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While Noah obtained a ridiculous new authority and scaled the Firmaments of Ascendancy at a rapid rate, the consequences of his many actions continued to reverberate ever so slowly across the Realities!

One was the death of Yacucoatl as the enraged Matriarch of the Royal Blight Serpent Dragons from a certain Prime Reality was making her way towards the place that her son had died, and she brought with her a terrifying force under the will of the Serpent Dragon Emperor.

The force crossed the Boundary Between Realities as it seemed like a poisonous cloud capable of melting down Realities was rolling towards the Isles of the Gilded Forge, the illusory form of a terrifying Serpent Dragon forming around this immense cloud as within it…one could see an enormous verdant ship!

Adorned with lines of gold and shining with the light of Loot, it was a genuine Quasi-Primordial Relic in the form of a ship that was actually a form of tool that powerful existences used to traverse across Realities.

Aboard this Relic, the figure of the enraged Matriarch could be seen as beside her in humanoid form was an existence releasing immense waves of power. With the eyes of a Serpent and the scales of a Dragon, this being was the right hand of the Serpent Dragon Emperor as he was worthy to be someone that was an Overseer of a Prime Reality!

Such was the being that the Serpent Dragon Emperor sent with the Matriarch to go claim justice for their son as this being was of the same power as the Overseer of the Isles of the Gilded Forge!

“Matriarch.” The voice of this Serpent Dragon was deep as his scales acted like an armor, his stature standing straight like a sharp spear as his obsidian hair that was actually curling black flames shone with malice.

“What if the Overseer of the Isles of the Gilded Forge does not wish to give up the First Firmament killer? Am I authorized to truly start a war with the Golden Titans of the Primal Titan Bloodline? Will this be ideal with our…current plans and alliances?”


Words filled with information and secrets echoed out as the wrathful face of the Matriarch became even more venomous, her scalding voice coming out.

“I know the bitch that is currently the Overseer of the Isles of the Gilded Forge…she wouldn’t be stupid enough to allow a conflict because of a mere First Firmament creature! And if she is…”

The threat was left in the air as the Right Hand of the Serpent Dragon Emperor gazed out from the flying Quasi-Primordial Relic thoughtfully, his voice only coming out as a whisper in the ears of the Matriarch as he walked into the depths of the ship.

“They told us to lay low for the past millions of years as we prepare…it would truly be good if we do not draw attention at such a time. We are close, O Matriarch…let us not jeopardize grand plans that will decide the fate of our Royal Blight Serpent Dragon Bloodline so freely. Even if it is for my beloved nephew!”


Silent waves of destiny surrounded the Right Hand of the Serpent Dragon Emperor as this existence could actually sense difficulty ahead, posing such words of caution to the Matriarch for this reason!

“Hmph.” The Matriarch snorted while her voice was carried into the mind of the being descending into the ship. “Has the Right Hand of my husband gone weak? Has the Dreadful Poisoner of Realities actually become so much of a Serpent of caution?!”


The anger from the loss of her son was palpable as she continued.

“The loss of a child is something you will never be able to understand, Sadek! And for a mere First Firmament rat within the vast Realities…nobody will start a war over it!”


Waves of power echoed out as the being that had entered the depths of the ship didn’t reply, only thinking carefully as his green eyes swirled with immense power. The number of Firmament this being had scaled were not few as he was a veteran expert who could Oversee a Prime Reality, his eyes seeing much more than even the distraught Matriarch as he and a huge force of Royal Blight Serpent Dragons made their way towards the Isles of the Gilded Forge!

This was the reverberation of Noah’s actions towards Yacucoatl, but there was also Pyxis.

The Ender of Reality that died a dog’s death and became materials to forge a stupendous Quasi-Primordial Relic thereafter.

Did such a being have any background to even worry about?

Across the vastness of Realities.

Within a particularly chaotic Prime Reality that was filled with deadly storms of Pandemonium, Ruination, and Primordial Essence terrifyingly spreading out across all regions.

It was a unique Prime Reality that should have been unlivable and on the verge of breaking down into something that returned to the Main Reality, but it remained stable for countless eons as horrifying existences were currently residing within!

At this moment in time, in a portion of this vast Prime Reality- there was an enormous Beast that looked like a huge scorpion, its scales shining with the revolting essence of Pandemonium as its body glimmered with an illusory light of millions of Cosmos.

Obsidian flames were undulating around the body of this creature as it seemed to be practicing something, but it stopped whatever it was doing as another beast had neared its location and was seeking an audience with its head bowed down!

“What is it?” A commanding voice of authority echoed from the huge Scorpion as the Beast that had come to deliver the message trembled before replying.

“O Prime Ender, Pyxis has perished suddenly without any word…”

“Hmmm?” The crimson eyes of the scorpion opened as its power rose in terrifying waves, its ancient voice echoing out.

“Wasn’t that little thing supposed to be silently recruiting other Enders from nearby Realities? Did it catch the attention of anyone? Our plans must not be discovered so early!”


The Beast delivering the message trembled as it replied quickly.

“We don’t know yet-“

“Then go and investigate! Be silent about it, and if need be, check for any changes in the surrounding regions- and even work with the other Bloodlines if you need to!”


The messenger Beast nodded with fervor before disappearing with shocking speed, this mere messenger Beast actually showing power at the Third Firmament of Ascendancy as for it to act in such a terrifying manner towards the existence it called a Prime Ender….one could only wildly make inferences for the strength of this being!

“The tides of destiny for the vast Realities must change. We will be the spark for it as the Primordials…your undeniable rule will remain unshakable no longer!”


Terrifying words echoed out as hidden aims and schemes ran rampant, countless existences planning and plotting across minuscule portions of the Infinite Realities as nobody knew just what would unfold for the future…

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