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Bonus Short Stories 

The Expectations of the Gods 

“And just why did you decide to come down all of a sudden, anyway?!” 
Mochizuki Karen, the god of love, and Touya’s self-proclaimed sister, yelled out in irritation. Sitting next to her was the god of swords, Mochizuki Moroha, another self-proclaimed sister of his. They were in the middle of a tea party on the balcony of Brunhild’s castle. 
“You’re the god of love, Sister, you get to dabble in mortal affairs all you like. I actually want to see new places once in a while, you know?” 
“Hush now, I’m not the god of love, y’know? I’m just your sister!” 
“Mhm... That you are...” 
Moroha gave a casual reply as she sipped her tea. 
“I am actually doing work here, y’know? I was ordered from God Almighty to fetch a rogue Servile God.” 
“Work? You certainly don’t seem to be doing any.” 
Moroha’s commentary was justified. Ever since the Pruning had ended, all Karen had done was nap, eat, tease Touya, butt into people’s love lives, and wander about aimlessly. 
“Well, I suppose you can’t really do anything until the target reveals itself.” 
“Th-That’s right! There’s no need for impatience! I’m just biding my time, y’know?” The god of love clasped her hands together, evidently with renewed vigor. 
“It seems to me, Sister, that you’re using this job as an excuse to enjoy the many pleasures of the mortal world.” 
“Well... It’s a rare opportunity, y’know? You never know what might happen.” 
“Oh, I agree... I’ve come down to support you, haven’t I? Therefore I shall follow your example.” Moroha flashed a coy grin. 
“Heheh... You’re quite the bad girl, Moroha.” 
“Heheh... Not quite as bad as my sister.” 

The two goddesses laughed together, unaware of the faraway person peering in on their conversation. 
“Goodness... Just what are they up to now...?” An old man was sat at his table. He was slowly drinking tea, snapping off a few rice crackers for good measure. On the screen of his retro, CRT television, was the image of the two girls. 
“Hoho... Well, I suppose the two of them are due a vacation, so this is just fine.” 
“No fair! No faiiir! Lemme go! Lemme go too! I wanna get all boozed up on the mortal plane!” 
The babbling young woman with her cheek slumped against the table was the god of liquor. To the right of her was a young man strumming on a harp, the god of music, who nodded. 
“Well, World God? Would you let us foray into the ground world as well?” A green-haired girl with a ponytail spoke up. She was the god of the hunt. 
“Well... we all have duties for the time being, but... I might have thought of something.” 
“What’s the plan, my man?” A middle-aged looking man spoke up. He was the god of agriculture. 
“When the young lad awakens to the power of a god and becomes more aware of my plan for him... he will need someone to instruct and guide him in the right direction.” 
“Definitely true. You can’t expect two lower-level gods like Sword and Love to teach him about his proper role.” The god of agriculture nodded. 
“So, when the time comes... how about a group excursion to the mortal realm?” 
“Aha, I see... Sounds good.” 
The god of liquor and the god of the hunt looked at each other with a grin. The god of music played an excited little ditty on his harp. 
“But before that, we have duties to attend to. If they are not accomplished before his awakening, then you cannot come with us.” 
As God Almighty spoke, the four there listened intently. If they worked hard, they’d soon be able to play hard. 
“Goodness me, what an interesting turn of events...” 
The old man sipped his tea once more as he changed the channel. Depicted on the screen now was a young boy he very much considered to be a grandson. A mistake he made and sent to another world. But perhaps, someday, something much more. 

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