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Zhou Chen did not expect that even after cultivating for more than a year, the system did not send him any notifications regarding the final mission.

However, he did not relax because of this. He thought that the system had forgotten him and was using his time very strictly. Most of the time, he used it to train, and only a small portion was used to deal with other necessary things.

After more than a year of cultivation, Zhou Chen had progressed greatly. At the beginning, he was slightly dazed and could not find a direction to break through. Then, he gradually grasped the essence of the Martial Dao Human Immortal realm and attempted a breakthrough to this realm again and again.

Of course, this process was not smooth sailing. Even though Zhou Chen had the Pure Yang Overlord Body, a physique talent that was very suitable for martial arts cultivation, he still failed many times even when he was fully prepared.

However, failure was not a bad thing. If it was so easy to advance to Martial Dao Human Immortal realm, the citizens of the world that Zhou Chen had obtained the cultivation technique from would not think that the Human Immortal Realm was just a legend. Due to these repeated failures, Zhou Chen had realized his shortcomings and constantly sharpened himself. When he was ready, he would attempt the breakthrough again.

“Just a little more, I was just a little short of completing the manifestation. I have cultivated for too short a period and my Eight Desolates True Energy is not dense enough.”

At this moment, Zhou Chen was standing on a snowfield, but not a single snowflake was on his body.

He had failed again when he tried to charge into the Martial Dao Human Immortal Realm. It should be the fourteenth failure, but he was not discouraged. Instead, he analyzed the reason for his failure.

Suddenly, a long-lost voice sounded in Zhou Chen’s mind.

[The final mission will begin in three days. Please be prepared.]


Zhou Chen was very surprised when he heard the system’s voice after more than a year, but he was already mentally prepared for it. He knew that the final mission might arrive at any moment. He had focused on training because he wanted to break through to the Human Immortal realm before the final mission arrived and face the challenge in his best state. However, things didn’t go as planned. From the looks of it, this thought of his was very difficult to realize.

“System, what is the final mission? Is it to kill some enemies?”

Zhou Chen asked the system.

He actually did not expect the system to answer his question, because the system did not have much individuality and basically did not communicate with Survivors.

But this time, the system actually replied:

[Respected Survivor, the final mission is to fight the invasion of the foreign forces. Please be prepared for battle.]

“It’s really a battle… Looks like my preparations were correct. But this is also easy to guess. The system has been nurturing our combat strength all along.”

Zhou Chen immediately felt relieved when he heard that the final mission was a battle. He knew himself. He was not good at using his brain to do things, but he was very familiar with fighting. After more than a year of training, although he had not broken through, his combat strength had increased greatly.

“I’ll try to break through again tomorrow and rest well for the next two days.”

The battle was about to begin. Zhou Chen adjusted his plans. He had originally planned to continue training for a long time, but since the final mission was about to arrive, he had to arrange a break for himself because the situation in the future was unknown. He might not have such free time.

Zhou Chen asked the system a few more questions about the final mission, but the system did not answer him. He knew that the system was pretending to be dead again, so he did not ask it anymore. He sat in the snow and began to regulate his breathing.

The scenery of this white desolate snowfield never changed. The only change was the alternation of day and night. When night fell, Zhou Chen, who was still meditating, sensed a figure approaching.

According to the aura, he knew that it was Vera.

Vera appeared in the air with a large thermal container in her hand. The container was letting out hot steam.

She slowly approached Zhou Chen, but she stopped more than ten meters away. She did not disturb Zhou Chen and instead waited quietly.

A few minutes later, Zhou Chen finished a round of meditation and opened his eyes to look at Vera.

“What did you bring today?”

Zhou Chen rarely left this snowfield these days, and he did not bring any food, so Vera would come over from time to time to bring him something to eat.

In fact, at Zhou Chen’s level, there was no real effect even if he did not eat for a year. However, he did not stop Vera, who had learned to cook, from delivering food.

“It’s chicken soup. Didn’t you say that you wanted to drink the chicken soup of Planet Blue’s Dragon Country?” Seeing Zhou Chen speak, Vera knew that his cultivation had stopped. She handed the thermos to Zhou Chen.

Zhou Chen directly opened the thermos lid and began to scoop the hot chicken soup and chicken meat with a spoon.

“It feels so good to drink hot chicken soup in this snowfield!” Zhou Chen finished the chicken soup that was filled to the brim in a few minutes. With his current physique, his appetite and digestive ability were astonishing.

“I’ll come back in three days. What do you want to eat?” After Zhou Chen finished eating the chicken soup, Vera asked about the next meal.

“My training will end tomorrow. Go do what you need to do and wait to try the food I make.” Zhou Chen handed the thermos to Vera and replied.

“Really? Your cultivation is finally ending. But let me be the one to cook.” Vera was surprised that Zhou Chen was ending his training, but she did not seem to trust his cooking.

“Hehe, you dare to underestimate my cooking skills? I’ll let you know that the Lord of Benevolence’s divine position includes cooking art!” Zhou Chen immediately replied.

However, this was just a small interlude in his cultivation. Vera quickly activated teleportation and left this place. He also began to cultivate.

The next day.

“It doesn’t matter if it succeeds or not. I’ll give it a try.”

Zhou Chen was sitting on the snowy plain. There were faint lights of various colors flowing on his body. These lights gradually changed from dim light to lifelike coiling dragon shadows. They circled around him constantly and emitted dragon roars.

These Coiling Dragon phantoms were the Eight Desolates Coiling Dragon Phantoms that Zhou Chen had formed after fusing his martial intent into the Eight Desolates True Energy. What he needed to do now was to transform the phantoms into corporeal bodies and form the true Eight Desolates Coiling Dragon aspects.

This process was very difficult. Apart from having enough Eight Desolates True Energy as the foundation, cultivators also had to truly understand the core profundities of the Eight Desolates Coiling Dragon Supreme Art. Only those with great knowledge and insights could accomplish this.

As Zhou Chen activated the manifestation technique, the speed of the Eight Desolates Coiling Dragon phantoms around him increased, and the dragon roars became louder. The phantoms gradually became more corporeal, as if they were walking into the world from a fantasy realm.

However, just as he was about to complete the manifestation, Zhou Chen felt an immense pressure. His Eight Desolates True Energy was not enough to support another step, making him only a step away from success. However, this step was like a chasm.

“The direction of improvement is correct. This means that there is no problem with my comprehension of this supreme-grade cultivation technique, but in the end, my cultivation time is too short, and my true energy is still lacking.”

At this moment, Zhou Chen confirmed that he really could not break through to the Human Immortal Realm unless he was given another two years.

“The final mission is imminent. I need to increase my combat strength. It’s time for my last gamble…”

Zhou Chen’s thoughts flashed like lightning. At this last moment of his breakthrough, he made a decision.

“Divine power, increase my true energy!”

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He used all the divine power he had stored in the Godhood, as well as all the divine power he had prepared to upgrade the Godhood to help him break through to the Human Immortal Realm.

In his previous attempts to break through, he had never done so because he wanted to completely rely on his own cultivation. That would give him a greater sense of accomplishment, but now that the final mission had arrived, he had a premonition that the enemy would be very powerful, so he used his divine power to help him in this final step. This could be said to be cheating, but it could also not be counted.

This was because he had gradually accumulated these divine powers by promoting his faith. The thing he wanted to do with divine power was not to directly break through realms. In that case, these divine powers would definitely not be enough. He only wanted these divine powers to strengthen his true energy a little and reduce the time spent in bitter cultivation. This requirement was relatively easy to fulfill.

After Zhou Chen used all the divine power he had stored for more than a year, the divine power enveloped him, making his Eight Desolates True Energy, which was almost exhausted, somehow become stronger. It allowed him to successfully break through the last barrier. The eight Eight Desolates Coiling Dragon phantoms that were circling around him at high speed completely turned from illusory to corporeal, becoming the true Eight Desolates Coiling Dragon Aspects!

The moment the aspects were formed, a powerful aura that could not be described with words appeared from Zhou Chen’s body. Eight spiraling Eight Desolate Coiling Dragon Aspects tore the surrounding space, making him look like a Godfiend that had broken through the world barrier!

“Is this the Martial Dao Human Immortal Realm… I’ve finally succeeded…”

After using up more than half of his divine power, Zhou Chen finally broke through and became a Human Immortal.

At this moment, he gained a lot of insights and understood the profound philosophy behind this supreme-grade cultivation technique.

“The Eight Desolates Coiling Dragons are not true divine dragons. They represent my intrinsic quality. Cultivating the Eight Desolates True Energy is to strengthen my intrinsic quality. Mastering the transformation properties is a law that is compatible with the outside world. Cultivating phantoms is a sublimation of my spirit. Forming the Aspects is the real transformation, comparable to a mortal becoming a God!”

With a thought from Zhou Chen, the eight Eight Desolate Coiling Dragon Aspects that circled around him and tore a large area of space instantly disappeared. These Aspects were an extension of his strength and also a manifestation of his spirit. They could disappear and appear as he willed, attacking and defending as if they were his limbs.

“I feel like my body has changed drastically. I’ve become much stronger…”

Sensing his huge improvement, Zhou Chen opened his character interface to check.

[Name: Zhou Chen

Title: Assassin

Class: Martial Artist (Human Immortal), God (Slight Divine Power), Card Creator (Beginner)

Physique: 1o15.6

Agility: 1o11.3

Spirit: 1o13.5

Talents: Passive Plunderer, Pure Yang Overlord Body

Active Skills: Windrun II, Holy Light I

Passive Skills: Space Affinity VII, Apocalypse VI, Physique Enhancement VI, Spirit Enhancement VI, Agility Enhancement VI, Life Recovery VI, Steel Body VI, Stun V, Bonus Damage V, Feast V, Rebound V, Copper Skin Iron Bones V, Brutal Strike V, Sharp V, King of Forging V, Fire Source V, Plague V, Disease Immunity V, Enforce V, Gravity Control V, Earth Pressure V, Monolith V, Suppression V, Giant Strength V, Summon Enhancement V, Fire Resistance V, Freeze IV, Corpse Poison IV, Mirror IV, Lethal Hair IV, Touch of Evil IV, Shield III, Berserk III, Tenacity III, Light Energy Conversion III, Pathogenic Resistance III, Apocalyptic Resistance III, Wyvern Skin II, Dark Vision II, Dynamic Vision II, Blodthirst II, Beast King II, Danqing II, Low Light Vision I, Underwater Breathing I, Breath Holding I, Body Regeneration I

Summon: Red Female Specter (Mid Silver)

Comprehensive Evaluation: Low Saint]

“My three attributes have increased by more than a thousand points!”

With just a glance, Zhou Chen noticed the biggest changes in his interface. His attributes had increased explosively, becoming a hundred times stronger than before!

“The comprehensive evaluation went from middle gold to low Saint. How many levels above gold is Saint?”

“Very good, I did not waste my divine power. This strength should be enough to deal with the following challenge.”

Although the support of Zhou Chen’s divine power was not particularly large, he had spent almost all the divine power he had stored. He felt that this was very worth it, because the current him was more than a thousand times stronger than before!

It was not as simple as just his attributes becoming stronger after entering the Human Immortal Realm. The power of the Martial Dao Human Immortal could not be displayed on this interface. This could be seen from the overall evaluation that he had suddenly reached the Saint rank.

“The current me can forcibly shatter the power of laws, and nuclear bombs can’t even damage my hair. Moving mountains and overturning seas is normal, and it is not a problem to even blow up a planet. My lifespan has also increased greatly, and I can live for ten thousand years without suffering any illnesses. But this is not enough, I can still become stronger and obtain true longevity.”

After completing this long-standing goal, other than feeling immense satisfaction, he also set a new goal to continue forward.

This path was very difficult, but he was confident. He still had ten thousand years to live, and everything was promising.

Zhou Chen rested for the next three days and spent time with Vera. Three days later, the final mission arrived.

The system teleported him to a dark and empty border. There, an indescribably huge barrier was being corroded. An inconceivable terror was about to break in.

“This is my enemy? It looks very strong, but I like it!”

The enemy was unprecedentedly powerful, but Zhou Chen was not afraid. He used all his strength to fight and successfully destroyed this terrifying enemy, with only a few injuries on him.

After this battle, the system notified Zhou Chen that the reward for this mission was that he had obtained freedom. He would be freed from the system, and he would no longer be a Survivor under the system.

“System, who are you? Why are you nurturing Survivors?” Before being freed from the system, Zhou Chen asked the system a question that puzzled him.

The system gave a rare reply.

[Honorable Sir, the system is a manifestation of the will of the multiverse. Cultivating Survivors is to deal with the invasion of the multiverse by the foreign realms. The invasion just now is only the beginning. In the future, the entire multiverse will gradually fall into an even greater disaster. All the intelligent creatures of all worlds will face a serious survival challenge. The system will also begin to expand the scope of nurturing Survivors.]

“Is that so… There’s another question. My journey here seems to have gone too smoothly. Was it all luck or some other factor as well?”

Although Zhou Chen had worked hard on his path of growth, the most important thing was that he had obtained the powerful talent of the Passive Plunderer, making his growth speed far surpass others. He suspected that it was not just luck that he obtained this talent.

Perhaps because he was about to be freed, the system answered his question.

[Honorable Sir, due to the detection that your soul is from a foreign realm and has a higher resistance to pollution in the foreign realm, in order to deal with the upcoming invasion and obtain more time, the system adopted a preferential strategy.

Unbinding the system. Your talents will be preserved forever. I hope you will gain a lot when fighting the foreign invasions in the future. Goodbye!]

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After the system finished its last sentence, Zhou Chen felt a connection disappear from his body. He was freed from the system.

“It was such a simple reason? I thought there was some shocking conspiracy.”

Zhou Chen had long suspected that the system had an unspeakable secret, but he felt that since he could not resist, he might as well accept it. However, at this moment, he realized that the matter was not as complicated as he had thought. The system was only a product of this multiverse’s will in resisting the invasion of the foreign realms. The system had given him preferential treatment because it saw his soul was special and wanted to train him to deal with the first wave of disaster.

“Forget it. I will deal with whatever comes when they come. The future is still long. No matter what happens, I will protect everything I care about!”

After entering the teleportation passage left by the system, he returned to the previous world. It was Zhou Chen’s first day as a non Survivor. He knew that there would be many challenges in the future, but he was not afraid. He was determined to protect everything he valued..

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