed one very important thing, didn’t I?]


[I also told you I had confirmed one thing. You see, I had a device——— a Sacred Treasure that can determine whether there is an active Sacred Eye within the distance that reaches Alion’s Royal Capital.]

Everyone listened silently to Loqierra’s words.

[The gate is like a special passage that connects Heaven and the overworld. However, if one were to open this gate, one needs to do it from the Heaven side. We, the Deities dispatched to the overworld, can’t open it on our own. We would have to send a signal to Heaven and have them open from that side.]

[However, Vysis opened the gate by herself?]

Hearing the Mad Emperor’s answer……

[Well done.]

Loqierra answered with a nod.

[Yes, she opened up an unauthorized gate. Hmmm, let’s see…… I guess you could say that only the gates opened from Heaven are legitimate gates? In other words, they’re gates with official permission. And as for what happens when one opens an unauthorized gate———- Yes, you there who looked like you immediately caught on.]

Loqierra pointed at me like a teacher, urging me for an answer.

[If it’s a legitimate gate opened from Heaven’s side, the Sacred Eye will not destroy it. However, because what Vysis opened wasn’t a legitimate gate———– it was destroyed. Perhaps opening the gate itself consumes a lot of Prime Origins…… Moreover, if she opens it, there’s a high chance that she’ll trigger some sort of surveillance system in Heaven. That’s why she couldn’t conduct any preliminary experiments. In other words…… Vysis didn’t know about how the gate could be destroyed by the Sacred Eye?]

[Ohh, for you to infer that far, you’re quite the smart cookie, aren’t you? Unnn, that’s right. Considering it’s Vysis we’re talking about, she probably did implement countermeasures against the Sacred Eye for her Sacraments———– for the Golden eyes to pass through the gate. She may have tried to find a way to avoid getting caught in our assessment system. However, I guess she didn’t think that the Sacred Eye’s destruction would apply to the gate as well.]

Nyantan also seemed to have understood after her explanation.

[I see, so Loqierra was……]

[Yes. That’s the reason Loqierra appraised it at that time——— that with the Sacred Eye activated, Vysis would not be able to enter Heaven. That’s why I said “We’ll make it”.]

[When you fell unconscious, what Loqierra was trying to say was “Sacred Eye” at that time huh.]

[Unnn. I wanted to fall into my dormant state after I told you that “we could buy more time because there’s still the Sacred Eye”. I’m sorry for making you feel uneasy.]

Little by little, everyone’s strange look at Loqierra faded away.

They must have gotten accustomed to her.

[To be honest, even for us Gods, there are many mysteries about the Sacred Eye. For example, I know how they attack Golden Eyes that fly above a certain altitude, or that they attack unauthorized gates…… but I have no clue where that thing was created and how it was created. We aren’t the ones who created that Sacred Eye, we just researched them.]

After saying this, Loqierra looked around.

[By the way, I found the one called Mad Emperor———– but who’s the one called Fly King?]

At her question, most of the eyes turned to me.

[Ohh, the perceptive cookie from earlier! What’s your name?]


[Touka, it’s you.]

[ ? ]

Loqierra nodded her head.

[Unnn, Vysis’ next action would be to stop———– or perhaps, destroy the Sacred Eye hereafter. That’s why, we are currently in a state where we have obtained a grace period. But of course, she probably hasn’t resolved this yet. In short, Vysis must be defeated before Sacred Eye is deactivated. The gate to Heaven may have been destroyed, but I don’t think the Sacred Treasure that opens that gate was destroyed. If she had saved up Prime Origins, the gate should open again…… In other words———-]

Her expression turning grim……

[If we can crush Vysis before Vysis destroys the Sacred Eye————- That would  be how the battle goes hereafter.]

I see.

I noticed how she had been stalling for time but……

The reason why I felt Vysis was not so serious about crushing us……

She’s going to Heaven anyway.

She was going to say goodbye to this world once and for all after all.

Therefore, Vysis wasn’t that serious about crushing us.

……Even when things get precarious here, managing to escape away from here would make it her win.

Well, in any case, as long as there’s the Sacred Eye, Vysis wouldn’t be able to go to Heaven.

[Nyantan, I’m going to explain some things to them. However, I think it’s better to proceed with the evidence……]

Nyantan pulled out a smartphone from her pocket, which she handed to Hijiri.

[Here is the proof that Vysis is a threat to humans.]

[Thank you. Thanks to you, things are going well. Also———— I’m sorry for having you carry a heavy burden.]

Nyantan smiled and shook her head.

[Rather, you steered me in the right direction. No, not just you———- everyone of you. Moreover……]

Nyantan takes one look at me.

[By being able to safely meet Nyaki like this, it can be said that it was a burden worth bearing.]

At her words, Hijiri smiled slightly.

[I guess that’s to be expected.]

[ ? ]

[As expected of the master of us sisters.]

After Hijiri exchanged a few words with Nyantan……

[Itsuki, bring me that thing from our luggage.]


Itsuki went to their carriage.

[Did you all bring me those things I asked for?]

Hijri confirmed this to our classmates, to which they all nodded or positively responded.


Before Hijiri called out to them, my classmates’ gazes had been occupied.

Mainly by Seras and the Mad Emperor, that is.

Other than them…… Munin was also getting some passionate gazes from some of the boys.

They also seemed to be curious about Liese and the other Demihumans.

And then…… There were also some who were looking at me.

“That’s…… Mimori-kun, right?”

“That rumored Fly King…… I- I never expected it would be Mimori-kun……”

“I mean, did Mimori-kun always feel like that……? Arehh? This situation…… doesn’t it look bad?”

“This is bad…… I fanned the flames back when he was being disposed of…… What should I do……”

They were whispering———– some too loud to even be called whispers———— to each other.

The classmates then put “those things” that Hijiri had told them to bring on the table prepared for it.

[But Takao-san, you can’t even connect to the internet over here…… What’s more, they’re already deadbat, you know?]

One of my classmates said.

What was placed on the table was each person’s smartphone.

[It’s alright.]

Thereupon, Itsuki comes back.

[Elder Sis, I’ll take care of the charging this time.]

[Then, I’ll leave it to you.]


After giving Hijiri a thumbs up, Itsuki touched the smartphones.

[<Lightning Shifter> ———— <Unlock Two>]

(T/N: <Lightning, strike here>———– <Number two, unleash>.)

Itsuki’s fingers seemed to be glowing.

I see.

It seems that she can charge them with that skill.

According to Hijiri, they originally thought it was an offensive skill.

No———– It was used for offensive purposes as well.

However, that skill……

“It was an ability that interferes with a target’s electrical power.”

It was the same as my Abnormal State Skill.

Game-wise, one could say it’s a “lightning-type skill”.

But in reality, it just has a name that has that kind of feel.

The true nature of that skill is different.

The same is true of my <Freeze>.

If you ask me if it’s an “ice-type skill”, then I’m not really sure either.

Incidentally, it seems that Hijri can also charge the phones with her skill.

Brushing away the hair hanging on her cheek with her fingers……

[I thought that if I could charge with the electricity of my <Wind>, Itsuki should also be able to do it with her skill. And so, she gave it a try and it worked. Well———- She’s my twin after all.]

When one hears of Hijiri’s <Wind> Skill, one would automatically think it’s a wind-oriented ability.

However, it seems to be a versatile skill with a wide range of applications……

“I think it’s because the Chief God of Norse Mythology, who was also known as an Almighty God, is a Norse God of wind.”

That was what Hijiri analyzed.

Seeing their phones booting up……

[No way!? You can charge it like that!?]

My classmates gathered.

However, what’s the point of having their phones available to them now———–

[……Ahh, so that’s how it is.]

I see now what she’s trying to do.

Hijiri’s earlier words……

“Itsuki, bring me that thing from our luggage.”

What she brought was a phone cable.

Receiving it from Itsuki, Hijiri connected two phones with the cable.

“The cable is analog, but the transfer rate is fast”, or so Hijiri said.

Her goal is to make a copy of the evidence.

And then, with multiple smartphones containing copied files———–

[You intend to spread information to various countries huh?]

While operating the phones, Hijiri answered.

[That’s right.]

There are apparently some magical war pigeons that could carry a fair amount of weight.

They are very precious and there aren’t many of them, simply known as “special-type magical war pigeons”.

The Mad Emperor brought with him most of those Mira possessed this time.

Apparently, Mira is the production area for magical war pigeons, so they have a lot of these special-type magical war pigeons compared to other countries.

[I tried my best to clearly express the usage in the letter…… but I’m not completely confident that this will go smoothly.]

Just in case, it’s said that it will also be delivered through the land route by a fast horse.

[In particular, I wonder if Jonato, who has the Sacred Eye, will move according to our expectations.]

Wright and Cattleya should not be a problem.

[Some of them even have videos to make it easier for them to believe———– Them believing our words would be great though.]

[Only this would be a gamble huh.]

[I guess so. Alright————- For the time being, we’ve done our preparations.]

And so……

One after another, special-type magical war pigeons carrying a letter and a smartphone are released into the sky.

Carrying everyone’s seeds of hope……

Watching as the pigeons scattered in the sky……

[The seeds have been sown———– and all that remains is to pray for them to sprout.]

The smartphones containing audio and videos of Vysis……

The closest position that this could reach was the mixed forces.

The evidence had apparently caused a great disturbance on their side.

Cattleya gathered the commanders of each country and immediately visited Mira’s army camp.

The result———–



Alion’s army led by Duke Polarie.

In addition, the Magic Knight and Urza’s soldiers.

These forces joined the battle to defeat the Goddess.


The Magister King, who escaped from Monroy, was captured by the mixed forces.

When he was captured, he had apparently made excuses for his escape.

But in the end, Cattleya saw through him, that he escaped only because he was blown away by the wind of cowardice.

And so, he became a prisoner.

With him like that, the Magic Knights and Urza’s soldiers must have lost their willpower.

And then, Cattleya took advantage of this and pulled them to her side.

[She sure is scary, Neia’s Queen.]

When Seras met Cattleya again……



She now ended up in Cattleya’s embrace.

[Thank you…… for believing in me.]

[No, it was my fault that I couldn’t decide where to stand.]

[Princess———– No, Your Majesty the Queen.]

[Ahh, that’s something you can’t do.]

[? I can’t…… What do you mean?]

[Whatever my position is, the way you call me shall always be “Princess”.]

Seras’ eyes widened for a moment, but then she smiled in acknowledgment.

[Fufu…… Understood. Well then, when we are alone————]

[And also when we’re not alone.]

[……U- Understood———— Princess.]


How should I say this……

Those two sure are the same as always huh……

On the other hand, Sogou was greeting Gus from Bakuos and Duke Polarie.

Banewolf has also joined their circle.

It seems like they’re warming up old friendships.


I already had a talk with Sogou alone earlier.

And as I thought, she went to apologize.

Sorry for the trouble she had caused.

Sorry for saying she couldn’t believe me.

The conversation we had at that time————

“It’s not that big of a deal. You don’t have to apologize to me.”

“No…… I should apologize. Besides, now…… I know that many people were saved thanks to Mimori-kun.”

She…… still isn’t aware of it.

The truth about Oyamada Shougo.

Obviously, Oyamada wasn’t present among those who escaped from Alion’s Royal Capital.

From what I’ve heard from Hijiri, this is how she explained it to Sogou:

“According to Nyantan, just as what was done to Yasu-kun, Oyamada-kun was sent somewhere under Vysis’ order. Unfortunately, he was currently missing…… but it looks like he wasn’t around when she escaped from the Royal Capital with everyone else. After the battle with Vysis is over, let’s search for him together.”

When I heard this explanation from Hijiri herself, I clicked my tongue.

Takao Hijiri is trying to make herself the liar———- the bad guy.

Even though she could have described it in a more vague way, pushing the blame more onto me……

……What a softhearted fellow.

After apologizing to me, Sogou also told me this.

“Seeing how Nyantan-san was reunited with her little sisters, I made up my mind. I——— I will believe in Mimori-kun. At that moment, when I saw it…… That’s what I thought. Mimori-kun had been traveling, helping people like that———– and now, we’re facing this battle.”



“At that time…… when I was about to be disposed of by the Goddess.”


“I was glad you stuck up for me.”

There was no mistake in the words I said at that time. 

Time and time again———– I’m a sh*tty bastard.

Hiding critical information, I was trying to gain Sogou’s trust.

But even if that’s the case, I still have no intention of revealing Oyamada’s case to Sogou here.

Just as I had told Hijiri……

For the battle against Vysis……

I have no intention of daringly taking an option that would lower my chances of winning.

Sogou said I was helping people on my journey.

However, that still doesn’t change that this is a journey for my self-indulgent revenge.

That’s why————–, ………………….I’m sorry, Sogou.


Asagi group had also returned and was now in the area.

Kashima is having a friendly conversation with Sogou.

Meanwhile, Asagi was having some kind of meeting with the Mad Emperor.

It would be great if that fellow also functions well as an ally.

Right now, we———- the Mira army———- are getting ready for battle.

At last, I could see traces that a battle against Vysis’ Sacrament army was about to begin.

There are also the forces that are likely to join us here……

However, the succeeding reinforcements from the Faraway Country have not yet arrived.

As for other reinforcements, they may be supplemented by a few forces from the home countries of Neia and Bakuos.

As for the remaining forces for the war against the Goddess———— I suppose that would most likely be it.

The Sacrament army, which is said to be coming our way, will be met with this force.

The problem now————- would be Jonato, where the Sacred Eye is.

Jonato and Magnar, who should have seen the recording of Vysis’ true nature.

We can only pray that these countries will come to our side.

[————So, I’d like to ask you something.]

The one I spoke to……

[What is it?]

——was Loqierra, who is sitting on my shoulder.

Treating Pigimaru like a sofa, Loqierra is resting her body on him.

[After you woke up, you said “Touka, it’s you” back then. After that, the topic moved on to Vysis…… but I still haven’t heard the true meaning of why you said that.]

[Before that, you don’t have to treat me in such a formal way. The same goes for everyone else. After all, I am like a parent to you humans. Having a sense of distance between a parent and a child is just sad.]

[Then…… Loqierra.]

[That’s good. So, errr———- Ah, right, right, you’re asking for the reason for my remark, right?]

After saying this all casually, Loqierra’s eyes sharpened.

[Perhaps, it’s important that you make it in time for this battle.]

[I…… would make it in time?]


[That is…… What do you mean?]

The way she said it…… It wasn’t for “all the forces here to make it to Vysis in time”.

She’s specifically talking about me.

The way she nuanced such a thing caught my attention.

[It seemed to me that Vysis wanted to escape to Heaven as soon as possible.]

[Was it not simply because she wants to give priority to dealing with Heaven?]

[Perhaps, Vysis may be having a bad feeling about the being called Fly King. From how I feel it, I think she may have been subconsciously trying to avoid a fight with you.]


[When she named those who rebelled against her, she would expressly bring up the Fly King first. Before the name of the Mad Emperor———– even before the Forbidden Curses you apparently hold. She describes you an “eyesore bug”. I feel like those were words that came out of her mouth because she’s quite conscious of the Fly King.]

“I heard about it, you know?”, pausing for a moment, Loqierra continued.

[The Fly King had been a factor in the destruction of many of Vysis’ ideas. “This and that not happening, all of this was because that Fly King had interfered”…… I think Vysis feels that way. Since it’s that Vysis we’re talking about here, she should have a plan in her head where she ultimately wins. However, even within that plan of hers————]

Loqierra, who had been looking ahead, turned her gaze to me.

[If there’s a sudden contingency in her plan, she may be thinking it’s because of you.]

“That’s why she wanted to quickly escape to Heaven.”, Loqierra added.

Sounding a little bit happy.

[Vysis dislikes you.]

[If that’s the case…… I can’t say I’m that happy about it.]

If I had to put my thoughts into words————–

I guess it would be just “Serves her right”.

Thereupon, an impish smile appears on Loqierra’s lips.

[Fufu…… Vysis’ biggest mistake, surprisingly———– may have to piss you off, Touka.]

I now stand in front of a full-length mirror.

As I was getting ready for battle……

“Touka, that thing is ready.”

The Mad Emperor called out to me, and I entered my barracks.

And now, the image of the Fly King is reflected in the mirror.

However, what I’m wearing now isn’t the mask and robe I had been wearing until now.

It was a new Fly King outfit———— prepared for the decisive battle that was about to begin.

I suppose one could say this would be the Final Fly King outfit.

The Fly King Belzegia’s appearance, introduced in legends——— in stories.

Both this mask and robe……

They were apparently made in the image of his later appearance in the story.

This outfit taking on this form seemed to be the hobby of the craftsman who made these.

Well, the mask and robe I had been using for a long time now were already quite worn out.

I guess it was the right time to replace them.

This looked a little more exaggerated than my previous outfit, but it feels lighter than it looks.

The ventilation in the outfit isn’t bad.

The ease of movement it provides is also not as bad as I thought it would be.

Pigimaru being able to hide and show his face is also not much different from before.

[How is it?]

I called out to Seras, who was standing diagonally behind me.

[It suits you well, Milord.]

After putting my hand on my mask, rechecking its positioning———– I turned around.

[Well then———— Shall we go, Seras?]


I walked out of my barracks.


“Vysis’ biggest mistake, surprisingly———– may have been to piss you off, Touka.”

Loqierra had told me such a thing.

That sh*tty Goddess, indeed……

She had done too much.

This journey just showed me even more of how sh*tty of a person she is.

She had thrown around too much kindling———– raising a blazing forest of vengeance around her.

……How strange.

I haven’t seen her once since that time she disposed of me.

And yet……

The Vysis in my mind continues to expand———– becoming even more unscrupulous.

It’s just, well……

I guess the one I had in mind wasn’t that far removed from the real her.

“If you come back alive? Fufufu, you must be joking———— that’s impossible. Howl and struggle all you want at the bottom of the strata.”

Her words right before I was disposed of————–

If we meet again……

It would be the first time since then.

I’ll be able to see your face again.

Aren’t you looking forward to it———————-

You sh*tty Goddess.

<Author’s Notes>

This is the regular…… new LN publication announcement (advertisement).

Today, June 25th (Sunday), LN’s Volume 11 and the manga’s Volume 8 for “I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything” went on sale (since the previous volume, the novel and the manga have been released on the same day, right?).

Volume 11 also contains additional newly written content, and the customary overall description is written here.

[Touka and the others eat dagashi from the magic leather bag with the Takao Sisters during the carriage ride back to basecamp (We have also included explanations regarding the unique items of the other Heroes who almost died).] (p58)

[The night of Monroy’s fall, Seras spends time with the Takao sisters and Munin in the bathhouse of the royal castle (written from Seras’ POV, with the main focus being on Seras and Hijiri)] (p183)

[The last scene of Touka wearing the Final Fly King outfit (the scene is concluded differently from the WN)] (p406)

I guess that’s about it.

Other than those, there are a few more scenes, such as an exchange between Touka and Munin, who welcomes Touka back after his battle with Human-Faceds, and a small increase in the scene with Liese, talking about her circumstances and such (although this really is a really slight increase).

The cover of Volume 11 is (This would be the first cover image in a while).

This is what it looks like.

The illustrations were, of course, again drawn by KWKM-sama.

The colored illustrations in the LN include: Itsuki (and Hijiri also peering in) flustered after hearing about the relationship between Touka and Seras, the reunion scene between Nyaki and Nyantan (a 2-page spread image), and an image of Touka’s Final Fly King outfit.

The illustrations were somewhat leaning towards the Takao sisters, but Seras is also properly depicted in the illustrations (one of the illustrations is exactly the scene that some of you had predicted in the comments). The newly written scene of Seras with the Takao sisters in the bathhouse is also illustrated. There are also two illustrations of Loqierra. And then, in this volume, I guess we will also see Cattleya for the first time huh.

It’s thanks to all of you that we have finally made it this far (thank you for your purchase reports etc). Our sales have apparently exceeded 1.6 million copies (thank you again for purchasing the previous volumes). In order to repay everyone’s support, I strongly feel that I must continue to work harder and harder. I would be greatly delighted if you could continue to follow along with this story a little longer, as we move towards the final resolution.

……And as per usual, it turned out into a lengthy publicity announcement.

That aside, after this, around 11:00 pm, we plan to update another chapter as a stopping point.

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