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The Ascendancy Value that distinguished beings into Firmaments of Ascendancy!

Noah had already reached the upper 90s before the battles against Yacucoatl and the Tyrant Beast Pyxis, and just the addition of multiple Quasi-Insuperable and one Insuperable Edict had shot his Ascendancy Value past 100 as he crossed the barrier of the Second Firmament of Ascendancy with too little ease that he didn’t even notice it.

Past the Value of 100, that was the Second Firmament of Ascendancy!

One had to strive for years to find new ways to compound their strength- whether by completing new Edicts and forging new Ascendancy Halos, or by forging more Cosmos.

Those not talented would remain at this level for all their lives as it was arduous to go from 100 to 1000 Ascendancy Values to break into the Third Firmament…buy then there were those that were simply too terrifying with their methods of compounding strength that they could ascend the Firmaments with ease.

Noah was one such being as while he currently only held a few million Cosmos, every little change to the percentages boosting him could vastly change his Value as the concept of his Ascendancy Halo that could hold double the Edicts compared to others…it was to blame for the shocking set of numbers he was seeing and the continued rise of his Value as new Edicts were infused into it!

The Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edicts of Tyrant Beast, Winged Tiger, and 7 other Quasi-Insuperable Edicts flowed into the Ascendancy Halo freely while the Greater Edicts within it were removed.

The crimson halo and golden bands fluctuated as they faded away briefly, before an instant later…the golden bands began to reforge even brighter than before as the quality of Edicts was much higher!

From Yacucoatl, the Insuperable Nomological Edict was added along with the Quasi-Insuperable Edicts of Abomination, Serpent Dragon Heart, Winged Ouroboros, unscalable Mountain…and seven more Edicts of this level were also added into the Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe as the number of required Edicts quickly reached saturation!


Waves of majestic essence color erupted around Noah as mana still surged from him endlessly into RUINATION, where one could see the repulsive essence of Pandemonium along with Ruination and Primordial Essence surging around this treasure- a wondrous conversion taking place.

The crimson Halo was equally sectioned by multiple golden bands, a terrific aura that even caused Hyperion to be pushed back as his body trembled erupting out.

It was an aura of utter oppression as at this moment, a unique change was occurring within Noah because uniquely…he had completed his Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe.

9 Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edict from Pyxis, 11 of the same level from Yacucoatl made 20. Then Yacucoatl gave his Insuperable Edict as when added to Noah’s very own forged Insuperable and Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edicts, as well as the 4 Quasi-Insuperable Edicts from Cecilia…the number 30 had been reached!

A never before seen Ascendancy Halo was complete as one had to wonder. Just what perks did it come with?


15 golden bands sectioned the crimson halo as at the moment of its completion, Noah’s heart shuddered as he saw his continuously rising Ascendancy Value seamlessly break past 200, 400, and then settle at 889!

He entered the Second Firmament of Ascendancy and then exceeded its halfway mark in mere seconds as he approached the stellar Value of 1,000 at a pace others couldn’t even dream of.

From the First Firmament, he now nearly came close to the Third Firmament as he scaled within seconds what others would take years! It was unrealistic and balanced breaking as one might question how it occurred!

How could such a thing be allowed? Just how could the completion of a single Ascendancy Halo allow one to almost scale two Firmaments of Ascendancy?!

The answer was simple.

<The Authority of Catastrophe has been granted.>


The Ascendancy Halo glowed with vibrant grandeur as a unique authority surged into Noah, a crimson gold layer of light wrapping over his skin as his eyes released bursts of light, the stellar hair on his head beginning to undergo a change!

From its purple blue stellar light, it began to fly around madly as from his scalp…his hair began to move and surge widely as in mere seconds, it was transformed into Flames as it seemed his entire head was on fire.

Golden crimson flames that matched the color of his Halo as with wildness and impunity, the hair on his head danced madly as it turned into wondrous flames!

Along with it, Noah raised his hands to see the impenetrable layer of crimson gold light that protected him, its source being the pulsing completed Halo as information about it smoothly flowed into his mind!

<<Authority of Catastrophe>> :: An authority that only Noah Osmont owns as it cannot be replicated by any others or himself ever again. It is a highly offensive and defensive authority that passively surrounds Osmont, nullifying any physical and soul damage stemming from concepts of and Halos forged from Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edicts and negating 80% of all Damage from concepts and Halos stemming from Insuperable Nomological Edicts. Actively, Noah Osmont can lay down the verdict of Catastrophe on an enemy as unless they hold an Authority stemming from a completed Ascendancy Halo holding INSUPERABLE Nomological Edicts, they can only face Catastrophe. The passive generation of 10 Units of Essence of Reality is granted, along with the passive generation of 1,000 Cosmos daily, and +500,000,000,000% to All Parameters. The boosts given are subjected to change depending on which Bloodline Edicts comprise the Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe…


The reason as to why he nearly scaled two Firmaments within seconds.

An authority that granted one passive generation of the Essence of Reality equivalent to being an Overseer of 10 Realities, a generation of daily Cosmos one thousand times more than what his True Blood refinement had reached, and a ridiculous 500 billion percent to All Parameters!

This..was from the completion of Noah’s unique Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe!

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