Chapter 606 - The 3 Amigos

With that, Landon and Tim spoke for a bit before parting ways.

Of course at this, Landon was rushing for his next appointment.

But he wasn't the only one who was busy as a bee.


I'm so hungry that I can eat an entire Hangol!

Brother... Can I have some of your emergency biscuits?"

"No way!

That's supposed to carry me through after hand-combat class or I'll just die too!"

"Come on bro, you know that he missed breakfast today... So just give him one pack alright?"


The safety and First Aid military teacher has entered the class!"



In one of the military classrooms, 3 brothers were currently sitting close to each other.

And who were these brothers?

Well, they were none other than Penelope's brothers who had been 'kidnapped' by Landon and brought to Baymard.

They were; 1st Prince Robert, 2nd Prince Asher, and 3rd Prince Neeson.

Their own family had tied them up like criminals and shipped them to Landon, who then transported them from Ngum city back to Baymard during the period when he was still trying to tackle the Shinjep problem.

That's right!

They had been placed in the Caronian military training headquarters in Baymard.

At first when they got here, they were very stubborn and arrogant.

But just after 2 days, they mellowed down a bit, because they were treated the same way as the other Caronians in their batch.

And when they refused to obey simple orders, well.... they were punished severely, which made them miss food hours.

So for the first 2 days, they starved severely.

One should know that they had been bundled up and sent here with no money in their pockets!

Sure, their family had given Landon money to take care of them secretly.

So if they were almost dying from starvation, Landon would probably get something to buy something and give it to them... As if that person was a good Samaritan.

Of course bi-weekly, their military salaries would also come in as well.

But unfortunately for them, they had arrived just after the salaries had been dished out.

So they only had to wait for their next paycheck.

With all that said, how could these 3 brothers still keep their arrogance?

They broke down and began doing what was expected of them.

To survive, they had no choice but to abide by the rules.

And eventually, after several months here, their mentalities had changed bit by bit.


From the ethics classes, combat classes, stock climbing, safety and other classes... They began to properly understand what it took to be a great leader and reflected on their own shortcomings too.

And from time to time, they would receive letters from their family... especially their mothers.

When they looked back at how much trouble they had caused back in Carona, they didn't know whether to smash their heads into a wall or just shot themselves dead.

When each of them was given territories to control, what did they do?

They squandered all their money in recruiting more soldiers to fight Penelope, rather than securing more food for the people, getting more healers to reside in their territories and so on.

In fact, only their estates and those of other nobles were rich.

The streets were typically poor and filled with beggars everywhere.

But ever since Penelope took over their territories, it grew better instead.

All this was enough to show them that they lacked the right qualities that made a good leader.

They were so ashamed of themselves when they understood their family's intentions.

Now, they had matured here in Baymard and even had many friends too.


If someone would've told them that they would be friends with those of lower statuses than them, they would be probably beaten the person to a pulp.

Yet here they were, smiling with those in their classrooms like fools.

In a way, they kind of liked the atmosphere and lifestyle here in Baymard... Especially the level of comfort.

From the water to the light, heat, food, fun activities, telephones, Tvs, and other godly products... Baymard always had something that completely took them unawares every single month.

Nonetheless, they knew that they would eventually go back to their own empire... But they just didn't know when.


"Class dismissed!"


'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

The sounds of chairs being pushed, as well as the sounds of footsteps... Could be heard within the classrooms and the hallways.

Some students stayed behind since their next class would take place within the same classroom... While others quickly left for their next class or break.

As for the 3 brothers, they were walking as fast as they could alongside some of their dormitory mates and friends.

Now, they had to attend a 1 and a half hour hand combat class.

"Guys... Let's branch at the Cafeteria first, before heading towards the combat training hall."

"No way!

We can't run in the hallways.

So even if we walk very fast, there might be a long line in the cafeteria.

And even at that, going that direction will make us late to class.

Or have you forgotten?

Today is the Devil's training session."

(@[email protected])

The devil?

"No, it can't be!"

"Oh... But it is.

First Lieutenant Mathew Johnson... A.K.A the Devil, will be in charge of today's combat class."

Everyone shivered uncontrollably when they thought of Mathew's intimidating aura.

It was like the guy crawled out from the pits of hell and took on human form instead.

Even the 3 Princes felt like If they ever saw him on the battlefield, they would just give up, turn around and flee.

He had an aura that made people want to confess all their sins at once.


Are you crazy!

Why would you call all of his names?

I heard that calling his names three times will make him appear out of thin air and come for you."


I heard that it will only happen if you say his name 3 times over a bucket of water!"

"Guys... Let's just forget about the cafeteria okay?

That devil will squeeze us dry if we are even a second late!"


Of all days, why did it have to be today?"

"Guys, I'm scared.

I just called his full name right now, so does that mean that I only have 2 more trials before he is out of thin air?"

"Bro... From now on, just call him the Devil." One of them said, and everyone nodded in agreement.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

But just when they were about to pick up the pace, they suddenly heard a cold and intimidating voice behind them.

"Why are you all not already in my class?"


They turned around and almost fainted from shock.

Who said that the devil will only appear after 3 times of name-calling?

It just took one time alright?

They stood rooted on the spot and almost began crying.


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