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"This is too fast… at this rate, am I going to reach the gold level soon?"

Zhou Chen was speechless at the speed of his evaluation increase. He felt like he was being forced into something that was beyond his capability.

Before he could think further, he heard a strange sound coming from the bottom of the sea. Soon, his Bloodthirst sense told him that someone had appeared nearby.

"It's that person?" Zhou Chen immediately realized who it was.

He immediately used the Gravity Control he had obtained to change the direction of his gravity to upwards. His feet left the bottom of the sea, and then he changed his direction again to go towards the target.

Within a few seconds, he neared the other party. In his Dark Vision, he saw a man diving towards the bottom of the sea, or rather, the surface of the former island. He seemed to be searching for something.

"It's really him. He's definitely looking for that god descendant."

Zhou Chen, who was more than a hundred meters away from the man, immediately thought about how he should act.

He could choose to attack this man and see if he could kill him and obtain the passive skill that was very likely to be on him.

This man was not weak. His speed was as fast as lightning, and his defensive power was not weak. Presumably, his passive skill would not be too bad.

However, this was the problem. This person was too fast. Even though Zhou Chen's strength had increased, he did not have much confidence in killing him.

"Maybe he can't use that speed in the sea? No, there's no need for him to use the high speed now."

Zhou Chen thought for a moment and determined that the other party had not lost the advantage in speed, so he did not attack. Instead, he changed directions and charged towards another part of the sea.

There, the golden-armored man's corpse was lying quietly at the bottom of the sea, hidden in the lush seaweed.

After a while, Zhou Chen arrived and adjusted his gravity to stand on the golden-armored man's corpse.

His fast actions naturally caused a lot of noise, attracting the man who was diving not far away to suddenly increase his speed and approach like a bolt of lightning.

After the man approached, Zhou Chen could see faint lightning flashing in his eyes as he stared at the corpse of the golden-armored man.

The atmosphere instantly became a little tense. The two of them had been the most tacit combat partners a while ago, but now, they might very well fight each other.

Zhou Chen looked at the other party vigilantly. He was not worried that this person would attack him, only guarding against the other party suddenly snatching the golden-armored man's corpse.

Even with the Gravity Control and Earth Pressure passive skills, Zhou Chen felt that he was most likely unable to keep up with him in terms of speed.

In the dark seabed, the two of them looked at each other in silence for a few seconds. Then, at a certain moment, the lightning man used electricity to produce a strange voice, "Give me his heart, friend."

Zhou Chen's expression did not change when he heard this, but he began to have second thoughts in his heart: What does this person want the heart of the corpse for?

He knew that he did not know a lot of important information, but he could not ask or show his ignorance. That would expose him more.

"Equal distribution." Zhou Chen calmly thought for a second and replied.

It was quite difficult to make a sound in the sea, so he replied very succinctly.

"Sure." The man with lightning eyes quickly replied.

Since the other party had agreed, Zhou Chen immediately started to act. In fact, he could also refuse the other party and fight him.

However, Zhou Chen considered the fact that he had yet to recover to a perfect state and it was not wise to fight. Moreover, the chance of him taking down the other party was very low. It was not worth it to fight for this corpse.

On the other hand, the lightning man had contributed a lot in the battle against the golden-armored man. It was reasonable to share the gains.

Zhou Chen squatted down slightly. His right hand turned into a claw shape and reached out toward the chest of the corpse. A hole appeared in the chest of the golden-armored man, and some light golden blood floated out. A golden heart that was twice the size of his fist also appeared in Zhou Chen's hand.

As soon as the heart was taken out, the lightning man approached. He reached out and grabbed the other side of the golden heart. With some strength, he tore off half of the golden heart and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing as if no one was around.


Zhou Chen was stunned for a moment as he held the other half of the golden heart in his hand. He had originally thought that taking the heart was a little abnormal, but he did not expect the other party to be even more ruthless and directly eat it.

The surprise in Zhou Chen's eyes quickly attracted the attention of the man in front of him. After he swallowed the half golden heart in his mouth, he asked Zhou Chen in doubt, "Why aren't you eating? Don't you know that the longer you delay, the more divinity elements will dissipate?"

'So he ate this thing to obtain divinity…'

Zhou Chen immediately understood the purpose of this man eating the heart. But even so, he did not plan to eat this heart.

Because he had yet to decide if he should obtain divinity, and he was very resistant to eating this heart.

"I won't eat it. If you want it, you can exchange something for it." Zhou Chen thought for a moment and decided to try trading with him.

"What do you want?" The lightning man immediately asked.

"Anything that can increase my strength." Zhou Chen immediately replied.

"Hmm… I have these few things that you can use. Which one do you want?"

Zhou Chen's suggestion clearly tempted the lightning man. He reached out and swiped his ring, and four items appeared beside him.

"Interspatial ring?" Zhou Chen immediately guessed.

'How good is it to have such a fast speed, even his equipment is not damaged.'

Zhou Chen was a little envious when he saw that the ring on this person's hand was still intact.

Then, he noticed that the items taken out by this person had system labels on them, allowing him to know their names without any introduction - Intermediate healing potion, Ice Flower, Gale Scroll, Iron Guard Card.

Zhou Chen quickly made a decision as he read the names of these items.

"These are not enough. I want your interspatial ring and all the items inside." Zhou Chen's reply immediately made the lightning man in front of him frown.

"Friend, you're too greedy."

However, Zhou Chen was unmoved. "You think it's expensive? Forget it. I'll sell it to someone else."

With that said, he turned around and tried to leave the seabed.

"Wait." However, it was obvious that the young man's desire for the heart was very strong. The moment Zhou Chen wanted to leave, he directly surrendered.

He first wiped his interspatial ring and stored the four items he had taken out earlier back in it. Then, he took out two small items and placed them in his pocket, as well as an item that looked like a sheepskin book. Then, he took off the ring and handed it to Zhou Chen.

He looked at Zhou Chen and said in a deep voice, "Other than these few items in my hand, I can give you the rest."

"Okay." Zhou Chen immediately took the interspatial ring and handed the other half of the golden heart to him.

The lightning man took the heart from Zhou Chen's hand and gave it a few simple glances. Then, he stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed it.

As he swallowed, he turned around. Faint lightning appeared on his body as he quickly left the seabed.

"He ran so fast? He doesn't care about the remaining parts of the corpse?" Zhou Chen was surprised by the lightning man's decisiveness. He had wanted to continue discussing the splitting of the corpse.

His earlier intention to turn and leave was completely fake. He would not leave the corpse of the golden-armored man for this person. But now, it seemed that apart from the heart, this golden-armored man looked down on the other parts.

"Could he have left on purpose to make me ignore this corpse?" Zhou Chen muttered in his heart. He did not leave the seabed immediately. He had to be prepared against the lightning man's sudden return.

However, he waited for a long time at the bottom of the sea and did not sense the lightning man return. He gradually confirmed that the other party had really left.

"I should hide this corpse before looking for Little Red."

When Zhou Chen was guarding the corpse just now, it was not as if he had not done anything. He had been trying to contact Little Red through his spiritual connection.

After his efforts, he indeed obtained a response. Little Red did not die from the golden-armored man's attack, but its condition was worrisome and it was extremely weak.

Zhou Chen quickly dragged the golden-armored man's corpse and hid it under a rock at the bottom of the sea. Then, he searched for Little Red according to the information he had obtained.

After spending some time, he found Little Red lying weakly in a shell about a thousand meters away.

Little Red was in a poor state. Even when Zhou Chen called it through the spiritual connection, it did not have the energy to respond actively.

After picking up the shell, Zhou Chen adjusted the direction and magnitude of his gravity. His body quickly accelerated and left the bottom of the sea to break through to the surface.

He quickly flew into the sky, opened his inventory, and took out the hovering motorcycle.

Although he had the ability to fly by himself now, it was more comfortable to ride the motorcycle.

On the motorcycle, Zhou Chen turned on its ion shield and took out a red item which he held near the shell.

"Little Red, I have the blood of a specter. Is this thing useful for healing your injuries?" Zhou Chen did not receive a response immediately.

This was normal. Little Red was in a very bad state and was about to dissipate.

After asking twice, Zhou Chen finally obtained Little Red's answer. Little Red said that she needed it very much.

"Alright, I'll give this to you. Anyway, I don't plan to use it."

Specter's Blood was actually quite precious. After all, it had a 50% chance of making a person obtain imperfect longevity. However, Zhou Chen was only 19 years old now, and did not thirst for longevity. Moreover, the path of martial arts he was currently walking on had the effect of increasing his lifespan by thousands of years. He had no reason to use this flawed thing.

After dripping the blood of the specter into the shell in his hand, everything was calm.

It was not until about half an hour later that Zhou Chen obtained Little Red's feedback through his spiritual connection. It had absorbed the essence of the specter's blood and had already recovered to 80% of its peak state. In time, it would recover completely.

"Not bad, it's good that you can recover."

Zhou Chen was satisfied. As his first summon, he valued Little Red and was unwilling to lose it easily.

"Since you've mostly recovered, why don't you enter this ring?"

Zhou Chen was wearing the interspatial ring on his left index finger. It was a silver-white ring inlaid with sapphires. Its shape was rather simple, and Zhou Chen felt that it was suitable to wear it, but he had yet to figure out how to take things out of it.

With his command, Little Red quickly appeared from the shell and entered the interspatial ring.

Zhou Chen then communicated with it about the items inside.

However, what stunned Zhou Chen was that Little Red said that it could not enter the space inside the ring and was only hiding in the sapphire.

"This… Looks like it's impossible to rely on Little Red to figure out how to use this ring. I have to find a professional."

Zhou Chen was speechless. He had no idea how to use the interspatial ring. He had seen that the man had casually swiped the ring and taken out items, but it showed no reaction when he did it. It seemed like this ring had a binding mechanism.

After making up his mind, Zhou Chen flew into the sky on the motorcycle and began to search for the mainland.

This took him a long time. It was not until a few hours later that he saw the mainland.

He flew above the mainland for a while and found a bustling city. He landed in it, put away the hovering motorcycle, and began to move on foot.

The architecture style of this city was very similar to that of the medieval West. Most of the houses were built of stone. There were large numbers of low houses for civilians, as well as towers and a castle. The paths were paved with gravel, and there were civilians in linen clothes, businessmen in bright satin, and professionals in robes or armor.

Because Zhou Chen's clothes were still in a tattered state, he activated the power of the bizarre shoes and entered a temporary invisible state to search for clothes.

After a while, he followed a young man in good casual clothes to a small alley. He knocked the latter out, took off the latter's clothes, and put them on himself.

"This person's physique is similar to mine. As expected, borrowing his clothes was the right choice."

After changing his clothes, Zhou Chen placed the young man in the corner and left the alley.

"This should be the money used here."

Zhou Chen found a few small metal discs in his pants pocket. They were engraved with patterns and numbers.

"I wonder if this little money is enough for me to spend. I need to borrow some more."

Zhou Chen weighed the things in his hand and felt that this was not enough. He had to continue finding more.

He was already a billionaire on Planet Blue, and he did not want to live a poor life in this world.

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