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His eyes could see limitless possibilities, and this was more so as the Loot from Yacucoatl was shown in golden prompts over his eyes generously at this moment.

[+440 Cosmic Filament Cores obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+44 Shards of a Seed of Reality are obtained.]

[+400 True Blood Pearls obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+40 Existential Pearls are obtained.]

[+900 Runic Dao Line Enhancers obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+90 Evolutionary Runic Lines of Ascendancy obtained. ]

[+6 Trillion Skill Points obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+6,000 Cosmic Resource Points obtained.]

<The effects of Absolute Looter are applied.>

<The ownership of the Insuperable Nomological Edict and Flames of the Virulent Poison Emperor has been granted.>

<The ownership of the Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edict and Flames of the Abomination has been granted.>

<The ownership of the Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edict and Flames of the Serpent Dragon Heart has been granted.>

<The ownership of the Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edict and Flames of the Winged Ouroboros has been granted…. Unscalable Mountain has been granted….>

<The Bloodlines of the Royal Blight Serpent Dragon, Galaxy Devouring Serpent, Universe Eclipsing Dragon, Prime Beast…have been granted>

<The Shards of Reality that contain the Essence of Reality have been granted.>


An overabundance of Shards of a Seed of Reality, Existential Pearls, Edicts, Bloodlines, and Shards of Reality!

Shards of Reality that the more he collected, the sooner he could begin forging his System as he would obtain more than enough Essence of Reality!

Edicts that amounted to a ridiculous number of 50 that once he integrated them into his strength…his Ascendancy Value should shoot through the roof as he would be scaling the Firmaments of Ascendancy at a rate others only dreamed of.

His heart was calm as his main body followed the titanic figure of the Golden Titan that was flying towards an incandescent civilization of Primal Titans- as he delved into the Isles of the Gilded Forge to prove himself as a Primal Titan through nothing other than forging!

Here…would be where a certain Cosmic Treasure would face its chance to be elevated to even greater heights!

Inside Noah’s Reality.

A True Sanguine Clone floated above the Infinite Empire as around it, an illusory crimson Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe could be seen releasing a gentle glow.

Behind Noah, the figures of Halcyon, Barbatos, Emperor Penguin, and many others could be seen as they gazed towards his clone with great expectations- seemingly waiting for something grand!

Yet Noah’s gaze was lost in thought at this moment as he glanced at the illusory Halo that his clone could call upon the authority of- this Halo truly giving him many surprises as it seemed there were always more.

From the battle with Yacucoatl, he affirmed that the ultimate skills of the Edicts fused within it could be used at a much higher efficiency as their requirement of Essence of Reality and other resources was minimal!

He also affirmed that with the Ascendancy Halo, he could overcome the authority of higher tiered Edicts- especially when he surpassed the limit of 15 fused Edicts! Then…he could utilize the Halo as the most offensive attacking tool as it could leave his side and lock onto his enemies. If they did not have sufficient enough Bloodlines or high tiered Edicts to protect themselves…they would only face death!

This was his Ascendancy Halo.

Among all of these things, he also tested and saw that with the authority of the Sanguine Emperor, he could fuse Bloodline Edicts in and also un-fuse them out…and such a thing meant in the future, he could add and take away Edicts from his Ascendancy Halo as his goal was to have INSUPERABLE Edicts or above occupying all the 30 Slots of his Ascendancy Halos!

The Edicts that Noah obtained from his fallen enemies due to <Absolute Looter> were an utterly fantastical concept, and he uniquely explored how he was granted ownership of such concepts and how it worked if an existence was a mere follower of an Edict that another being forged.

Even in this case, Noah was still granted the title of an architect of these concepts as it meant when he came across enemies in the future, he could obtain authorities from the Edicts of others freely! Even though they were elevated and combined from Daos, Edicts were still concepts at the end of the day. And Noah…was doing something ridiculous as he made himself another Architect to concepts that already had their own architects.

It was unruly and domineering as Noah already had an extension of such an ability through his Primordial Eye of the Pioneer- which allowed him to breakdowns the concepts contained in the Edicts of others and forge such Edicts for himself as the architect, so one could say it was nothing new and the Ascendancy Halo was merely a more direct and forceful method for it!

With such a method, he could get his hands on many concepts of high tiered Edicts in the future as the possibilities of him optimizing his Ascendancy Halos made him ecstatic from the mere thought alone.

The future would not be long as with him just gaining 50 new Edicts from Yacucoatl, he could already add the Insuperable Edict of the Virulent Poison Emperor, along with the 12 Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edicts that this being held!

And with the death of Pyxis…


The mere thought caused the surroundings to tremble as with an optimized Ascendancy Halo, the power that Noah could display was simply ridiculous. And with the inclusion of all of these completed Edicts…a second Ascendancy Halo could be forged as Noah’s power was about to explode into the Second Firmament of Ascendancy and rocket up higher!


The idea of it alone caused his surroundings to shake as he calmed himself, gazing towards the Emperor Penguin and others that were watching him expectantly.

The conflict within their Reality had ended, but this did not mean their journey was over.

Noah had to obtain and fuse the Cosmos of multiple Realities into his Infinite Empire as he continued to elevate this unique treasure, and his clones and people would be the spearheads that he sent to explore new Realities while spreading the will of the Tyrannical Emperor!

“It is time for Fealty to be pledged across the scale of Realities…”


His True Sanguine Clone rose as his domineering words caused unseen destiny to tremble and weave out madly- his plans vast and unknown as while his main body had just delved into the Prime Reality known as the Isles of the Gilded Forge…his clones and people moved to spread their reach into other Realities!

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