Inhuman Warlock - Chapter 560

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"I don't care who you are! Today you shall die!" The Thunder Lion roared. His eyes turned blood red. 

He roared mightily, looking towards the sky. 

The sky that had turned dark was once again brightening, but not because the clouds were gone. It was because a sun had appeared under the clouds. As for the sun, it was made entirely from lightning. 

"That idiot! Did he really have to use that? Is he planning to destroy an entire neighborhood?" The Golden Lion Deon groaned, looking at the lightning sun in the sky. "For someone to force him to come to this?"

Even though he wanted to stop it, he knew he couldn't. He was too far. 

Lucifer also looked at the Thunder Sun. 

He clenched his fist. "Then so be it. Since you're showing me your best skill, it's only fair that I go all out too!'

He closed his eyes, prepared to use the strongest ability of his Father that he had heard about. He was told that he shouldn't use this ability until he was older and more experienced since it was too powerful and dangerous for himself as well. 

However, he had decided to use it now. If a High Beast wanted to kill him, then it was only fair he returned the favor! It had been a long time since he went all out!

He slowly opened his eyes, revealing pitch-black eyes. The two bat-like wings unwillingly came out of his back, spreading wide. 

An airtight sphere of wind appeared around him as his wind started acting as well. Since he was using so much of himself on this attack, he had let go of his other abilities, letting them do whatever they wanted.

The spherical winds circled around him. As the winds were mixed with the good that was dripping from his clothes, the entire sphere had a reddish hue. 

Black lightning also started crackling around him. 

With his pitch-black eyes, he looked at the blue lightning sun in the sky before lowering his gaze to look at the Thunder Lion. 

Finding himself being stared at, the Thunder Lion felt off. There was something inside him that was warning him of danger. Moreover, the gaze was also intimidating. It was as if Lucifer was able to peer through his soul. 

Lucifer slowly raised his hand toward the sky. 

"Enough!" A powerful scream came from the distance as a wave of fire came, swallowing the lightning sun. 

"Huh?" Lucifer also came out of his zone, seeing the fire. He looked in the distance to see Amelie in her Phoenix form.

"Lynx! Stop right now if you don't want me to go all out as well! You know you won't like that!" Amelia stopper above Lynx. 

"Why are you siding with the outsider!" Lynx yelled. 

"I don't care whose fault it is! Do you know how many people would have died if your careless attack had fallen?" Amelia roared. "I don't care about battles, but they shouldn't involve innocents!"

"I don't care what you say! He deserved it, and if you want to side with him, I'll have to go against you as well!" Lynx firmly stated. 

"Then count me in too!" The temperature that had gotten warm with the arrival of Amelia suddenly turned cold as the Snow Wolf also arrived, landing on top of a nearby building near Lucifer. 

"Hun?" Lucifer muttered. It looked like people were here to help him. So he didn't need to go all out. Even though he still wanted to, he knew it wasn't needed. 

The Golden Rhino also reached there. "Lynx! Are you an idiot! Just what were you doing right now? Do you know this area is in my part of the city! You were going to destroy it?!"

"You too?! I just wanted to kill that arrogant bastard because he deserved it!" 

"I don't care who deserved what! You want to kill him, then do it in his part of the land! I won't bother to stop you! But you can't do that here!"

The Thunder Lion looked at the three High Beasts, all against him. He also noticed Lucifer, growling. 

"Fine. I'll let him go this time." He returned to his human form. 

"That's much better." Deon also returned to his bulky human form. 

Hun also returned to his human form, and so did Amelie, who landed on the ground. 

"So, are you going to tell me how it all started? What did he do?" Deon asked Lynx. 

"I came here to meet a man who lived in this part of the city, known as Gon. But when I came here, I found him inside the house. And he didn't let me meet Gon. How can an outsider stop me from meeting the people of my city?" Lynx asked. 

"Gon? Why did you need to talk to him?" Deon asked. 

"It's something personal," Lynx responded. 

"Fine. You can meet him."

"Nonsense! We came to him first! He only wanted to meet him because we met him! If he has anything important, he can talk to him before all of us! We can't let him harm Gon or manipulate him!" Hun retorted, landing on the ground. 

Lucifer also landed beside him. 

"You need Gon too? Why do you need him?" Deon asked. 

"My new friend here wanted to see the process in which Gon is summoned to another world. So we came here. We can't let him be with Lynx alone! What if he is summoned then? We can't see that, and our time will be wasted!" Hun explained. 

It wasn't as if they were here for any treasure or something special. It wasn't an odd demand either, so he didn't need to hide it. 

"You're lying! Why would anyone want to see that?" Lynx retorted. 

"Well, we won't mind if you want to stay with him as well and observe him like my friend! After he's summoned, we'll leave. Then you can keep Gon to yourself," Hun sharply said. 

"You want to see the summoning? Why didn't you see it in your own city?" Lynx asked Lucifer. 

"Because no beast in my city is summoned. I heard about summoning on my trip, and it's the perfect opportunity to see it first hand." Lucifer shrugged. "That's why I can't let you hurt Gon."

"I think they're telling the truth. If Lynx wants to talk about something important with Gon, he can talk before others too. It's not as if he is planning to kill people that he can't let it be exposed. What can be such a secret?" Amelia also chimed in. 

"Lynx, as much as I don't want to support a foreigner, Amelia's words make sense. If you want to talk, you should be able to talk before us all. Or you should wait for a few days until Gon is summoned at least once.." Deon agreed with Amelia. 

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