I Said Make My Abilities Average! (LN) - Volume 13 - Chapter Aft

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Long time no see, everyone. FUNA here. 

We’ve finally reached Volume 13 of Average ! And we’ve broken one million copies for total series sales?! 

One hundred man , that’s a million! One million !!! 

It’s all thanks to you, the readers, that we’ve not only broken one million copies but have also continued to publish this series, which has now been turned into a manga. There are even spin-offs of both the manga and the novels, and of course the anime! Thank you so much! 

Though, the television broadcast of the anime is over now, huh? The loneliness that comes after the festival… 

MILE: “But if you buy the Blu-rays, every day can be a broadcast day!” 

MAVIS: “That’s right, you can go on a journey with us whenever you like.” 

PAULINE: “Yep, yep, you can watch those scenes with Reina as many times as you like…” 

REINA: “Pauline, just what scenes are you remembering?” 

PAULINE: “The kinds you can find if you go frame by frame, or take a screenshot…” 

REINA: “Shut the heck up!!!” 

MILE: “All three of the Blu-rays come with awesome extras and have been selling awesomely!” 

MAVIS: “Mile, this is such obvious subliminal marketing…” 

PAULINE: “It’s fine—it’s not like we’re trying to hide it, so it actually isn’t subliminal at all!” 

REINA: “Apparently, there are some bonus stories in there, too. Volume 1 comes with ‘Raging Reina,’ Volume 2 has ‘The Wonder Trio’s Great Academy Gambit,’ and Volume Three comes with a trifecta of ‘In Search of the Supreme Favor,’ ‘Power-Up,’ and ‘The Debut.’ Each one also comes with a bonus image gallery and special audio CDs…” 

MILE: “Plus, there’s another bonus story included with the box set, and depending on the retailer, bonus gifts such as wall scrolls, blankets, water bottles, and more…” 

MI/MA/P/R: “ Seriously, just go the heck out and buy it!! ! ” 

Yes, thank you for the advertisement, girls! 

Also, look forward to Volume 2 of the spin-off manga, Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Everyday Misadventures , on sale March 12! I hope you enjoy the wacky antics of the bite-sized, adorable “everyday” Crimson Vow… Though seriously, why is the everyday Mile so obsessed with little girls and cat ears? 

REINA: “Hey, come to think of it, wasn’t there something about us having an official guidebook?” 

MAVIS: “I hear it’s gonna be awesome! It’ll have official character designs, highlights and quotes from the anime, and interviews and special pin-ups with the voice actresses—all created just for this book. Plus, bonus images from Itsuki Akata-sensei and bonus stories from FUNA-san!” 

PAULINE: “Apparently, those bonus stories will contain a tale about how the Wonder Trio first met!” 

MILE: “That should fetch a pretty high price when it’s announced later…” 


REINA: “What do you mean, ‘Ah!’? Pauline, you weren’t thinking of buying them all up, were you?” 

MILE: “Anyway, the Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Official Guidebook from NEKO MOOK will be on sale March 16! Please look forward to it, everyone!” 

In this volume, we had a rematch with the elder dragons, the reappearance of the hot-blooded young Kelvin, a reunion with the Wonder Trio, and a repeat of the unhappy Morena, in a “Where Are They Now?” update marathon. 

And in the next book, Volume 14, we finally see the elven village! Will the beast-ear enthusiast Mile go weak in the knees for elf ears as well? 

DR. CLAIRIA: “Wah, you’re saying my ears are weak?” 

MILE: “That’s not the kind of ‘weak’ they meant!” 

In the elven village, a burning question is answered! The habitat of this unfortunate race! Please keep your eyes peeled for the next volume! Mysteries abound! 

Finally, to the chief editor; to Itsuki Akata, the illustrator; to Yoichi Yamakami, the cover designer; to everyone involved in the proofreading, editing, printing, binding, distribution, and selling of this book; to all the reviewers on Let’s Be Novelists who gave me their impressions, guidance, suggestions, and advice; and most of all, to everyone who’s taken these stories into their homes, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 


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