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The elevation of a Cosmic Treasure!

It was a grand affair as many eyes instantly noticed the powerful object near the center of the summoned golden furnace- the heat causing it to shine a crimson gold light as even the Grandmasters above raised their brows.

“He wishes to break down a completed Cosmic Treasure? Adding anything to it will just cause more impurities as he might even achieve a lesser result than what he currently has.”

A gruff voice apart from Monos and Elder Agonia echoed out as this time, it was a crimson robed woman with flaming crimson hair much similar to Fledgling Forger Meneh on the platform, her words causing Agonia and the others to nod as they shook their heads.

“The biggest thing we worry about is impurities when it comes to forging high tier items. It’s why we stick to finding a singular powerful material to forge a treasure with or those of the same element…don’t tell me this Fledgling will bring out that corpse of Serpent Dragon to-“

Before Elder Agonia even finished his words, the cosmic-sized body of Yacucoatl that was cut in half appeared- drawing sharp breaths and interest from the surrounding watchers who now began to watch Noah as the Grandmasters instead frowned in disappointment!

Even Monos was frowning at this moment as he wondered if his intuition had been wrong, the fiery female Grandmaster speaking again.

“He hasn’t even broken up the body into meat, bones, and organs as trying to do anything with it at its state would introduce too many impurities…this is just…”

She shook her head as she stopped gazing at Noah, focusing her attention on the flame haired woman who was one of her disciples as she was halfway done with forging her item!

But Monos and Elder Agonia kept their eyes on Noah as they saw after the body of Yacucoatl, this being waved his hands once more as the cosmic-sized body of a creature stemming from the race of Celestial Vines appeared.


They were worried about the impurities that would coke from the single body of a Serpent Dragon, and yet this being took out the body of another creature as materials as he wasn’t done!

Thereafter, the surroundings shook as the next things to be taken out by Noah were none other than two shimmering sharp golden circlets.

Circlets that came from Cecilia- terrifying weapons at the Quasi-Primordial Relic level as Noah had been able to stop them on their track with his bare hands!

Even among Quasi-Primordial Relic, these circlets had to be ranked fairly low as these offensive items didn’t elevate Noah’s power significantly, and this was why he hadn’t used them at all as he only planned to break them down into materials to elevate RUINATION!


The crowd became abuzz as they saw the Quasi-Primordial Relics, the Grandmasters above frowning the most as they were surprised to see items at this level brought as materials.

This was because even Masters would have a hard time breaking down already forged items at the level of Quasi-Primordial Relics into forging materials- and it was mostly Grandmasters that were confident in doing this as what the Titan before them was trying to so…it truly baffled them!

Yet, Noah paid no heed to the raucous gazes or surprise as he calmed down and focused on the scene before him.

RUINATION was ready as this Treasure was designated as the main ingredient by the Forge before him, a golden light shooting from the forge and into Noah’s hands as he obtained an enormous hammer that matched his body which was the size of a Cosmos!

With immense focus, he then raised the golden hammer towards the body of Yacucoatl on his right, smashing into it as a blinding golden light went on to cover the half-cut corpse of the Serpent Dragon as an instant later….


All the remaining heads of the Serpent Dragon instantly turned into specks of golden light as they were dematerialized and deconstructed into a unique form of energy that then went towards RUINATION at the center of the Furnace!


The hammer within his hands swung down once more as the wings of the Serpent Dragon were deconstructed next- muscles, bones, and everything about them turning a raw source of Essence that sunk into the spinning RUINATION that was absorbing immense heat from the golden Furnace.

Noah did this naturally as with another few swings of the Golden Hammer, the enormous body of Yacucoatl was broken down into specks of light that surged into Treasure before him, his gaze then turning towards the body of the Celestial Vine as he proceeded to do the same!


The resonant sound of a hammer smashing down was the only thing resounding out at this moment as inadvertently, no other sound could be heard in the surroundings.

No discussions.

No sound of the other Fledgling Forgers working or smelting the items in their furnaces.

Everything was utterly silent as all eyes were focused on the calm figure of Noah who was deconstructing bodies of existences of the First Firmament of Ascendancy easily while reconstructing them into a unique source of Essence that seamlessly flowed into RUINATION, this treasure beginning to expand and become surrounding by a glowing light as a terrific aura began to pulse from it!

Within seconds, the two bodies were entirely turned into the unique source of Essence as thereafter, Noah turned his golden hammer towards one of the Golden circlets as for the deconstruction of these…an illusory Cosmic Filament shone on his chest while even more power was released from him, even more forceful strikes thundering down as he used immense force.

And soon after…a portion of the Quasi-Primordial Relic began to break down into golden lights as it was this shocking scene that finally got many of the watching beings from their stupor!

Those with the strongest reactions were the Grandmasters above as their faces were flabbergasted and ashen, the essence within their bodies moving chaotically as if they had seen the most shocking thing in all Realities!



The booming voice of Elder Agonia nearly shattered the eardrums of those in the First Firmament of Ascendancy as his face was filled with shock, being the first one to speak as all the other Grandmasters began to breathe heavily.

He wasn’t the only one as Monos was next to utter with a disbelieving expression.

“Perfect deconstruction and reconstruction of Essence and materials…this…this!”


Noah paid no attention to them as he continued to break down the Quasi-Primordial Relics into particles of golden light that flowed into RUINATION.

For him, this was something simple.

A strong feature of his Infinite Empire.

But for others…

“The perfect deconstruction and reconstruction of essence and materials- a skill that far surpasses Grandmaster Forgers!”


It was something profound that even they could not do!

The booming words of Monos caused the surroundings to turn tumultuous as waves of shock cascaded through, the eyes of all Titans locking themselves onto Noah’s figure at this moment as they witnessed the birth of something terrifying!

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