Chapter 663 - A Rich Man

"Your majesty, don't worry.

Now that everything is sorted out, I'll send all the money to all the ministries involved as planned."

"Thank you as always manager Sento," Landon said with a friendly smile on his face.

Of course, he was currently in the bank.

Yesterday, he spent the entire day in the bank aiding them to count all the money that he had taken from his mission.

And it was a freakin' huge sum.

There were several bags of silver, copper and more importantly, there were 2 bags of gold coins in the mix.

One should know that 10,000 Copper coins = 1 gold coin.

So 100 gold coins were already a million copper coins.

He had 2 bags that contained a total of 1500 gold coins.

So that alone gave him millions.

Not to talk of the 200 bags of copper coins and the 50 bags of silver coins.

In fact, he had really reaped a hefty amount from tht mission.

And he decided to send all that money for the development of Baymard's new territories.

Make no mistake!

Without this money, Landon would've still been able to fork out the money, as he had 5% shares from every industry, entertainment and system in Baymard.

After all, he invested and inventing several new products, entertainment, books, medicine, and even cooking methods

So of course he had to have shares in them.

And within those shares, he gave 2% to the royal family and kept the remaining 3% under his belt for the time being.

Of course as he had already written in the royal constitution that when he died, all those shares would go to the royal family.


One shouldn't overlook those shares, as just 5% still gave him millions yearly.

Not to talk about the fact that he still had more things to invent again.

So after several years, that money would be truly incredible.

Truth be told, maybe the bank wouldn't even be able to hold it all.


But even though it all went to royalty, every royal had a yearly budget and several duties to do if they wanted to keep receiving this money.

In short, he had written many articles, clauses, rules and repercussions on what should happen if a royal went rogue.

There were rules that would keep them in order.

And if one didn't lead the people well, then the people and parliament could have them step down... if the evidence against the accused were verified to be true.

And there would be many verification methods used by the heads of all Baymard's armed forces, as well as the head ministers of justice and the Congress.

Everyone would get involved, so as to limit the use of any bribery or corruption.

In fact, Landon had written so much that he somehow pitied all the future rogue royals.

I mean... why would anyone want to be rogue when everyone was paid roughly the same salary?

Sigh... it would truly be stupid to do so.

After all, you would still have to work and get paid, similar to your siblings too.

There would be no owning all the money in the royal treasury and what not.

So one wouldn't be able to hug everything for themselves.

As for now with all his shares, Landon was rick as hell since the entire Pyno continent scrambled for his goods daily.

With that said, forking out many for Baymard's development wouldn't have been an issue.

But he was somehow grateful for these sprung up missions that increased his wealth even more.

Plus no matter how he looked at it, free money was definitely a good thing... especially when it didn't come from his own pockets.


"Oh, manager Sento.. how are you all finding the new bank sector?"

"It's honestly a breath of fresh air your majesty."


I'm glad to hear that." Landon said while looking over his banking book.

The bank had just been expanded, and now there were more vaults and even hidden underground chambers within the newly expanded region for them to keep more gold, copper and silver coins.

One should know that many merchants and nobles from all around the Pyno continent, have placed several massive piles of coins in the banks.

That's why when they came to Baymard, they could just take out some money from their Baymardian account whenever they wanted to.

Plus they like the fact that their money here could yield some sort of interest.

Hence they never requested for too many coins when they were leaving Baymard.

On that note, Baymard had mountains all in bangs within their vaults and chambers.

And once a week, all the bags of money had to be counted, so as to see if anything was stolen or if there were some miscalculations done within the week.

Anyway, all this caused the need for expansion.

Of course Landon was sure that only when other continents and empires produce their own money, would he be able to smelt all the gold, copper and silver coins.

Because like it or not, those were ores that could be used within the industries for jewelry, silver utensils and whatnot.

Recycling 80% of them wouldn't be a bad idea.

While the rest could be kept in the royal treasury... as well as the national treasury for historical purposes.

Hence for now, he could only expand the bank and open more vaults to keep the incoming coins.

But fortunately, most peasants and middle-class people withdrew 80% of their money in coins when they left Baymard.

So there was a good balance of how many coins were going in and out daily.

The expansion happened because of the wealthy nobles and merchants that kept pumping in gold coins every time they came over... especially the women.

They liked luxury goods, staying in expensive hotels, buying gorgeous clothes for themselves and their pets, pedicures and even attending the seasonal fashion shows.

So they always made sure to use their noble salaries to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Which made business in Baymard boom as usual.

Hehehe.... more money in his account.


After looking at his account book, Landon Landon hurriedly left the bank and headed towards District D.

He had been invited to make a surprising appearance on the show 'Fear Factor'.

So how could he miss it?

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