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Chapter 225: Fake God

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In the paved courtyard with high walls surrounding it, Zhou Chen was focused on cultivating..

It had beena few days since he retuned. After mastering the elemental attributes of fire and wood, he had gained control of the Eight Desolates True

Energy’s ice attribute transformation.

At this moment, his entire body was emitting a faint white cold air, looking somewhat strange.

“With this elemental property, I don’t have to wait for the Freeze passive skill to be triggered all the time. I can use the cold power of the Eight Desolates

True Body to immobilize the enemy to death.”

Zhou Chen felt delighted as he thought about this.

There were a total of eight elemental transformations in the Eight Desolates

True Energy. He had already conquered three, and he was not far fromn breaking through to the partial mastery realm.

“Same old rule, let’s go for a walk:”

Zhou Chen’s life was quite regular and comfortable during this period. After each training session which lasted for a few days, he would spend some time relaxing. Occasionally, he would fight with some enemies and exercise his muscles.

After leaving the house today, Zhou Chen did not go to the tavern to drink and listen to music. Instead, he wandered on the streets of this city.

The city looked like an ancient fantasy world of the West. There were horse carriages running on the streets. It was not rare to see extraordinary beings in amor or robes. From time to time, he could see some civilians go to the church to worship.

“Sorry, my Lord has yet to respond to your prayers. Come back in a few days.”

At this moment, Zhou Chen arrived at a remote corner of the city. A man in patched clothes opened an old door and said to the few children wearing tattered clothes outside.

“Susan has been sick for five days! Why isn’t the great Lord replying to his loyal believers? Did the Lord abandon us?A taller boy among the children looked up and said to the man who opened the door. Beside him, two other children were holding a sickly little girl and looking at the man with disappointment.

The man was a little worried about the child’s doubt, but he still replied firmly,

The Lord will not abandon us!

“Come back in a few days. The great Lord will definitely cast a divine spell to cure Susan.”

His voice was firm and infectious, but the children in front of him seemed to be mune to it. They nodded perfunctorily and turned to leave.

“Susan, hang in there. Il collect some money to see a doctor immediately:” As they walked, the tallest among the children guaranteed the sickly little girl

“Wait.” At this moment, a deep voice stopped them.

The children turned their heads and realized that a young man in luxurious clothes was walking towards them from the other side of the street.

“Who are you? The tallest child was instantly alert when he saw this person who clearly did not come from the p0or class.

“Hehe.” The luxuriously dressed man was Zhou Chen. He looked at them and smiled. “Tma believer of the Lord of Benevolence. I saw that you were in trouble and wanted to help.”

After saying that, Zhou Chen raised his hand and faced the sickly girl who was supported by the two children. A light green aura instantly appeared in his palm and quickly enveloped her. Then, in a few breaths, the gir’s expression changed from pale to normal, and her expression changed from pain to calm.

Thank you!” The tallest child was originally a little vigilant against Zhou Chen, but Zhou Chen’s help was so efficient that the effect was visible to the naked eye. Within a few seconds, he saw Susan’s recovery, so he immediately thanked him.

“No need to thank me! If you want to thank someone, thank the great Lord of

Benevolence!” Zhou Chen immediately replied ina serious manner. He even pretended to write the character for [email protected] on his chest.

Then, he turned and left.

“Lord of Benevolence? Is there such a God?” The tallest child watched Zhou

Chen leave and asked his companions with a puzzled expression.

“Ive never heard of it..””The children immediately shook their heads. They were only children and did not understand much.

“I did another good deed today. I’m really a good person.” At this moment,

Zhou Chen had already left the block. He had coincidentally encountered these troubled children and used the Eight Desolates True Energy of the wood attribute to help.

He determined that the little girl’s condition was not complicated by the feedback of the Bloodthirst passive skill. She was just a little weak and had a slight illness. He could solve her problem with just some true energy.

As for the Lord of Benevolence, this name was made up by Zhou Chen. The information he had gathered previously involved most of the Gods in this world, and he was sure that there was definitely no one called the Lord of

Benevolence among the powerful existences. As for the weaker ones, he did not care if there was someone with that title.

“Speaking of which, I have both Godhood and divine fire. I can step on the path of God at any time.”

The small episode just now made zhou Chen’s thoughts focus on this again.

“But the path of God relies on the power of faith, it’s not the right choice.”

Zhou Chen was a little conflicted. He had all the key factors to step into the path of God, but logic made him slightly disdain this path. The combination of disdain and not wanting to waste the items made him a little displeased.

After all, Godhood and divine fire were mid gold rank items. Anyone would feel regret if they were not used.

“Is there a way to have the best of both worlds? As long asI can use Godhood and divine fire without having to rely on the power of faith.

Zhou Chen began to think.

His mind began to race as he recalled the methods he had and analyzed them continuously.

A few seconds later, a thought flashed through his mind. He realized that he really seemed to have a solution.

This method is very simple. Why don’t these natives use it?” After thinking of a solution, he asked himself.

But in the next moment, he almost laughed out loud.

“I was the one who confused myself. I despise the path of Gods, but other natives don’t.”

Then, Zhou Chen changed directions and headed to the more lively city center.

He found some shops in the city center and began to buy some materials, such as refined gold, mithril, and moonstones. These things were not cheap and cost him a lot.

Then, he brought these materials back to his rented house. He took out the large hammer from his interspatial ring and took some other tools to start equipment forging.

Zhou Chen had practiced forging when he returned a few days ago. He had bought the necessary tools at that time, so it was more convenient this time around.

He used his strength to trigger the inherent mechanism on the large hammer and made it smaller. Then, he breathed flames and softened the materials on the floor. Then, he began to use a series of techniques to forge equipment.

It took him nearly a day to complete the task.

[Moonstone Necklace

Type: Middle Silver item.

This necklace is extremely tough. The moonstone contains the blood of the forger and has a special space. It seems to be designed to store something.]

“Although this moonlight necklace is simple, it’s sturdy enough to accommodate very powerful energy to form a connection with me and conceal the energy.

Zhou Chen had made this necklace to test one of his ideas: External Godhood.

Generally speaking, the Godhood of Gods was one with their hearts, and grew together with the God.

However, according to his needs and his ability as the King of Forging, Zhou

Chen created this necklace to accept the Godhood in his place. At the same time, through the close connection with it, he could obtain the power of the


There were advantages and disadvantages to doing this. The advantage was that he could gain some of the power of a God without becoming a God. The disadvantage was that the Godhood would be easy to seize. The connection between the Godhood and him would not be as close as that of ordinary Gods, and it could cause a series of problems.

However, Zhou Chen did not care. He was only doing this so that he would not waste the Godhood in his hand. Or rather, he was just playing around.

After checking the necklace, Zhou Chen took out a golden ball of light anda wisp of white flame from his inventory and fused them together. Then, he carefully placed them in the gemstone on the necklace and sealed them.


Then, he felt an inexplicable connection with this necklace.

This was because he had left his blood in this necklace. Blood was the best medium to allow Godhood to forma strong connection with him.

This is the feeling of a God? It seems to give me a feeling of desire and weakness.” Soon, through the connection with the Godhood in the moonlight necklace, Zhou Chen sensed that this Godhood was extremely weak now. There was no trace of divine power inside it, and there was no power of faith to burn with divine fire. It was in a very tragic state.

There would not be many problems in this state in the short term, but if this continued for a few months or even years, this tiny Godhood would definitely self-destruct.

The next step is to get myself some believers and some divine power to play with”

Zhou Chen was not idle. He had spent a day turming himself into a fake god. He did this to obtain some divine power.

In the information he had collected when he first arived in this world, it indicated that divine power was incomparably powerful. It was a power that could create infinite miracles.

However, Zhou Chen had not experienced this during this period of time. The few opponents he had killed did not seem to be able to use any divine techniques, so he decided to personally test it.

The Godhood can gather the power of faith in oneself. The divine fire can burm the power of faith to fom divine power and store it in Godhood. The existence of the Godhood and the divine fire continuously consumes a certain amount of divine power.”

Zhou Chen recalled the information he had spent a lot of money to obtain and knew that he could not slack off when it came to gathering the power of faith, unless he gave up on this Godhood that had already ignited its divine fire and watched it die.

If that was the case, his body would not be affected because he had not absorbed the Godhood, but he would definitely not be willing to lose such precious items.

After some thought, Zhou Chen suddenly touched the interspatial ring on his left index finger and gave Little Red an order through his spiritual connection.

“Little Red, come out and pray to me. Give me your faith.”

After receiving Zhou Chen’s order, a red light flashed, and a scarlet shadow floated in the air in his courtyard.

Ever since Zhou Chen nourished it with the specter’s blood last time, Little Red had recovered by 90% and was in a good state.

It was quite intelligent and was absolutely loyal to Zhou Chen, so it immediately began to pray silently according to Zhou Chen’s instructions.

The power of faith was very metaphysical. It would form as long as a high intelligence being believed in the God, it could be roughly understood as a power of trust.

While Little Red was silently praying to Zhou Chen, Zhou Chen put on the necklace with the Godhood and began to meditate.

His favorite path was still the path of martial arts. No matter what the situation was, his cultivation in martial arts was the highest priority.

Two days passed while cultivating. Zhou Chen smoothly mastered the water attribute of Eight Desolates True Energy.

The water attribute of this Eight Desolates True Energy is indeed related to the ice attribute, but its effect is very different. The ice attribute’s specialty is in freezing, while the water attribute is a gentle and firm force that can block powerful attacks like a shield.”

After developing the Eight Desolates True Energy, Zhou Chen understood the advantage of the water attribute. It was strong in terms of defense. In the future, as long as he used the Eight Desolates True Energy of the water attribute, not only would it increase his defensive ability, but it could also shelter others.

After making some progress in his cultivation, Zhou Chen sensed the interior of his necklace. Then, he realized that there was a trace of strange energy in the stone!

This energy gave him a very pure feeling, but it also contained indescribable power that shocked him.

This is divine power? Zhou Chen immediately realized that this strange energy was the so-called divine power of this world. It gave him an extraordinary feeling.

There’s so little divine power. I feel like it might disappear at any moment.”

Just as this thought flashed across Zhou Chen’s mind, he sensed that the trace of divine power in the divine stone suddenly disappeared, as if it was just an illusion.

“The Godhood should have automatically used this trace of divine power to maintain itself.”

Zhou Chen was not surprised. Divine power was something that Godho0od needed in the first place. Otherwise, Gods would not be so dependent on the power of faith.

“Little Red, looks like your faith is working well. You’ve been praying for a few days, let’s take a break”

Zhou Chen then turned around and looked at Little Red who was floating in the air not far from him and still praying silently to him. This summon of his was indeed loyal. After receiving his instructions, it had been praying for the past two days without resting.

After that, Zhou Chen communicated with Little Red for a while through the spiritual connection. Little Red entered Zhou Chen’s ring and planned to pray to him from inside the ring.

I only have Little Red as a believer to provide faith, and I already have a trace of divine power. This divine power doesn’t seerm to be hard to get..

Zhou Chen was puzzled as he thought about what had just happened. However, he quickly understood.

“Little Red is a low silver level existence. The quality of its faith should be relatively high. It cannot be viewed as a normal situation.”

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