I Said Make My Abilities Average! (LN) - Volume 14 - Chapter Aft

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LONG TIME NO SEE, everyone. FUNA here.

The long-awaited Volume 14 of Average has finally arrived! Starting this volume, we’ve changed publishers, making our grand re-debut under Square Enix’s new SQEX Novel label! New publisher aside, the author, illustrator, chief editor, proofreaders, and all other staff remain the same.

Or rather, we’ve all been transferred to maintain the same process as before.

Even if we fall to ruin—no, get transferred—our staff combo remains unbroken!

Yes, altogether now, one, two…

“Transfer and combine!”

And furthermore…

“Let’s Combine!”

At any rate, even though our team is the same as before, we’ve got a heavy mantle on our shoulders, with this being our first volume post-transfer—and furthermore, one of the line’s founding titles. We’re all pretty fired up! Our work quality is shooting through the roof, and we’re going to keep bringing you our best.

This time, we learn more of the mysterious way of life of the unfortunate race known as elves and the many strange behaviors that lie hidden within…

Then, when a special job takes the Crimson Vow out of the country yet again, we encounter a new danger threatening the world, one which not even the nanomachines can identify.

And then, in this volume’s bonus story, we learn the origins of the rivalry between Dr. Clairia and Aetelou and Sharalir.

How dreadful of your, Clair…

Next time, in Volume 15, we’ll begin to unravel the mysteries of the race known as the elder dragons and the secrets of their very reason for being…

What of the riddles hidden within the legends the elder dragons’ elders tell? Will we finally begin to advance the plot a bit?

We’ll also check in with the Wonder Trio and see the Crimson Vow’s daring plot to rescue another little beastgirl! Time to feed Mile’s greedy desires…

Good luck, Mile!

Next time, “Mile Dies.”

Let’s get ready to duel!

Of note: Though the novel has changed publishers, the publishing location (Comic Earth Star) and publisher (Earth Star Entertainment) of the manga remain the same. 

Many thanks to the lovely Nekomint, who accepted the job of adapting this little old debut work by some no-one-from-nowhere author, before we’d even seen the sales of the first volume. Thanks, too, to the sensational Moritaka Yuki, who has so perfectly captured the Crimson Vow’s personalities in the adorable spin-off manga Everyday Misadventures. (Moritaka-sensei came up with the stories as well.) Thank you so much to the both of you for your continued help and for both of these wonderful series, which will continue to be available from Earth Star. 

And finally, to the chief editor; to Itsuki Akata, the illustrator; to Yoichi Yamakami, the cover designer; to everyone involved in the proofreading, editing, printing, binding, distribution, and selling of this book; to all the reviewers on Shousetsuka ni Narou who gave me their impressions, guidance, suggestions, and advice; and most of all, to everyone who’s taken these stories into their homes, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

We will meet again in the next volume. Just keep on believing…


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