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Hello again, everyone, and thank you for reading the 24th volume of In Another World With My Smartphone. I hope you enjoyed it.

The world’s not exactly in the best state right now, so if I provided you some form of escape, then I’m happy.

This volume finally saw the debut of Touya’s son, Kuon! Though he hasn’t exactly joined up with his family yet... You might’ve been able to guess, but he’s Yumina’s child.

The naming was a little tricky, to be honest. Touya’s name is Touya, obviously, and his father is called Touichiro, so I thought it’d be good to have “Tou” in the son’s name too.

I thought up names like Touma, Touri, Toui, and I even considered longer names like Toukichirou. But then, I figured maybe I should just include the “ya” part of his name instead, so I thought up names like Shizuya, Byakuya, Shinya, and so on... However, none of them felt quite right.

So yeah, in the end, I figured...I just need to pick something fast, so I decided he’d be named after Touya’s grandpa. Then it could be any name at all. Thus, Kuon was born.

I like that name. It sounds nice.

Sakura’s daughter, Yoshino, finally appears in this volume as well. Her name was easy because her mother’s named for the sakura blossom, so naming her after the Yoshino cherry blossom was a no-brainer.

The only one we haven’t seen yet is Sue’s daughter, but she’s still a ways out. Like I said in the previous volume, my pacing isn’t really at its best with this arc. I made the mistake of mentioning her far too early, I think. Well, whatever. At least the story’s pretty lively with all these kids around.

Now then, on to my thanks! Thanks as ever to Eiji Usatsuka, your illustrations continue to bring out the best in my characters. Kuon’s really cute. I love how he came out.

Thank you to Tomofumi Ogasawara for taking time out of your busy schedule to draw up Rossweisse for the design specs page at the end of the book. Your mecha designs are incredible as ever.

Thank you to K, everyone on the editorial team, and anyone else involved in the publication of this book.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to all of you for reading. I really appreciate it!

Patora Fuyuhara

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