Chapter 791 - Prepare To die!


Landon stepped back and looked at the floor carefully before smiling.

If one didn't observe properly, they wouldn't be able to tell that there was a trapped door there.

After noting down the trap door's position, Landon resumed walking around the room playfully.

"Hey, as their Captain, don't you feel a bit of shame for leaving them out there?

I mean, weren't you confident earlier on?

I give you my word, I won't kill you.

So just step out obediently, alright?"

Whitebeard who was topping inside the secret compartment twitched.

Did this bastard think that he was a fool?

He didn't for one second believe that he wouldn't be killed by this swindler if he revealed himself.

Whitebeard felt like he was too unlucky.

The moment he locked himself in his room, his mind was everywhere.

At first, he wanted to get on the tiny rowing boat at the edge of his balcony which was kept for emergencies, should in case the ship caught on fire or some major disaster happened.

But he quickly cancelled that plan because even if he left on the boat, how fast could he row away without getting caught when they are so far away from any land?

Doing so will only expose him instead.


The rowing boat was really small, as its size was enough to take just 6 people in it.

In this case, he would be the only one rowing the boat.

And no matter how fast he rowed, he wouldn't be able to get that far away from the ship without someone noticing.

For sure, this massive ship that had hundreds of rowers will be able to meet up with him in a flash.

Bottom line, he would get caught the moment he left in that puny rowing boat.

So that was out of the question.

Now, his only choice was to hide and secretly sneaking out later on.

There were 3 scenarios that could happen.

The first was that these dark-skinned people would claim his ship, sail with it and finally dock somewhere.

And if that was the case, then all he had to do was hide and secretly sneak out when they docked.

He would just have to do his toilet business here in the trap.

The 2nd option was that they decided to leave the sh.i.p.s on the waters since it was indeed a pirate ship.

They might not want trouble, so they might just choose to leave it here.

If that's the case, then all he had to do was wait for them to leave before controlling the slaves below and issuing them to sail out.

He didn't believe that Landon and the rest would free the spaces.

Why go through so much trouble?

That said, he would be able to escape with his expensive sh.i.p.s.


Last but not least, the enemy could just set these sh.i.p.s ablaze before leaving.

In this case, he could just take the rowing boat, and go his way.

After burning sh.i.p.s, no one ever stayed behind to watch because the smoke called enemies, new faces and other passerbys.

So no culprit stayed behind the moment they saw the sh.i.p.s ablaze, which was perfect for his escape.

Looking at all 3 scenarios, they all involved him linking for a place to hide.

So, he quickly picked up all the fruits and rum in the room and stuffed them into his hiding space.

Of course, if he needed to hide for days, he had already planned to secretly sneak out during this period and steal fruits and rum when no one was in the room.

As for the master bedroom, he was sure that only the topmost person would use it.

So the moment the person closed the door and left the room, he would scurry out and steal any food available.

He might also relieve himself as well.

In his mind, he had thought of all possibilities before hiding.

He didn't believe that Landon and the rest would be able to find his secret trap door.


'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

Sweat trickled down Whitebeard's back as he listened to his enemy's footsteps that echoed sharply across the massive room.

His heartbeat grew louder and louder every time Landon moved closed to the trap door.

And every time the bastard passed over it, Whitebeard would subconsciously let out a sigh from relief.

But then, Landon would walk closer towards the trap door again, making his nerves rise again.


Was this son of a b**ch trying to give him a heart attack?

He felt like his poor heart couldn't take it at all!

Landon on the other hand seemed to be enjoying playing with him.


I know you're in here somewhere so why bother hiding?

Like I said, I won't kill you, so step out peacefully.

Besides, don't you think that you're too old to be playing such games?

Don't you know that hide and seek is for little children?"



No matter how much Landon spoke, Whitebeard dared not move.

"Sigh...since you don't want to reveal yourself, then I have no other choice but to force you out, no?"


Whitebeard was so scared that he nearly peed his pants.

Out of nowhere, a long sword pierced through the spaces between the wood and went right into the secret compartment.

This bastard almost killed him!

The sword had been inserted so close to his face that his nose was just inches away from it.

His face turned pale from watching the wooden trap door's roof get pulled away.

Terror was very evident on his face.

Didn't this bastard say that he wouldn't kill him, then what the hell was that earlier on?

Wasn't the sword meant to kill him?

Like an unwanted rat in a home, Landon pulled him out of his rat hole.


Whitebeard slowly backed away on his butt, while pointing his trembling fingers at the approaching Landon in fear.

"You, you, you,!

Who are you and why are you against me?"

Landon calmly walked towards him with the sword in his hand.

"My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father, prepare to die."




Whitebeard had no tears but wanted to cry.


When did I kill your father?

Can you tell me the exact year so that I'll at least remember it?

I'm a top-rated pirate who has killed thousands, so how am I supposed to remember your father?'

Whitebeard felt like the world was playing a joke on him.

"You!... You let me go, and I promise to let this matter go.

My pirate organization isn't a society you can afford to offend.

My brother is the current leader of the pirate organization, so don't do anything rash."

Landon just calmly advanced once more.

"My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father, prepare to die."


Whitebeard was exasperated at this point.

Why did he have to run into a blockhead who didn't seem to know the weight of the organization?

"Hey! Hey! Hey!!!

Are you listening to a word that I said?

I said that my brother is the current head of the organization.

Are you listening?"


My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father, prepare to die."


I know that already!

You've said that a hundred times now!

What do you think I am, deaf?"


"My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father, prepare to die."



Invisible made-up streams of tears flowed down Whitebeard's cheeks.

He felt like he had been talking to himself all this while.

He was truly helpless.

"Hey bro, are you the one who is deaf by any means?

Why does it seem like nothing I say gets into your ears?

And why are you going back on your words?

Didn't you promise me that you wouldn't kill me?"

Landon paused and stroked his chin seriously: "Well, I wouldn't."

"Then why did you keep telling me to prepare to die?"

"Oh, that?

I just wanted to say those lines and see how it felt.

My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father, prepare to die."


"You go and die!"

"I can't.

My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father, prepare to die."

Whitebeard: (:T^T:)

Could someone take this lunatic away from him?

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