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Within the Auric Forge of the Isle Of Gold.

At the center of the Auric Forge, the ten Master Furnaces that Fledgling Forgers were allowed to use only had a single one not being occupied today.

The first 8 spots were filled by known Golden Titans as the 9th…it was a new being that no others had seen before.

He gazed at everyone with calm and serene as many gazes turned his way, the 8 Fledgling Forgers only glancing his way briefly before they refocused in front of their furnaces and got ready to forge. They could not spare a single glance to others when they had their own standing to worry about!



The voice of Monos echoed out at this moment as many gazes went up, watching the floating figures of a few other Elders apart from Elder Monos and Elder Agonia as these were distinguished beings who oversaw many things in the Isle of Gold.

There were currently six Elders floating above everyone else, an illusory white platform forming beneath their feet as when others gazed towards them- it was with respect and reverence!

This was because to get the title of an Elder amongst the entire Bloodline of Primal Titans, one had to achieve the rank of a Grandmaster Forger! An existence that had the chance and capability to forge a Primordial Relic!

Throughout the eons that they lived, Grandmasters could produce two or three Primordial Relics in their lifetime- and such beings were treasured as Relics of such levels were powerful weapons for any Bloodlines to utilize.

Apart from this, it was also common for them to be capable of producing Quasi-Primordial Relics if handling the right material, with those that were a rank below them actually being capable of forging Cosmic and Cosmic Filament Treasures!

The ranks of Forgers went from Fledgling, Master, and finally Grandmaster.

Masters were capable of forging stupendous Cosmic and Cosmic Filament Treasures as all Fledgling Forgers aspired to reach this level.

The single word from Grandmaster Monos caused everyone to settle down as within the Auric Forge, only the sound of the burning stellar bodies releasing immense heat in countless furnaces could be heard, his ancient voice ringing out soon after.

“The Trial of Forging is a special one no matter the occasion, as we are able to welcome new Fledgling Forgers or even Master Forgers into our ranks!”


“Our Bloodline is that of seekers…beings who search for the truth with our own hands and the things that we can forge with them! With this being said, let us watch the Forgers below us with rapt attention as even in their mistakes…there will be many things to learn.”


A golden layer of light descended onto the raised platform with the ten Master Furnaces, covering it in a cylindrical fashion as the immense heat released from the stellar bodies the size of Cosmos within could no longer be felt.

The 8 Fledgling Forgers knew the drill as they became utterly serious, beginning to take out materials that ranged from multicolored metals or incandescent crystals which shone with glorious colors of Loot!

This was something many Titans were used to, and they watched the process with excited eyes as some spoke in hushed tones about the materials being used and what could come out from them.

“Forger Meneh really went all out to use the Crystallized Dragonscales of a Fourth Firmament Dragonfly that were up for an auction recently…she should be able to produce a powerful Cosmic Filament Treasure with it!”

A majority of the discussions focused on one of the female Titans called Meneh, her eyes sharp as her hair burned with incandescent golden flames that would make one think she had a fiery attitude. But she was composed and graceful as she was the fastest out of all the Fledgling Forgers there!

“If she had other special materials to add on top of this one, even a Quasi-Primordial Relic isn’t out of the question…”

The crowd slowly became abuzz with discussions on the forging process occurring on the raised platform, all of the Fledgling Forgers taking proper steps to smelt their materials before forging them into the shapes that they wanted before ultimately completing their process as they watched the birth of a new treasure.

“Ha? What’s the new guy doing though?”

Quickly enough, many noticed how Noah’s figure was merely gazing at the process that the Fledgling Forgers were going through, and he couldn’t help but watch as it was entirely different from how he utilized his Blacksmiths Forge to design weapons!

What he saw now seemed to be actual blacksmithing and forging as materials were being melted and even poured into molds or being hammered, the Fledgling Forgers before him releasing a glorious air of ancient Blacksmiths as it was a wondrous sight to see.

But he…could not use the same method as them as he had his own unique furnace he had to use. He released a devilish smile as he pulled on the strings of the tour connection he had with the Infinite Empire, calling upon one of the Furnaces from his Blacksmiths Forge as he actually didn’t bother using one of the so called Master Furnaces on the elevated platform!

High above him, the figure of Monos frowned as Elder Agonia spoke out slowly.

“What’s this little guy trying to do? He looks down upon Master Furnaces when he can barely be considered a Fledgling Forger?”


A hint of displeasure could be seen on this Grandmaster’s face as he and the few other Grandmasters in the sky saw a glimmer of spatial light before an incandescent golden Furnace appeared to the right of one of the Master Furnaces!

It was starkly different as the source of heat within this golden Furnace seemed to be an endless glow of gold, standing out like a sore thumb when situated next to the black and red Master Furnaces.

“Haha, he brought his own furnace? Does he think the skill of a Forger is dependent on such a thing?”

Derisive looks could be seen in the surroundings as others shook their heads and moved their eyes towards the 8 other Fledgling Forgers, but Noah paid no heed to this as with the feature of Blacksmiths Forge materialized before him, his Origin thrummed with power as a fantastical crimson round Cosmic Treasure glowed out from his chest!

It was something that had always stayed with him for many months now, being the Cosmic Treasure RUINATION that had helped him get where he was today.

It was this Treasure that was the initial conduit for Noah’s Infinite Mana Trait to be achieved- it was the authority of this treasure that bent Universal and Cosmic laws along with the Consciousnesses of Universes and Cosmos that ultimately completed his first Trait and the many more that followed!

The bending of Universal and Cosmic rules could also be considered an alteration of Reality, so Noah looked forward to the elevation of such a treasure from its current rank and what future uses it would achieve from here on out.

<Please be delicate with me, Master.>

The voice of Ruination echoed out in Noah’s mind as he nearly laughed, communicating with his Blacksmiths Forge as he let his will be known that at this time- the elevation of a Cosmic Treasure would be carried out!

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