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The group chat looked calm.

However, very quickly, another small group of three people without Pei Yunge became active.

[Jasmin: @ Jian Xi]

[Jasmin: ???]

[Titch: ???]

What kind of f*cking killer was this??

Must they fight for Pei Yunge’s attention to this extent??

At this moment.

[The scientific research big boss and her elementary school chickens] became active.

[G: Mm, I’ll tell you more about the homework when we get back.]

[G: Those who haven’t handed in their homework can think about it. Is it my problem or yours?]

[Jian Xi: Sobs, Teacher, this must not be your problem!]

Titch and Jasmin were speechless.

Jian Xi, this damned person.

Under the coldness of their teacher, Titch and Jasmin, who were on the second floor of Platinum Gold Royal Hotel, did not even warm up their seats. They carried a bottle of whiskey and were ready to find a suite with a computer to work on.

This scene stunned Marcus, Huntington, and the rest.

“Jasmin, what are you doing?”

Jasmin was in a hurry and did not forget to turn around. “Inspector, I have to hand in my homework tomorrow. I have to finish it today.”

Marcus and the rest were speechless.

Look, what kind of scientific research spirit was this?

Titch and Jasmin were already the top geniuses in R Nation’s computing institute, but they never thought that they were smarter and more hardworking than others!

They came out for a meal and even found a room to focus on their research.

Huntington said gently, “There’s no hurry, right?”

However, Titch almost retreated crazily, his expression unreadable. “Professor, I really don’t want my teacher to think that I’m useless.”

Huntington and the rest were speechless.

Did these two children learn something from Y.G.?

To be honest…

Jasmin and Titch were already the outstanding talents of this generation. In fact, the difference between them and their peers was completely different!

However, if others said that they didn’t want the teacher to think that they were useless, they would think that they were being modest.

However, if Titch and Jasmin said this, they could somehow feel the pressure from these two.

Ordinary students could still look forward to being better than their teacher in the future.

As Y.G.’s students, they were probably having nightmares every day, wondering if they had burdened their teacher in her life.


At this thought, Jasmin and Titch were indeed outstanding people.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to withstand this terrible pressure.

“I heard that Y.G. is at a bottleneck now. How is she?” Marcus turned around and asked.

Zhong Shenglin thought for a moment.

“She hasn’t come to the computing institute to work on an experiment in a long time.”

Before everyone could feel pity for the big boss’s talent, Zhong Shenglin took out his phone and ate as he looked at it. “But she’s the winner of Nosding this year. The livestream just started two hours ago.”

Everyone was speechless.

They thought that the big boss was at a bottleneck, but they never thought that the real big boss had more than one f*cking bottle!?

The rest of the people’s hearts ached. Soon, Zhong Shenglin patted Marcus.

“Enough, don’t mention this for the next few days. There’s more than one nominee for this year’s Nosding.”

Including the person who had been nominated for Nosding twice, Yukihiro Yamase.

The first time was a pity.

In the end, after eight years, he was once again nominated by Nosding and bumped into Y.G., who appeared out of nowhere and was unpredictable.

“Qi’en, are you here alone?”

Farrina came over to greet him. “Where’s Professor Yukihiro Yamase?”

Jin Qi’en forced a smile. “Mm, Mentor went to the second floor to look for a friend.”

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