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Chapter 1205 - All Hail Sister-In-Law

Lucy looked at the ladies and smiled playfully while swinging her arms circularly and cracking her neck too.


She even started jumping like a boxer while staring downwards, as if trying to flex her entire body.

[Kora, the witches, the Baymardians]:... Are you sure you're taking this seriously?

Lucy took advantage of the confusion and calmly took out a piece of chalk from her pen case in her pocket.

Even though it was summer and long holidays, Lucy always had the habit of still walking around with a single piece of chalk, just in case she had to explain something.

To her, chalk was the same as holding a pen or pencil in one's ċhėst pocket.

She also walked around with a thin whiteboard marker too, just in case.

To her, these were her essentials, and one would always find her with these things.

Funny enough, she always kept a single stalk of chalk in her pen-looking case.

The case looked exactly like a pen. And when placed in her brėȧst pocket, one would think so.

But eyes could be deceiving.

Lucy pulled off the pen's top before sliding out the single piece of chalk from within it.


The witches didn't understand what was going on and could only vigilantly watch Lucy draw the lines across the place.

Hey! If they came in now, who knew if Lucy would shoot some strange thing at them?

Again, was this thing the item they called chalk? Or was it something else?

Additionally, what was the point of doing this?

Could it be that they had scared her to madness?

Lucy finished drawing her line in peace, treating the witches like students in class, who typically watched her write on either the chalk or whiteboards.

And when she was done, she calmly placed her chalk back in the pen case.

Lucy stood majestically, with a calm expression on her face: "Let's make this simple. Surrender now, and your punishment will be light. But try crossing this line, and I can only ȧssure you that you might not be able to stand again for a month. And if I accidentally kill you, then you only have yourself to blame!"

An explosion went off in their brains, as the witches couldn't help giving Lucy a second glance.

The woman who was holding a baby in one hand would be able to defeat all of them?


Number 5 who's head had stopped buzzing, only looked at Lucy and sneered: "Brag! Brag all you can. Your name should've been changed to Bragamon! How dare you think that you alone could defeat my elite team?"

The witches all felt insulted by Lucy.

Well, if she didn't want to go with them peacefully, then they would only have to knock her out, force her away and torture her for her secrets instead.

Look at this! They wanted to be nice and at least give her a few good days while in Tenola, allowing her to think she was their fellow sister before killing her.

But now, they've changed their minds.

If they take her out of Baymard, she could forget about the star treatment they need to give her.


Number 5 licked her chapped lips arrogantly before nodding at 5 of her people.


The ladies grinned and moved like the wind towards Lucy.

And at this moment, Kora's heart was pounding even more vigorously.

Oh my God!

~Boom. Boom. Crack. Pah! Boom!

Kora, whose eyes were shit right the entire time, could only hear the sounds of hits, punches and bones breaking. 

She also felt her body moving in all directions too.

Kora, who had a front-row seat on the action, was both excited and petrified.

Hey. You try being someone close to so many killers.

When she was with her elder brother Landon, because of his majestic aura and way of handling things, she always 100% believed that nothing would happen to her.

Even if she got swallowed in the belly of a beast, she still wouldn't be scared if her brother Landon was with her.

But she had never seen her sister-in-law fight. The times she spent with Lucy always showed Lucy's warm, kind, diligent and cute sides or even her administrative sides at work.

And till this day, she didn't even know if Lucy could pack a punch.

Hell! She didn't even know if her mother could fight too. So how could she not be terrified?

She only knew that her father and brother could fight. And that was that. Everyone else hadn't shown their skills yet. So getting front row seats to the action was still scary. But for whatever reason, she didn't know why she was more excited than scared instead.

Kora could only close her eyes while being thrown into all positions by Lucy as if she was a ball.

At first, she felt herself get passed around Lucy's back like a basketball. From there, she found herself getting held tightly as if she were a football.

At this point, she couldn't be surprised if Lucy shot her into some invisible net.

Hello? She was a baby, alright?

Kora tried to peak a few times but found that the wind seemed too strong for her baby eyes.

Nonetheless, the gruesome wails and crows only made her shiver uncontrollably.

She has never heard of there being cats in this world.

But in her past world, she had seen some.

And to her, the cries here sounded like the cry of several cats who accidentally fell into a pot of hot boiling water.

Oh my God. Who was getting beat up like that?

Kora couldn't help lighting up several candles for whoever these people were.

The sounds penetrated Kora's ears for a bit longer before stopping.

And when the dust settled, Kora opened her eyes and was instantly taken aback.

Kora's eyes turned from shock to admiration when she saw the scene before her.

Her mouth opened in a daze, not even caring that a few traces of enemy blood had spilled onto her.

I'll go. Her sister-in-law was so powerful.

All hail sister-in-law!


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