Invincible - Chapter 1034

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Chapter 1034: 1034

Consecutive sharp noises of broken bones sounded in everyone’s ears, after which Wang Dafeng grunted painfully as his body shot backward like a cannonball, straight into the cliff wall in the distance . Pieces of rock crumbled and fell, causing the entire peak to sway from the impact .

The four Great Whale Sect inner disciples who were praising Wang Dafeng’s Great Waves Fist were now stunned silly .

Lin Hui and Liu Yan’s eyes widened with shock . The thought of Huang Xiaolong being a spineless, cowardly man still lingered in their minds, but their cherry mouths were agape .

The wind blew past, followed by . . . an extended farting sound .

One of the Great Whale Sect inner disciple’s glutes loosened in fear, letting out a resounding fart, which shocked Lin Hui and Liu Yan to their senses . When their gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong again, their eyes rounded with astonishment .

As for that Great Whale Sect inner disciple who farted just now, his complexion was paler than pale, panic and fear clearly written all over his face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong looked at the four remaining Great Whale Sect disciples with calm indifference, “Now, each of you break one leg and I will let you leave . ”

Earlier, when Huang Xiaolong gave them the option of breaking one leg in exchange for safe passage, all of them had the same thought, that Huang Xiaolong was a fool . But now, no one dared to think so .

“Who are you? There has yet to be a person who dared to hurt even a hair on young master Wang’s body . You actually dared to injure young master Wang to this extent, not even the Barbarian God Sect's Chief can protect you!” One of them shouted to disguise the fear in his heart .

That person's words barely ended when he was pulled toward Huang Xiaolong by an overbearing force . With a turn of his wrist, Huang Xiaolong broke one of that Great Whale Sect inner disciple’s fingers .

It was said the ten fingers were connected to the heart, so one can imagine the heart-wrenching scream coming from that inner disciple .

“Remember, my name is Huang Xiaolong . ” Huang Xiaolong looked coldly at that person before lifting his foot, accurately landing a kick on his thigh . The Great Whale Sect inner disciple flew, crashing on top of Wang Dafeng .

Wang Dafeng was embedded in the cliff wall like a spike, with his legs and ass facing the sky . When that inner disciple crashed into him, he coincidentally struck Wang Dafeng’s crotch .  

A muffled scream passed through the cliff walls before Wang Dafeng fainted from the pain .  

“What?! You, you’re that Huang Xiaolong! The champion of this term’s Submerging Dragon Ranking battle, that Huang Xiaolong!” Liu Yan didn’t even look at Wang Dafeng and the Great Whale Sect inner disciple, her attention was fully on Huang Xiaolong .

Lin Hui too had a dumbfounded expression on her face .

Neither of them expected this black-haired young man to be the famous disciple that everyone in the Barbarian God Sect had been talking about, the one possessing a low grade king rank Three Cauldrons Godhead, the same disciple who had refused to be their Ancestor’s personal disciple—Huang Xiaolong!

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words, the Great Whale Sect inner disciples’ bodies shivered, their faces not much different from the two young women .

Although Huang Xiaolong hadn’t been in the Barbarian God Sect for long, his name and feats in the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle had previously entered the ears of the three sects’ disciples .

At this time, Huang Xiaolong approached the three remaining Great Whale Sect inner disciples .

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong, wh-what do you want to do?” The three Great Whale Sect disciples warily retreated .

“Since you aren't going to attack first, then I will . ” Huang Xiaolong said and a Great Void Divine Fist punctuated his words .

Before the three Great Whale Sect inner disciples could dodge, their bodies shot toward the middle of Wang Dafeng’s legs .

After that, Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered with Wang Dafeng’s group of five . Turning back to Lin Hui and Liu Yan, he said, “Two Senior Sisters, the matter is resolved, you can leave first . ” With that said, he leaped back onto the little cow’s back, planning to depart .

“Junior brother Huang!” Seeing Huang Xiaolong was about to leave, Liu Yan anxiously called out .

Huang Xiaolong stopped and looked at Liu Yan .

Liu Yan inevitably turned red from Huang Xiaolong’s gaze, her words coming out in a jumble, “If Junior brother Huang is also heading back to the sect, we would like to travel together with you . I am afraid that without Junior brother around, Wang Dafeng’s group will come harass us again . ”

Truthfully, this excuse was a bit stretched . Anyone could see that Wang Dafeng’s group had suffered injuries heavy enough to keep them from making any moves on the two women for quite a while .

Huang Xiaolong frowned . He planned to cultivate as he traveled back to the sect in the coming three months, and having the two senior sisters tagging behind him was an inconvenience, not to mention he was disinclined to reveal any clues about his secrets .

“Senior Sisters, there is a Barbarian God Sect branch not far from the Jadeite Ridge Mountain, if Senior Sisters are worried about your safety on the way back to the sect, you can request for escort from them . ” Huang Xiaolong said after organizing his words .

Liu Yan wanted to convince Huang Xiaolong, but Lin Hui quickly pulled her sleeve and shook her head .

“We’re grateful for Junior brother Huang’s helping grace . After we return to the sect, we will definitely report this matter . ” Lin Hui spoke softly .

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then flew away on the little cow’s back .

One of the Barbarian God Sect’s rules was that anyone who lent a helping hand when a disciple of their sect was met with trouble would be given a certain reward .

However, Huang Xiaolong was carrying almost half of the Zhenyu Sect’s treasury with him, toward this reward, his interest was less than lukewarm .

Watching Huang Xiaolong fly away on his mount, Liu Yan pouted sulkily, “What’s so great about him, it’s not like we have to follow him . ”

Lin Hui laughed playfully at the pouting Liu Yan, “Eh, this isn’t what you said just now . What was it again? Junior brother Huang, we’d like to return with you . ”

Liu Yan’s face turned red in an instant, pretending to be angry, “Little Huihui, you’re feeling itchy, right?” Her claws reached out to tickle Lin Hui .

Lin Hui dodged as she laughed, “You’re the one who's feeling an itch . You're itching up as well as down, everywhere and all over!” She flew away, leaving Liu Yan stomping her feet in embarrassment before chasing up to Lin Hui .

Even though Huang Xiaolong was already some distance away, his hearing had always been sharp . Hearing the two young women’s conversation, he nearly fell off the little cow’s back .

Two hours later, he once again arrived in the Jadeite Royal City .

After resting for a couple of days in the city, Huang Xiaolong departed toward the Barbarian God Sect .

On the way, he didn't start devouring the five spiritual veins, instead focusing on cultivating his Heaven Splitting Tenet by absorbing the energy from piles after piles of divine armors and weapons .

The amount of divine armors and weapons inside the Zhenyu Sect’s treasury could fill a great ocean, but it was shrinking day by day under Huang Xiaolong’s quick refining speed .

While he was making his way back, inside one of the Barbarian God Sect's cultivation dwellings, Chen Hao looked at his younger brother Chen Xiong and said, “The three sects’ inner disciples joint training will begin in a few days, you must perform well . I heard the top one hundred disciples’ rewards are exceptionally lavish this time, even more so the top ten who can cultivate inside the Primordial Celestial Shrine for a hundred days!”

“What? Cultivate for a hundred days inside the Primordial Celestial Shrine!” Chen Xiong was astonished by this piece of news .

The Primordial Celestial Shrine was built by the three sects’ ancestors and contained their heritage monument tablets . One could imagine the benefits one would reap if they could comprehend just one or two things from these tablets .

Chen Hao nodded, “More importantly, the first place winner will be rewarded with a drop of Blood essence from the ancient divine beast Blood Phoenix!”

The Blood Phoenix’s blood essence!

Chen Xiong’s eyes burned with intense desire!

A Blood Phoenix once died on the Green Cloud Island, which is where the Blood Phoenix Forest got its name . Later on, the three sects’ ancestors obtained its blood essence by chance .

Needless to say, every single drop of this blood essence was extremely precious . Only disciples who made a great contribution to the three sects and obtained all three sect ancestors’ approval could be rewarded with a single .

Chen Xiong really didn't expect a drop of blood essence from the Blood Phoenix would be taken out as a reward .