Invincible - Chapter 1033

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Chapter 1033: 1033

"Senior Sister Liu Yan, what are we going to do?" It was clear that Lin Hui was extremely flustered as she asked this .

"We spent several million to bid for that Blood Jasper Ganoderma from the auction, what right do they have to demand we give it to them for nothing?" Liu Yan's voice carried resentment .

"But, at this rate, their group will catch up to us soon, we won't be able to outrun them . " Apprehension crept into Lin Hui's voice, "And that Wang Dafeng is a lecherous scum, if we really fall into their hands, then…!"

Thinking of the tragic consequences, Lin Hui's face turned white as a paper .

Wang Dafeng might not kill the two of them because of their identities, however, that wouldn't deter him from defiling them, and this was worse than killing them .

After being reminded of this fact, Liu Yan's complexion mirrored Lin Hui, fear gripping her heart .

She had heard stories about this Wang Dafeng, many inner and outer sect female disciples from both their Barbarian God Sect and the Elephant Genesis Sect became his victims .

Worst of all, this Wang Dafeng was the Great Whale Sect Chief's nephew . He had a high level of talent, thus being extremely favored by the Great Whale Sect Chief . As long as he didn't cross a certain line, it was difficult for the Barbarian God Sect and the Elephant Genesis Sect to pursue his actions .

Right at this time, the two young women spotted Huang Xiaolong who was right riding on the little cow . Most of all, their eyes brightened when they saw his Barbarian God Sect inner disciple robe .

The two young women flee toward Huang Xiaolong at the fastest speed .

The five Great Whale Sect disciples chasing behind also saw Huang Xiaolong and his cow mount .

"His mother, how the f*ck is there another Barbarian God Sect inner disciple here?" One of them cursed .

Wang Dafeng sneered, "Does it matter? It’s just another measly inner disciple . He isn’t a core disciple, what's there to be afraid of?"

Liu Yan and Lin Hui barely caught their breath after arriving at Huang Xiaolong's side before Wang Dafeng's group caught up to them . The five of them spread out in a circle, trapping the three people .

Watching this, the two young women’s nerves were stretched taut .

The ray of hope that appeared in their hearts upon spotting Huang Xiaolong now shattered . Only now did they remember that Wang Dafeng was a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator, not to mention that the other four Great Whale Sect disciples were also Third Order Heavenly God Realm and above .

Adding this Barbarian God Sect inner disciple and the two of them, they still weren’t their match .

“Two Senior Sisters, what is going on?” While the two young women were slowly falling into despair, Huang Xiaolong broke the silence with a crucial question .

Although Huang Xiaolong could guess some from Wang Dafeng’s previous words, he still preferred to know more details beforehand .

Both these young women were the Barbarian God Sect inner disciples, and since he ran into the matter, Huang Xiaolong would lend a hand .

With a few sentences between Liu Yan and Lin Hui, the two young women recounted the details to Huang Xiaolong .

It happened a few days ago when Liu Yan and Lin Hui took on a task from the sect to collect some precious herbs, and the Blood Jasper Ganoderma in their hands was precisely one of them .

During the task, the two of them heard that the Jadeite Royal City Auction House would be auctioning a Blood Jasper Ganoderma, hence the two of them rushed over, spending over three million to successfully win it .

Although they had spent over three million shenbi, as long as they succeeded in their task, the sect’s reward was much, much better than three million .

Unfortunately, not long after they left the Jadeite Royal City, Wang Dafeng’s group blocked their path in order to rob the Blood Jasper Ganoderma in their hands .

Huang Xiaolong finally understood the heads and tails of the whole story .

“Punk, I advise you to not be nosy, else your Barbarian God Sect inner disciple identity won’t protect you . I can still break your arms and legs . ” At this time, Wang Dafeng suddenly directed his words at Huang Xiaolong, sneering coldly .

Huang Xiaolong’s indifferent gaze fell on Wang Dafeng’s body, retorting, “If each of you breaks one of your own legs, I will let you off . ”

Wang Dafeng momentarily froze hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words, then all five Great Whale Sect disciples burst out laughing while clutching their stomachs .

Even Lin Hui and Liu Yan were dumbfounded, looking at Huang Xiaolong with a strange expression on their faces . However, thinking that Huang Xiaolong was emboldened because he didn't know Wang Dafeng’s group strength, they decided to tell him .

“Junior brother, his name is Wang Dafeng, a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm, with a top rank ten godhead . Furthermore, he’s the Great Whale Sect Chief’s nephew . ” Liu Yan cautioned Huang Xiaolong .

Wang Dafeng was still laughing as he said to Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, now you know, I’m Wang Dafeng, possessing a top rank ten godhead, not to mention I’m already a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm . On top of that, the Great Whale Sect Chief is my uncle!”

Another laughing Great Whale Sect inner disciple said, “This punk didn’t know Wang Dafeng’s identity, which is why he dared to utter such nonsense . Now that he knows, he’s probably going to piss his pants . ”

“Just that? He probably shat his pants already . ” Another added .

“Later, when young master Wang shows a bit of his strength, even his soul will fly out from his body . ” The other two Great Whale Sect inner disciples also joined in, mocking Huang Xiaolong .

Lin Hui and Liu Yan could only glare angrily at the five of them, while Huang Xiaolong remained the same, unaffected at all by their words .

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong remained quiet, the five Great Whale Sect inner disciples assumed he was truly frightened, causing them to become even prouder and more complacent .

“Lin Hui, Liu Yan, hand over that Blood Jasper Ganoderma!”

“Then again, they're already late in handing it over . These two girls aren't bad, we should capture them for young master Wang to enjoy later . ”

Lin Hui and Liu Yan fumed until their faces turned green .

When they saw no reaction from Huang Xiaolong, they couldn’t help feeling a sliver of disappointment . They too felt that Huang Xiaolong was frightened by Wang Dafeng’s identity and dared not even let out a fart in front of Wang Dafeng .

This kind of boneless man, they had seen too many to speak of .

Recalling Huang Xiaolong’s earlier naive words demanding Wang Dafeng’s group to break one leg each before letting them go, Lin Hui and Liu Yan felt it was ridiculous .

Right at this time, the two young women saw that Huang Xiaolong who had been silent all this time suddenly made a move, sending a punch in Wang Dafeng’s direction .

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong dared to attack him head-on, a smile bloomed on Wang Dafeng’s face, “Punk, you have a death wish . ” At the same time, he also swung his fist at Huang Xiaolong .

The fist force from Wang Dafeng’s fist actually sent out great waves of force .

This was the Great Whale Sect’s Great Waves Fist . Practicing this technique required the person to stand in front of the great sea every day to absorb the sea qi, then according to a specific method of circulating one’s breathing and godforce, blast out this great sea qi through their fist .

At major completion stage, this Great Waves First could create tens of thousands of waves, resembling the raging waves of a boundless great sea .

When one of the Great Whale Sect disciples saw Wang Dafeng displaying the Great Waves Fist, he shouted in amazement, “Wow, young master Wang’s Great Waves First has reached the hundred waves level!”

“Hundred waves level! It’s powerful enough to sweep away all late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators! That punk has angered young master Wang, he’s dead meat now!”Another Great Whale Sect inner disciple snickered .

It was precisely at this time that the Great Whale Sect inner disciple saw Huang Xiaolong’s fist force breaking through Wang Dafeng’s hundred waves of fist force! It did not stop there, heading straight at Wang Dafeng .

Wang Dafeng stilled . Before he could react, Huang Xiaolong’s fist force slammed into his chest .