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An Unlucky Day 

I often think about luck. What does it really mean to be lucky? Sometimes I get told I have good luck, other times bad luck. But how lucky am I really? 
I haven’t ever been seriously injured or gone to the hospital, so my luck can’t be that terrible. 
That being said, I distinctly remember one day in my life where I thought “My luck’s been terrible today.” 
Back then I was living in Sendai. On a day I’d made plans to meet up with a certain company in Tokyo that had helped me out a lot in the past, I woke up in the morning, and as I was getting ready to leave, I realized I couldn’t find my wallet. 
It wasn’t where I usually kept it. I turned my room inside-out looking for it. It took some time, and when I finally found it, I took my bike and pedaled as fast as I could to the station. But as luck would have it, I got a flat tire when I was nearly there. 
Fortunately, if the word fortunately could even be applied to my predicament, there was a bike shop nearby and I took it in hoping they’d be able to replace it. But of course this would be the one time they had to be busy. 
With how long it would take for them to get to me, I wouldn’t make it to the bullet train on time. I explained my situation to the store clerk, left my bike there, and went to hail a taxi to take me the rest of the way. 
I guess I was lucky since I managed to find one pretty quick. I made it to the station with just enough time to get some gifts for the people I was visiting before sliding onto the bullet train seconds before departure. Hoping to finally get to relax for a bit I headed to my seat, only to find some old dude sitting in it. 
Confused, I told him, “Umm, excuse me, I think that’s my seat...” 

The old man looked really embarrassed as he got up and left, which made me feel kind of bad. At that point, however, I was completely exhausted. I just slumped in my seat the whole ride over. 
Now unfortunately, I’d only been to Tokyo a few times before this. I was almost certain I’d get lost trying to walk to my destination, so I got another taxi to take me there instead. 
I sat in the taxi, told the driver to go to xx company’s office, and enjoyed the view while thinking that if I’d made it this far I’d somehow make it on time. But when the driver stopped, telling me we’d arrived, and I noticed something strange. 
When I looked at the plaque in front of the building, I realized he’d taken me to the offices of the parent company of the company I’d wanted to go to, which, to add insult to injury, was on the opposite side of town. 
I urged my apologetic taxi driver to go as fast as possible, but I was already very late by the time we arrived at the correct destination. The people I had gone to meet told me not to worry about it, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my tardiness. 
After our meeting was over, we naturally segued into a party, and by the time I left for home, it was already quite late. Of course, the bike shop I’d left my bike at was closed. Then, when I finally got home, it looked like a burglar had ransacked the entire place. Of course, that had actually been me when I was looking for my wallet. 
The next day I’d have to go back to the bike shop to get my bike. With that unpleasant thought lingering in my mind, I fell into a deep sleep. 
Until now, I’d considered the events of that day just plain bad luck, but now that I’m writing about it, I realize I could have avoided a lot of those if I’d just been a bit more careful. 
And, I guess, in a way I was lucky that all those things happened to me, since now I have something to write about. 

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