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Farrina continued to ask, “Is the professor alright?”

“The professor’s mentality has always been good. He plans to wait for another chance.” Jin Qi’en’s expression did not look good.

Actually, although it was a pity that he was not nominated for the Nosding Prize, he was optimistic.

The ones who could not get over it were the students of Yukihiro Yamase.

Especially Jin Qi’en.

Because Jin Qi’en was once high school classmates with Jasmin and Titch, after she went to university, Jin Qi’en quickly became a student of Yukihiro Yamase.

This was also Jin Qi’en’s pride at one point, especially when she found out later that Jasmin and Titch had actually found someone with no qualifications to be their teacher.

However, who would have thought that in less than two years, Titch and Jasmin’s teachers would receive so many world-class awards! They even surpassed her teacher?!

“Qi’en, even if Professor Yukihiro Yamase didn’t receive that award, his contribution to the industry is obvious. Don’t take it to heart.”

After Farrina comforted her, she happened to see Pei Yunge bringing Momo upstairs.

She chuckled. “Look, that person over there is from the A.M. Computing Institute.”

Jin Qi’en looked up as well, only to hear Farrina continue.

“In the past two years, no newcomer has entered the A.M. Computing Institute. I heard from my cousin that this person is quite valued in the A.M. Computing Institute.”

“Maybe she will be our competitor in the future.”

Hearing Farrina say this, Jin Qi’en’s tone became unfriendly.

Jin Qi’en laughed coldly. “Really? But we can’t always let the A.M. Computing Institute dominate, can we?”

Seeing that things were going according to her plan, Farrina smiled even more brightly. “Qi’en, although she’s from A.M., she’s also a Physics student at Yun University.”

“What?! Their A.M. Computing Institute is still planning to groom a second Y.G.?? Why don’t you see how capable you are?!”

The anger in Jin Qi’en’s chest rose and fell. Suddenly, she remembered that she had heard that after this conference, they would choose a few students to follow up on international key projects.

As a student of Huntington, Farrina naturally had a spot.

However, it might not be the same for Jin Qi’en.

Her mentor did not win the Nosding Prize this time, but A.M. continued to lead newbies covetously!

If the spot was really snatched away by an insignificant newcomer from A.M., wouldn’t she become a joke in the industry??

At this thought, Jin Qi’en was troubled. She had even forgotten the information her mentor had asked her to find these few days.

At the corner of the stairs in the hall, Jin Qi’en was about to go upstairs when she bumped into a little boy.

Jin Qi’en lost her balance and the laptop fell to the floor.

Although Momo, who had been hit, fell on the stairs and his back hurt from the impact, he still glanced at the laptop Jin Qi’en had dropped.

“I’m sorry.”

Before Momo could say anything, Jin Qi’en’s expression suddenly darkened.

She suddenly went forward and grabbed Momo’s hand, pulling him up. “I’m sorry? Which family are you from? Why are you so rude?! You bumped into someone out of nowhere?!”

Momo frowned. “Let go!”

“Let go?”

Jin Qi’en’s tone was sharp. How could he not know that this was the little boy brought by the newcomer from A.M. “You want to leave after breaking my computer?”

With that said…

Jin Qi’en was suddenly bitten by Momo. It was so painful that she immediately pushed him away!

Momo was thrown to the ground. His nails scratched his fair arm, leaving a deep bloody mark.

“Little b*stard! You actually dare to bite me?!”

Jin Qi’en’s voice attracted the attention of the entire venue.

At this moment…

It was only then that Jin Qi’en realized that she had gone too far.

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