Invincible - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105:  Running Into Each Other Again


“Uncle Liu, it really was you!” Chen Li’s face was filled with disbelief as she stared at Liu Mu. Even at this moment, she can’t will herself to believe what was happening is real.

“That Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou were right,” Reaching this point, Liu Mu wasn’t afraid to admit it, and he nodded his head in all frankness and said: “The group of bandits earlier was arranged by me.”

Chen Li trembled with anger yet she scared at the same time, she gritted her teeth, asking: “Why?!”

Liu Mu sneered, “Why? You should ask your Father for the reason. Chen Li, don’t blame me after you die for the only one you should blame is your Father!”

“Blame my Father?” Chen Lu repeated stupidly, not understanding.

“That’s right. Your Father uprooted the Long Family that year; pity he didn’t realize that not all from the Long Family were annihilated!” Liu Mu recounted coldly.

“Steward Liu, what’s the use of telling this to her? The Young Lord is awaiting our report.” The bandit dressed man behind Liu Mu stepped forward and said.

Liu Mu nodded in agreement and signaled with his hands. The surrounding bandits stepped up and captured Chen Li.

“What do you want to do? Where are you taking me?!”  Chen Li was terrified and her voice shook as she shouted fearfully.

“Taking you where?” Liu Mu scoffed, “Don’t worry, the time for you to die hasn’t come. Young Lord already said that letting you die so easily can’t satisfy the hatred in his heart. Young Lord ordered us to bring you back for him to enjoy a month or so, and only when he’s tired and bored of you then we’ll send you on your way. After that, we’ll generously deliver your body back to Chen Manor so that your Father can appreciate the ‘scenery.’

Chen Li’s eyes shot fire as she glared hatefully at Liu Mu: “Liu Mu, my father was good to you; you’re a traitor, biting the hand that fed you!” Chen Li spat saliva right onto Liu Mu’s face.

Liu Mu wiped the saliva off his face with his fingers and his tongue licked one of his fingers; a burning light shone as his eyes roamed over Chen Li’s curvaceous body, and leered sinisterly, “Didn’t expect even your saliva is so fragrant, it wasn't for Young Lord’s prior instruction, I would ‘service’ you right now!”

Chen Li was so furious that her bosom was heaving exaggeratedly.

“Take her away!” Liu Mu shouted.

“No need to handle these corpses, just leave it here and let those wild beasts take care of them.”

“Yes, Steward Liu!”

Liu Mu and the group of bandits took the kidnapped Chen Li and left the scene, taking some off-roads through the forest instead of the main pathway.


Half a day later, they arrived at a mountain path in the wilderness.

But when the group of bandits wanted to continue on, Liu Mu suddenly halted his steps; horrified, he stared straight ahead at the two silhouettes traveling in his direction.

These two people turned out to be Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou who left their party two days ago!

He actually ran into them again!

At this point, Chen Li also noticed Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou up ahead, and joy lit up her small face. Her dull, desperate heart saw a ray of hope. However, at the moment, her mouth was sealed shut, unable to call out, constrained to making only ‘ooo wu owo’ whining sounds to attract their attention!

Some distance away, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Ho who were going about their way noticed Chen Li, Liu Mu, and the group of bandits and they too were surprised. Neither of them thought they would meet again so soon after separating from Chen Li’s party.

Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou exchanged a glance and nudged their horses forward.

“Steward Liu, what’s the matter?” The bandit behind Liu Mu asked after seeing him stop suddenly with a frightened expression; feeling puzzled, he went up and inquired about the matter.

Liu Mu quivered slightly as he pointed to the front at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou that were approaching them: “They, it’s them!”

“Them?” That bandit was confused.

He already saw the two people approaching them, but he can’t see what’s so special about them.

Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou reined their horses and came to a stop in front of Liu Mu. Huang Xiaolong’s eyes swept through the group of bandits and paused for a second on Chen Li before he turned to Liu Mu, “I say, isn’t this Steward Liu? I didn’t think there would be such a coincidence that we would run into each other again-- it really does seem like fate!”

Liu Mu did not say anything and the expression on his face grew increasingly ugly.

“And isn’t this Miss Chen Li?” Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Hmm, where are you’ll heading to that you need to tie up Miss Chen Lu’s hands and seal her mouth?”

Liu Mu maintained his silence, but the male bandit behind him was angered: “Kid, this has nothing to do with you, if you know what’s good for you, you better scram far away this moment. Otherwise, I’ll cut you into two pieces!”


However, just as his voice ended, a sharp light ray from a sword flashed by and that bandit’s eyes protruded in shock as the light in his eyes dissipated. In less than a second, his body tumbled stiffly to the forest floor with blood spurting out from his throat like a fountain, dying the soil red.

The rest of the bandits were startled, and then, all of them swiftly drew out their swords as they burned with fury looking at both Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou.

“Stop your actions!” Liu Mu barked at the group of black-clothed bandits.

He understood very well if Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou wanted to deal with them, it would be just a matter of seconds.

The bandits that were preparing to rush towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou stopped after hearing Liu Mu’s order.

Liu Mu looked at Huang Xiaolong as he squeezed out an amiable smile, “Young Master Huang, Senior Fei Hou, this matter has nothing to do with you; if you can walk away, my Young Lord would repay the kindness in the future!”

“Young Lord?” Huang Xiaolong put on a haughty expression on his face, “Didn’t you claim the two of us to be the masterminds behind the incident?

Didn’t you say that you have followed your Miss for more than a decade and that you’ve always been loyal and devoted? Didn’t you also accuse us of slandering you?”

Liu Mu didn’t know how best to answer the flurry of questions from Huang Xiaolong whereas the sealed mouth Chen Li felt ashamed. At that time, she had proudly declared that she trusted Liu Mu, yet she didn’t expect in the blink of an eye she was captured by Liu Mu and these people.


“What exactly do you want?” Moments later, Liu Mu asked with a sullen expression. Saying this, he took out a bag of money and lobbed it forward.

“There is a gold card with a hundred thousand gold coins inside, exchangeable at any bank in the Yuwai Kingdom.”

Huang Xiaolong caught the bag of money, yet the expression on his face remained aloof: “A hundred thousand gold coins?”

Seeing this, Chen Li became anxious and she shook her head vigorously, making muffled sounds hoping to dissuade Huang Xiaolong.

“A hundred thousand gold coins can only send off beggars.” Huang Xiaolong stared directly at Liu Mu.

Liu Mu’s brow scrunched together, gritted his teeth and threw out another money bag: “Inside this bag is another card with a hundred thousand gold coins!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “There is roughly a hundred of you here, are your lives so worthless? How about this, I’m also not a greedy person. One life, a hundred thousand gold coins.”

One life a hundred thousand gold coins, that amounts to over ten million!

Over ten million gold coins!

When Liu Mu understood the underlying meaning of Huang Xiaolong’s words, and his anger erupted, “You’re f*cking kidding me?” He finally realized, Huang Xiaolong was playing with them from the beginning!

“So what if I’m playing with you?” Huang Xiaolong shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly; his eyes glanced at Fei Hou and without the need for words, Fei Hou understood Huang Xiaolong’s meaning. Fei Hou’s silhouette flashed and vanished from the horseback, appearing right in front of Liu Mu. Liu Mu’s eyes widened in fear, watching Fei Hou’s palm slide past his throat, sharper than a weapon.

Shocked, Liu Mu stood in the same spot while Fei Hou did not move an inch as he waved his hands, and Liu Mu and the rest of the bandits fell down by the dozens as miserable screams reverberated in the forest.


Not needing a long time, the cries and screams stopped, leaving only Chen Li breathing as she stood petrified in the same spot.

After he finished dealing with Liu Mu and the group of bandits, Fei Hou came beside Chen Li. With a wave of his long sword, Chen Li shut her eyes tightly in fear. Fei Hou’s sword actually slashed the rope that bound her hands.

When all is done, Fei Hou returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

“Let’s go,” Huang Xiaolong spoke, ignoring the other side, and he and Fei Hou galloped away on their horses.


Seconds passed by, and Chen Li braced herself and opened her eyes, watching Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s backs disappearing from view. Looking at the outcome around here, she suddenly broke out in tears.